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October 7, 2016 Edition

Member-to- Member Business

CREW DC colleagues Jenna Polivka (center) and Angela Poliskey (left), pictured above completed AVALON Consulting's space together. Jenna was the Landlord Representative Broker and Angela was the  Project Manager. FORM Architects was the A/E of record. AVALON Consulting is a women-owned business, Alison Porter (right) is the president and CEO of the company.
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Oct. 19-22: CREW Network 2016 Convention & Marketplace

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The Development of History; The NMAAHC is Open to the Public
By: Ava Ataee, General Services Administration and Anastasia Jafari, Altus Group US Inc.
The National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) had its historic opening on September 24 th - just last month. Efforts for the development of a national museum honoring the history of African Americans dates back to meetings held by local D.C. African American Civil War veterans in 1915, as detailed in a speech given by Representative John Lewis at the museum opening. Over a great many decades and relentless efforts, the availability of funds and possible site locations for the museum came as a result of an Act of Congress, Public Law 108-184. The legislation provided $17 million and the possibility of four sites in D.C.: a site just west of the National Museum of American History, the Liberty Loan Federal Building site, Banneker Park, and the Arts and Industries Building. Subsequently, an appointed site selection committee deliberated and chose the site adjacent to the National Museum of American History.
Smithsonian Institute, 
CC BY-SA 4.0
The development site acts as a compass to the history of African American culture. To the north of the museum is the White House, which is currently home to the first African American US president; to the east is the US Capitol, the home of legislature; to the west and south are monuments and memorials to some of the biggest influencers, such as Dr. King and Abraham Lincoln. At the center of the compass lies the NMAAHC, home to the past, present, and future of African American culture.
The development project team was comprised of lead designer David Adjay, lead architect Philip Freelon, architect firms Freelon Adjaye Bond and SmithGroup, and a general contractor team of Clark Construction, Smoot Construction, and H.J. Russell & company. Adjay's experience and vision for the museum is fascinating and further explained in an interview with Smithsonian. The biggest design  
challenge was creating a historical building with presence that also respected and honored the Washington, DC master plan.
The facility is LEED Gold, featuring solar panels on the roof and a geothermal ground water system. The facade, known as a Corona, is created from glass and bronze and wraps around the five above-ground levels supported by four concrete towers linked by steel trusses. The concourse, mezzanine, and mechanical levels are the three below-grade levels.
Public entry to the museum has been booked through 2016; don't miss your opportunity to walk the halls of this magnificent museum in 2017, visit to obtain a Timed Entry Pass.

President's Corner

Michelle Kilby 2016 President

Dear Members,

And the winner is.... At the stunningly beautiful Mellon Auditorium, last night we celebrated some of CREW DC's finest members at our annual Awards Event. Our individual recipients of the Outstanding Impact Award, Corporate Leadership Award, Annual Achievement Award and our Rising Star are all women who embody the ideals of what our organization represents. They are engaged members who serve in various capacities of leadership within the chapter and are making a difference in the real estate community.
The winners of the Placemaking, Dealmaking, Best Interiors and Best Marketing Campaign awards represent a variety of individuals who made the conscious decision to collaborate with other CREW DC members to market, acquire, design, and develop their projects. They demonstrated innovation and vision as they worked together on their respective transactions and were recognized as industry leaders within the DC real estate community.
We congratulate and celebrate all of these individuals who chose to promote their opportunities and partner with other CREW DC members on these successful transactions.


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CREW DC offers a deeply discounted membership rate beginning July 1st.  It's perfect for those who have been wanting to give CREW a try, and it's a 53% savings for active members.

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Book Corner

The Yamas and Niyamas
While the book targets the yoga audience, the contents are applicable to everyone. This book is a  fantastic read about perspective and personal growth, which will lead to growth in all aspects of life. The  Yamas and Niyamas by Deborah Adele highlights the ten guiding principles of yoga, separated into two categories. The five Yamas are the practice of nonviolence, truthfulness, non-stealing, non-excess, and  non-possessiveness. The five Niyamas are purity, contentment, self-discipline, self-study, and surrender;  these are methods for individuals to care for themselves. Thus, Niyamas provide guidance to explore
inwards, and the Yamas provide guidance to explore outwards. Each chapter concludes with a journaling  exercise that encourages the reader to apply the respective principle to their daily routine.
The book is filled with wonderful analogies and real-world examples that are sure to resonate with each  reader. Keep in mind that each principle featured in the book is simply a guideline, and not a strict rule  to follow. Again, this book will mention the practice of yoga many times, but the contents are useful for
everyone. After completing the book, the reader is sure to have a different outlook on life and a  different perspective of themselves.