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December 16, 2016 Edition

CREW DC Holiday Party - December 13, 2016

Closing the chapter on 2016, the recent CREW DC Holiday Party was a success based on the positive feedback from attendees!

Moira Dhaliwal, Development and Asset Management - The Bernstein Companies
Moira Dhaliwal shared, "The annual members-only Holiday Party was a huge success at The City Club of Washington, DC! We had women, wine, food and camaraderie! Michelle Kilby gave a great summary of the year and passed the baton over to Phyllis Liebman Brill, incoming CREW DC President."

Phyllis was particularly inspired by a quote from Carla Harris' speech: "Let's advance our careers and help others do the same". Phyllis stated that this is her goal for all, and "together we can continue raising the bar for women in commercial real estate".

Sharing the Joy of the Season...
Ending the Year Together CREW DC 2017 President (Phyllis Liebman Brill, left) and 2016 President (Michelle Kilby, right)
Having Fun is Easy With This CREW
A Toast to What Was and What is Yet to Be

Photography courtesy of Lauren Joseph

A great big thank you to the Special Events Committee for planning, hosting, and making an unforgettable night of memories for CREW DC!
New Member Profiles

The following profiles highlight two of our first-time members from 2016 and we are happy to say they are returning members in 2017!

Courtney Volpe, Executive Assistant - Baker Tilly
Courtney has been with Baker Tilly for nine years starting as an administrative assistant and for the past four years an executive assistant. She was originally encouraged to join CREW DC by Barbara Schaefer McDuffie also with Baker Tilly and 2016 CREW DC Board member (Director - Community Service/Outreach and Sponsorship). Courtney quickly realized the benefit and importance of networking from attending CREW DC events.

2016 was a busy year for Courtney, in addition to joining CREW DC; she also expanded her horizons with her first trip to Europe. She took a trip to Greece and did some island hopping as well to Santorini and Mykonos. What was most memorable for her during the trip were the sunsets and ATVing in Mykonos!

Her goal for her 2017 CREW DC membership is making sure she increases her participation, particularly by attending the luncheons.

Molly Statler, Director of Business Development - PGAL 
Prior to joining PGAL in 2015, Molly enjoyed a diverse career in sales and marketing in the Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. markets. Today her focus is on PGALS's business development, brand awareness, and marketing. Molly explained that PGAL is often associated with the engineering, planning, and designing of airport terminals, however the company has expanded its involvement in a variety of commercial projects and markets throughout the country. 

Once onboard with PGAL and became an active part of the commercial real estate community she heard from everyone that she should join CREW DC. Once she joined, she was most excited to benefit from CREW DC's atmosphere for mentorship and access to experienced women in the industry. 

Molly has upped her participation game in 2017 and has signed onto the chapter's Special Events Committee; we will surely benefit from her professional experience in this arena!

Take a moment to say hello, both of these wonderful ladies will be attending the first CREW DC luncheon of 2017 - Strategize to Win!

Jan. 24:  Strategize to Win!

President's Corner

Michelle Kilby 2016 President

Dear Members,

As my last letter, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you one final time for electing me to be your President in 2016. It has been my privilege to serve this organization of almost 600 amazingly talented women. 

It's been quite a year! As I reflect back on the accomplishments of the 2016, I am truly amazed at what we have achieved as a chapter. Last week at our annual holiday party, I mentioned that we have shattered the proverbial glass ceiling at every turn. We have exceeded all previous records in membership, luncheon registrations, awards sponsorship and convention attendance, to name just a few. 

I also want to acknowledge one final time the contributions of our 2016 Board and Executive Committee. There are so many women who have contributed to make CREW DC the success that it is. 

So as we prepare to move into 2017 with new leadership, I will wrap up by using David Letterman's Top Ten Reasons why I've loved my Job - as the 2016 CREW DC President:

  1. Highest membership levels this year - an all-time high
  2. Record attendance all year including the November luncheon
  3. Achieving the Network Foundation Trifecta - tough job!
  4. Event sell out - lunch arounds, Under 35, Women of Influence, to name a few
  5. CREW DC will have a seat on the Network Board in 2017 - the first time in many years
  6. Our members ARE doing business together
  7. 80+ DC members attended the Convention in New York City
  8. Didn't break the budget with speakers this year. Since it was a political year, we had Donna Brazile and Mary Matalin in January and closed in November with Gloria Borger
  9. Having had a voice this year - literally and figuratively! It has been my distinct honor to serve as your President and I'm grateful to have had the opportunity
  10. LAST BUT NOT LEAST - as I pass the gavel to Phyllis Liebman, I know that the organization is in terrific hands and will continue to flourish under her guidance along with the 2017 Board and Executive Committee
Cheers to a Happy Holiday Season and a Prosperous New Year!


Book Corner

As we enter 2017, many of us take time to ruminate and take stock of our personal and professional successes and failures from the past year. Admittedly, it's easy to pat yourself on the back for your successes, but far less fun to examine your failures. Pema Chödrön, American Tibetan Buddhist Nun and renowned author and teacher, in her book Fail, Fail Again, Fail Better gently guides the reader on how to keep failure in perspective and how to learn from it and become a stronger, better, more resilient you. A poignant excerpt from the book advises, 

"So someone gave me a quote, something from James Joyce's Ulysses, where Joyce wrote about how failure can lead to discovery. And he actually didn't use the word "failure"; he used the word "mistake", as in making a mistake. He said that mistakes can be "the portals of discovery." In other words, mistakes are the portals of creativity, to learning something new, to having a fresh look on things. 

It's a little hard to tell what's a failure and what's just something that is shifting your life in a whole new direction."

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