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June 3, 2016 Edition

Call for Nominations
CREW DC 2016 Awards              
Nominations are currently being accepted for the CREW DC 2016 Awards: Growing Excellence!

If your company has been involved in a great transaction, interiors project, or marketing campaign, now is the time to get recognition.  Complete rules, forms and information can be found on our website under CREW DC 2016 Awards.

Nominations are due by June 17th - please complete an Intent to Submit if you'd like to be considered.

And, don't forget to mark your calendars for the 2016 Awards program on October 6, 2016!.
Enter the Room with Confidence
By: Emily Haggerty, Altus Group 
Deadline May 13! 
If you've made it to the doorway, you probably already understand most of the "rules" of networking - dress well, make eye contact, limit alcohol consumption, ask people about themselves, etc., so let's focus on why you're there and how you can walk into the room with confidence.

People who don't network tend to underestimate the willingness of other people to network. Everyone in the room came to meet people, to meet you in fact. You might not think so because you've prepared your top five targets and you assume you aren't on anyone else's list. But a truly successful networker understands that there aren't "right" and "wrong" people to spend your time with, because you never know who you may find in their network or they in yours.

Making and Accepting Introductions
Don't be nearsighted - it's not all about who you know, it's about who your network knows, and more importantly, what connections can be made. In my experience, those truly meaningful and fruitful introductions come from people who know and trust me, because they are willing to stick their neck out and say I'm someone worth getting to know. So, make sure you spend the time to build rapport with your current network! Be generous with your own network as well. Making useful introductions among your colleagues will strengthen your relationships, which will then support even more connections.

Trying New Activities
Industry groups, and CREW in particular, are giving us more and more opportunities to cultivate connections into relationships, and good relationships are based on authenticity. Get creative. Consider unique events outside of the traditional happy hour and those where the focus is on a shared learning experience such as a self-defense class. Practicing an upper cut is a much more authentic experience than sharing a glass of wine. This also exposes you to new activities (CREW DC has offered trapeze classes and improv classes!) which you might get into socially, thus broadening your network even further.

Another dividend gained from broadening your network is that, over time, the room is no longer filled with strangers. Conversation begets conversation, so if there is even one person you can start talking to, you're halfway there!

Following Up
"Be generous with your own network. Making useful introductions among your colleagues will strengthen your relationships, which will then support even more connections."

Don't forget to follow-up with people you meet. Even a quick "it was great to meet you" email will go a long way in spurring conversation the next time you see each other. Try to incorporate something from your conversation that helps make your time together memorable. The best follow-up email I've ever received was from a gentleman I sat next to at an awards gala and we contemplated how many of the desserts to try. The next day he emailed me two sentences: "Emily, it was great to meet you yesterday. FYI, I had another dessert when I got home..." and you can bet the next time we see each other we will have an easy conversation starter!

My "To Be" List
  • Be yourself
  • Be passionate
  • Be honest
  • Be present
There have been times when I've allowed myself to get caught up in a networking persona that isn't true to who I am. I try to keep the momentum going from these encounters, but I struggle to turn them into meaningful relationships. Don't get so distracted looking for your targets or doing all the right things that you forget about having an actual conversation. The magic in networking comes from being open minded and enjoying yourself. Don't ruin it by sticking to the rules.

As with everything in life, practice makes perfect.

Jun. 7: 2016 Annual Women of Influence Dinner
By Invitation Only
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Jun. 15: Community Action Thrive DC Happy Hour
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Jun. 16: 35 & Under: Scavenger Hunt at National Portrait Gallery

Open to CREW DC Members Only
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Jun. 16-17: CREW Network Spring Leadership Summit
Detroit, Michigan
Jun. 22: EDU: H Street NE - One of DC's Oldest Neighborhoods Becomes One of Its Coolest
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Jun. 23: Rooftop Wine Tasting

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Oct. 6: CREW DC 2016 Awards of Excellence
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Oct. 19-22: CREW Network 2016 Convention & Marketplace
New York, NY
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President's Corner

Michelle Kilby
2016 President
Dear Members,

It's hard to believe we are already in June!  It's incredible how quickly time flies and I hope you have found a place within CREW where you are receiving value for your membership dollars.  Our teams have been working hard to provide great programming, relevant topics, and networking opportunities for you.

With that said, now is the time when I'll ask you to think about the value of CREW membership and others in your network.  This is the time of year when CREW Network offers a great pro-rated opportunity to join for the year, and it's a terrific way to get others in your company engaged in what CREW has to offer.  Think about those who work around you - could they value a membership with one of the leading commercial real estate associations? 



Take Advantage!
CREW Offers Mid-Year Rates 

Michelle 2016 President
CREW Network offers a deeply discounted membership rate beginning July 1st.  It's perfect for those who have been wanting to give CREW a try, and it's a 53% savings for active members.

To learn more about what CREW can offer, please visit CREW Network, and be sure to share this with your colleagues!.

35 & Under 
Discover Secrets In the Halls of Famous Faces 
Join CREW DC's 35 & Under Group as they explore the National Portrait Gallery in a specially-designed Scavenger Hunt.

Did you know the oldest piece of art in the halls is over 500 years in age? See what else you might learn while you search for clues and get to know some of your fellow CREW members. Registration open now!

*CREW DC members under 35 must have a birthdate in their CREWbiz record in order to receive invitations to 35 & Under programming.
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