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November 18, 2016 Edition

2017 CREW DC Membership:

Membership in your chapter and CREW Network gives you the benefit of local programming and support, as well as the added strength of a Network comprised of more than 10,000 individual members in 74 markets across the globe. Don't let your benefits lapse!

2017 CREW DC Sponsorship Opportunities

CREW DC is dedicated to furthering the success of its members and sponsors by providing opportunities to do business together within a regional and national business development network. CREW DC brings together professionals from a variety of disciplines within the real estate industry, including developers, lenders, brokers, attorneys, architects, engineers, property managers, appraisers, designers and contractors.

CREW Network Convention Profile

The 2016 CREW Network Convention and Marketplace took place October 19-22, 2016 in New York, and proved to be an inspiring and insightful event! The theme of the event this year was 'Impact', which perfectly suits the diverse group of CREW members and the outstanding contributions they have made to the industry.

The convention featured various learning tours, excursions, learning sessions, panel discussions, esteemed guest speakers, and networking opportunities. Some of the takeaways from the event are lessons to build trust and confidence, the importance of mentorship/sponsorship, highlights of commercial real estate trends, and the Redwood Story - briefly summarized as the importance of surrounding yourself with a nurturing environment to help you grow.

The CREW DC 2016 Convention Grant winners were Cara Paglia, Meg Honigberg, and Kate Howarth. Here are their takes on the event:

Cara Paglia, Associate - BBGM
"Attending the 2016 CREW Network Convention and Marketplace was truly an inspiring experience. I enjoyed listening to each speaker share their powerful stories, particularly Amy Cuddy's talk about the importance of good posture and how it conveys confidence. It was evident her message had an impact on everyone at the conference, as we shared our expansive power poses throughout the week. Having the chance to network with other commercial real estate professionals throughout the United States and Canada, was also very rewarding. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend the 2016 CREW Convention and Marketplace.  I am honored to have been chosen as a grant recipient this year."

Meg Honigberg, Regional Business Development Specialist - The Christman Company
"The CREW Network Convention was an incredible combination of leadership development, reconnecting with DC-area peers and networking with women from around the nation. The speakers were nothing short of exceptional and their perspectives refreshing. I took away a number of tools and ideas that will directly support my professional development and I'm so grateful to the DC Chapter for the opportunity to participate." 

Kate Howarth, Managing Director, Investment Sales - H&R Retail 
"The convention was such a positive experience - so many warm and accomplished women in one place. If only all networking functions were so much fun! I really appreciate the grant and the opportunity to attend."

Our very own CREW DC Board of Director leadership perspective on the 
convention is shared by Angela Poliskey, Senior Vice President - Cushman & Wakefield ,
"Attending the CREW Network Convention has provided me additional knowledge, information and guidance from both industry leaders as well as professional speakers who focus on topics relevant to me and my career. The selected panelists and presenters continue to impress year after year as they teach, guide and in a sense empower myself and others to think big and do more. Additionally, CREW Network Convention has provided me the opportunity to connect with experienced professionals who I've been able to work with in a business sense as well." 

The convention proved to be a very important event for members of CREW, and others that attended. With an emphasis on community outreach via mentorship, leadership, support, etc, next year's event is sure to be even better! Stay tuned in 2017 for details.

Kudos! A special thank you to Auja Little, Real Estate Analyst, Washington REIT, she prepared a detailed summary of CREW Network Convention, please click here to download a pdf copy.

President's Corner

Michelle Kilby 2016 President

Dear Members,

Today we had the last luncheon program of 2016. Our speaker, Gloria Borger, CNN's Chief Political Analyst spent her time with us recounting the outcome of the Presidential election last week. Even though she has spent decades covering the elections of past Presidents, she was quick to say that like most, her predictions were all wrong. She did convey that there were very obvious hits and misses on both sides of the isle. In the end, Donald Trump connected in ways that Hillary Clinton did not. Borger did conclude that since Trump is in real estate, we may see a boost in the commercial sector heading into 2017.
As I look back over the course of the year to date, while Hillary Clinton wasn't able to finally shatter that glass ceiling, I am so very proud to say that CREW DC has! Our membership is at an all-time record high, we met the 2016 CREW Network Chapter Challenge, and crushed the record for the attendees at our luncheon today to name a few.

While the future of our country under a Trump Presidency isn't yet clear, what is definite is that CREW DC continues to succeed in a big way. After a few years of careful strategic planning, we are reaping the benefits of previous leaders who had a vision and began steering the Chapter in a direction that would lead us to these current successes.
As we move forward, we will no doubt face new challenges such as how to keep our members engaged and plan enough events that will meet the varied interests of a multi-generational membership. While this will take some thoughtful planning by our future leaders, I am confident that we will find creative ways to continue the momentum that has been steadily building to the point of shattering ceilings that have had visible cracks for some time.


Book Corner

An opening session speaker at the 2016 CREW Network Convention & Marketplace, social psychologist, Amy Cuddy, is a Harvard Business School professor, Young Global Leader at the World Economic Forum, and the New York Times bestselling author of Presence.  Presence focuses on the power of nonverbal behavior, prejudice and stereotyping, the delicate balance of trustworthiness and strength, and the ways in which people can affect their own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, she teaches thousands of people how to become more present and influential (and satisfied) in their professional and personal lives. Cuddy also speaks to audiences all around the world, from Fortune 100 companies, to tech startups, to nonprofits and academic institutions.  Her 2012 TED Talk, " Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are ," has been viewed more than 35 million times and is the second-most-viewed TED Talk of all time. The Guardian calls it one of 20 Online Talks That Could Change Your Life. Cuddy's work has been featured on the Today Show, CNN, MSNBC and in Fast Company, Harvard Magazine, Wired, The New York Times, Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal.

You can purchase a copy of Presence on the CREW Network Online Store.