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September 9, 2016 Edition

CREW Network Convention Grant Winners:

We are pleased to announce the winners of the CREW DC Convention Grants. These recipients will attend the 2016 CREW Network Convention & Marketplace which will be held Oct. 19-22 in New York, N.Y. 

Cara Paglia of BBGM Architects & Interiors
Kate Howarth of H&R Retail, Inc.
Meg Honigberg of The Christman Company (Winner of the Raffle)
CREW Network & Marketplace is considered to be the industry's premier business networking event, the CREW Network Convention and Marketplace offers industry professionals access to top speakers, educational sessions, leadership training and industry innovators. Our convention is widely known for the important business development opportunities that take place during the four-day event.
The 2016 CREW Network Convention & Marketplace scheduled for Oct. 19-22 in New York, N.Y., features a strong lineup of speakers and programs in an inspiring global power city.

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Oct. 19-22: CREW Network 2016 Convention & Marketplace

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Amy Cuddy
Mary Ann Tighe
Sallie Krawcheck
Admiral William H. McRaven
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Trust at the National Mall Day of Service

The Trust is the official partner of the National Park Service dedicated to restoring and enhancing  the National Mall. CREW DC had 46 volunteers registered to show their support and to help the  Trust restore and enhance the National Mall. See image below. More photos and can be located on  the twitter link here.

Redevelopment of the Old Post Office Pavilion
By: Anastasia Jafari, Altus Group US Inc.

The Trump Organization hotel redevelopment of t he Old Post Office Pavilion will be having its soft  opening on September 12 th - just a few short days away. The Trump Organization negotiated and signed a long-term 140 year lease with the General Services Administration (GSA) in 2013. Long known as  the Old Post Office Pavilion, the landmark will now be known as the Trump International Hotel Washington, D.C. - a five star luxury hotel under the Trump Hotels flag. The site has obvious historical significance; the post office building was completed in 1899, and used as the District's main post office until 1914. Over the following 100 years the property faced a number of ills: lack of use, lackluster retrofitted retail use, deterioration, fire, waxing and waning interest in federal budgeted renovation efforts and at least a couple of serious attempts to raze the building completely.
The original cost to construct the Romanesque Revival style building was $3 million dollars over the  seven year period from 1892 - 1899. The Trump Organization spent an estimated $200 million dollars on  renovations, which resulted in 263 guest rooms, a 10,000 sf spa and fitness center, and 38,000 sf of  meeting and event space. The largest and most expensive accommodations at the hotel are the three p residential suites; the largest of the three is the 'Trump Townhouse', which is 6,300 sf and is reported to cost  $33,000/night. Special hotel amenities to note are the hotel's signature David Burke steak restaurant BLT Prime, Trump Kids and Pets program, and the Trump Attaché service.

With the redevelopment, all media reporting indicates the Trump Organization promises to deliver on  what it is known for - luxury; but additionally the organization appears to recognize their role in being a  good steward of the public interest. In hand with the National Park Service, the hotel will provide future  public access to the clock tower, observation deck, and the continued tradition of the Bells of Congress.

September 13: Programs Luncheon featuring the Honorable Mayor Muriel Bowser

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New York, NY

President's Corner

Michelle Kilby 2016 President

Dear Members,

The Labor Day weekend is behind us and though summer is officially over, the temperatures  aren't  necessarily reflecting it just yet. Hopefully, as our calendar begins to ramp up with our fall and winter  activities, the weather will start to cool down.
Although we have had fewer events the past couple of months, we are still seeing record attendance. In  July, our Lunch Arounds were once again a smashing hit and sold out quickly. I had the good fortune of  registering early, and was able to attend one of the three luncheons. These events are always very  popular as it gives our members the opportunity to network in much smaller and intimate settings. I sat  next to a brand new member, and it was refreshing to see her perspective. She is trying to decide where  to get involved within the Chapter that will enable her to maximize her participation. My hope is that  she will jump in with both feet and ultimately see the benefits, personally and professionally.
Looking ahead to the balance of the year and into 2017, we are looking to engage all of our members in  committee participation. It is a well-known fact that we get out of an organization what we put into it.  With almost 600 members in our chapter, it can certainly be challenging to get to know someone at our  luncheons or even at smaller venues. However, as an involved member, it provides the opportunity to  interact and get to know others on the committee, while also giving back as a volunteer. As a long-time
member who has made the most of my CREW experience, I encourage each of you to get or stay  involved. Look for an email soon that will be promoting committee involvement!


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CREW DC Offers Discount Rate for Mid-Year Membership 

CREW DC offers a deeply discounted membership rate beginning July 1st.  It's perfect for those who have been wanting to give CREW a try, and it's a 53% savings for active members.

To learn more about what CREW DC can offer, please visit and be sure to share this with others in your organization!

Book Corner

What if success is not dependent on how smart you are or your family's socioeconomic standing? This is,  in part, the question that Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance, by Angela Duckworth explores
- another Forbes 16 Must-Read Business Books For 2016. Duckworth is a former management
consultant, turned public school teacher, which led to her returning to school to become a  psychologist. Her much lauded research has led to a revolution in pedagogical circles and has changed  how many academics define successful students. As she describes it, grit is approaching goals or life, for  that matter, as a "marathon not a sprint". Not exclusive to macho cowboys, grit is genderless and it can be learned though not easily according to Duckworth. Beyond reading this eye-opening view of what role grit has in being successful, it is worth taking the Grit Scale questionnaire and reading the research that is the foundation for the book. 

For more...
Checkout Duckworth's Ted Talk for a brief introduction on grit.