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December 2, 2016 Edition

CREW DC Announces 2017 Board of Directors

The new Board members will be joining  our remaining leaders to constitute the leadership effective January 1, 2017. Returning Directors are noted with an asterisk. View the Press Release .

President: Phyllis Liebman Brill, MRP Realty
President-Elect: Barb Mackin, Citizens Bank

Past President: Michelle Kilby, MKAssociates, Inc.

Angela Poliskey, Cushman & Wakefield; Director, Communications*
Jennifer Niedzwiecki, Capital One Bank, Director, Finance

Christine Papadopoulos, Capital One Bank; Director, Special Events
Greta Perry, MGAC; Director, UCREW*
Melanie Stehmer-Townsend, Brookfield Office Properties; Director, Members hip*

Jenna Kirkpatrick Howard, Lockton Companies, LLC; Director, Member Services*
Christa Dommers, Seyfarth Shaw, LLP; Director, Programs/EDU

Elizabeth Pye, MGAC; Director, Sponsorship/Community Action

Mandi Wedin, WashingtonREIT; Director, CREW Network Liaison*
Focus on CREW DC Membership

With less than 5 weeks remaining in 2016, we would like to encourage CREW DC members to renew their dues for 2017 to prepare for an exciting new year! Please mark your calendar, membership renewals began on November 3rd and February 14th, 2017 is the renewal deadline. Here is the CREW Network online link to renew now:

Why Now?

We encourage members to renew now for several reasons. First, renewing on time ensures that you maintain the continuity of your membership years. Continuous membership has its benefits through the Women of Influence recognition, which provides exclusive invitation only events for women who have been CREW members for more than 10 years, or women who have served in the commercial real estate field for more than 20 years - renewing on time means you're closer to achieving this status or maintaining it.

Twenty-two year member Barbara Wachter Needle, Member - Reno & Cavanaugh, PLLC gives perspective on her experience as a Women of Influence,
"Being a longtime member of CREW has provided me with access to an amazing group of talented commercial real estate professionals, who support and inspire each other both professionally and personally by providing recommendations, referrals, industry knowledge, encouragement and friendship.  CREW's high quality functions, locally and through the national Network, have helped me expand my network at the local and national level and the programs presented have increased my knowledge and kept me apprised of the newest trends. I never cease to be amazed at the willingness of CREW members to assist and empower each other. And you can always count on a return phone call from a CREW member!"

The second reason to renew now is to save on administrative fees. The $25 administrative fee does not apply to membership renewals. And lastly, renewing on time helps CREW DC budget properly for the upcoming year.

Why CREW DC Membership?

Two words: CREW Network! As a member of CREW DC, you instantly have access to the CREW Network platform. You will have access to CREWbiz, a host of over 10,000 CREW member contact information. Members are located all across the US, Canada, and soon the UK! This creates opportunity for diversity and growth in business development, professional relationships, and personal achievements.

Joining CREW DC in 2016 Usha Chaudhary, President & COO - KETTLER shares,
"At Kettler, diversity and inclusion are core to our values and organic in the workplace. This is not only evidenced in the composition of our overall workforce but also in the number of women in leadership positions within our company. I am thrilled to be a part of CREW DC, an organization that focuses on the advancement of women in the Real Estate Industry. CREW DC offers young women an opportunity to network and seek opportunities to advance their career while gaining insights and lessons learned from women in leadership roles in the industry today. I am proud of what this organization stands for and look forward to its continued success."

CREW Network also provides members with access industry research and various training platforms. You will have opportunities for leadership development through training programs and the chance to sit on international boards and lead international committees. Last, but absolutely not least, the Network provides a career outreach program that includes mentorship/apprenticeship.

Your Membership Return On Investment

In 2016,  there were over 20 events offered only to members, including Breakfast with the Stars, special events and tours, as well as workshops and roundtables. In 2017, admission to CREW DC events will vary more significantly between the ticket rates for CREW members and those for non-members. As member you will have access to all the aforementioned benefits as well as discounted rates for CREW events.

Your Membership Dollars at Work

While sponsorship revenues cover the bulk of CREW DC's overhead expenses such as Communication, Community Service, and the Delegate Convention, the following illustration shows your membership dollars at work:

Seal the Deal!

Do You Need Help Convincing your organization about the benefits of CREW membership?

President's Corner

Michelle Kilby 2016 President

Dear Members,

This past week was Thanksgiving and I think most of us look at it as a good time to reflect back on the year and things that we are grateful for. As a Chapter, we have had an abundance of accomplishments that we can consider.

As I begin to look at wrapping up this year as your President, I think back to this time last year as I was gearing up for the role. In my letter to the incoming Board, I asked that as we embarked on our roles as leaders of the Chapter to carefully consider not just at the specific position we would be holding, but also in a larger sense, as a member of a group of women who shape, mold and steer the direction our organization. At times, we have been required to step outside of ourselves and contemplate things that we hadn't previously considered; which meant sometimes stretching ourselves in ways that might not always have been comfortable. But in doing so, it has allowed us to undertake the journey, which has been incredibly rewarding.

This year, our Chapter truly has enjoyed enormous success with record-breaking achievements in every major area of our function. So it leaves us wondering where to go from here? How can we continue to improve on what we've started or keep the momentum going long-term? The answer is simple: by continuing to engage and listen to the needs of our members and by being nimble. By doing so, we will stay relevant and vital as leaders of the Chapter and to our membership.

In everything that we have done this year, even at times in the face of challenges, I think that we have been diligent to work at strengthening a dynamic network that will continue to grow and prosper for years to come.

With gratitude,

Jan. 24: Luncheon: Strategize to Win!