Third Quarter 2019
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CREW Richmond and GRACRE
Nothing But Networking!
Photo courtesy of GRACRE
On August 15, 2019, CREW Richmond and GRACE co-hosted “Nothing but Networking” at Bingo Beer Company in Scott’s Addition. Approximately 150 members and guests enjoyed an evening of invaluable networking. 
A special thanks to the members and guests who supported Bingo, Comfort and Saison Market by donating cash and school supplies for Carver Elementary. Your support and donation was appreciated!
Deals, Awards and in the News
Member Deals
Dawn Hathaway of SouthState Bank worked with Caroline Browder of Roth Jackson to close a refinance of an existing project.
Susan Jones of CBRE represented Alana Kai Salon, who is leasing 2,827 square feet in Towne Center West, in a deal with Brenda Karp who represented the Landlord, The Breeden Companies . The salon is scheduled to open in early 2020.
Success to Celebrate
Holly Neber – President, Meaghan O'Brien, CREW Richmond Delegate, Brenda Karp, President CREW Richmond, Wendy Mann, CEO CREW Network
CREW Richmond members Brenda Karp and Meaghan O'Brien completed the 2019 CREW Network Leadership Certificate program and received their certificates at the National Convention in Orlando, FL.
In September, Christian Creswell, Community Service Director of CREW Richmond, presented Val Short of Dress for Success Central Virginia with a check for $4500 from money raised through the CREW Richmond Summer Social.
Member News
Karen Bunch
Karen Bunch is happy to announce her recent career move to UrbanCore Construction . As of August 2 nd , Karen joined UrbanCore as Director of Real Estate. In her new role, Karen will oversee UrbanCore’s residential and commercial portfolio operations, all located in Virginia. Karen’s career in property management has primarily been focused in DC, Maryland, and northern Virginia, and she looks forward to using that experience with larger companies to streamline operations at UrbanCore.
Meaghan O'Brien
Meg O’Brien is proud to announce her recent career move to Dominion Energy . As of October 7 th , Meg joined Dominion’s Facilities Management group as a Senior Project Manager. In her new role, Meg switches from consultant to owner overseeing renovations, expansions, new construction, and site selection projects across Dominion’s real estate portfolio and business lines. The Facilities group not only welcomes Meg’s civil engineering experience, but her knowledge of the local development market and global connections through CREW Network. She looks forward to tapping her network to bring fresh ideas and partnership opportunities to Dominion Energy.
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CREW Richmond Lunch Meetings and Events
CREW Richmond 2019 Dine Around: River City Food Tour
by Wendy Henley
This year we ventured to Carytown on July 17 th  for an afternoon of savory samples from four restaurants. Our tour began at  Citizen Burger , where we enjoyed amazing grass  finished  beef sliders with locally-made cheese, pickles and buns. We crossed the street to the  New York Deli  for chicken & waffles, then ambled up to  Home Sweet Home  for tomato soup and a BBQ with mac ‘n cheese slider, and conclude the tour with a refreshing Bees Knees Acai Bowl at the  Pit and the Peel.   We rounded out the afternoon with cocktails at  Can Can Brasserie,  joined by a   few more CREW   members.
CREW Richmond 2019 August Breakfast Meeting
by Cathy Pryor
I n August, we switched things up a bit with a breakfast meeting in the newly renovated James Center conference room. The presentation was geared towards taking our networking skills to the next level.  René Massey, principal with The SalesBoost Companies, offered her 25 years of experience in working with organizations, and tailored a work session focused on how to best leverage our networking skills. Rene’s presentation focused on key steps to prepare for each opportunity to network:
  • Prepare
  • Get to the networking event early 
  • What message will you convey?
  • Follow up 
  • Moving forward – “Enjoy real success in new friends and new business!”

These suggestions were accompanied by opportunities to share experiences and practice among the attendees over breakfast & coffee.
CREW Richmond 2019 September Lunch Meeting
by Cathy Pryor
On September 18, CREW hosted a panel to discuss Current Market & Economic Influences, moderated by Lara Fritz, the new President and CEO of the Greater Richmond Partnership. Lara led Bobby Prout ,  from GRACRE & Falling Springs, Jack Berry , the President and CEO of Richmond Region Tourism, and Chris LeBarton ,  of CoStar ,  through a discussion of current topics such as the Navy Hill Development, speculative development, Richmond as a destination for younger tourists, and housing needs in the region. The panel also discussed Richmond’s strengths as discussion of the ‘R’ word continues to dominate the news and economic forecasts. The discussion was a great insight into several key topics that CREW hopes to explore further in 2020.
CREW Richmond 2019 Fall Membership Drive
by Natalie Fitz
The 2019 CREW Fall Membership Drive was held on October 2 nd at Bateau: A Coffee and Wine Experience. Bateau pays homage to Virginia’s rich histo ry through its menu and dining experience, as well as its location overlooking the canal. While mingling, guests were able to learn about how the space came to fruition from Helen Reed, the interior designer of Bateau. Additionally, CREW members who brought a guest were entered into a raffle drawing to win a bottle of wine from Bateau. We had 14 potential members attend and Statia Gibson won the drawing. After the event, we received 3 membership applications, so overall it was a success! 
New CREW Richmond Members
Welcome to the newest members of CREW Richmond!
CREW Convention 2019 - Orlando, Florida
Laura Anderson - Recipient of 2019 CREW Convention Past Presidents Scholarship
I had a wonderful time attending the CREW Convention for the first time this September. It was a time to make new industry connections, strengthen existing relationships with local and regional attendees, and become incredibly inspired by the various keynote speakers. A particularly special session was hearing from Carey Lohrenz, the US Navy’s first female F-14 Tomcat Fighter Pilot. She had a phenomenal story and little nuggets of motivation like “When you have self-doubt all you have do is add one word…yet. I can’t do that…yet. I don’t have enough experience to go for that opportunity…yet.” She was incredibly personable, had a great sense of humor, and I think gave everyone some positive take-aways in how we find our own success. In addition to some outstanding sessions, we also went back in time to see how CREW began as we were celebrating the 30-year anniversary. Through that celebration, we heard from several CREW Network Board members who shared their stories. There were also some heartwarming moments between CREW Network Board members as they transitioned leadership roles and expressed that they “will always have each other’s backs”. Overall, Convention was an absolute joy to attend and it further solidified that CREW is an amazing organization to be a part of. 
CREW Richmond Leadership Summit!
Registration is filling up!
It’s almost time for CREW Richmond’s 6  th  Annual Leadership Summit!

Tuesday, November 5, 2019
7:30am to 12:00pm
Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens

Come hear Keynote Speaker  Sara Safari present Climb Your Everest. Every day we are dealing with different obstacles to reach our goals. Sometimes, these hurdles look like huge mountains to climb. Getting a promotion at work, achieving your educational goals, and maintaining good relationships with our loved ones are examples of challenges we deal with on a daily basis. We are all capable of overcoming our fears and climbing all these mountains if we believe "there is no limit to human potential, there is only limit in human belief!" This is a motivational talk to empower and inspire people to look at life differently and positively.

Additional speakers and topics will include Women in Leadership: Skills and Qualities that Move you Forward by Christine Gorham,CREW Network President Elect and Barbara Schaefer McDuffie, CREW Network Board Member followed by Inspiring Positive Change through Mindfulness by Ellie Burke, Certified Martha Beck Life Coach, M.Ed., ERYT-500.
CREW Network Leadership Certificate Program
One Participant's Perspective
by Meg O'Brien
I have been trying for years (7 to be precise) to get “permission” to join the CREW Leadership Certificate Program. This year was my year. I will tell you, with all sincerity, that this program made all the difference for me in my professional career choices, personal development, and proving to me the power and value of CREW Network. 

Like some of you, I thought the larger CREW Network (outside of Richmond) was really for other people. Why bother being a member of the national organization when all I really want is to network with people in my metro region? Why do I need to be a member of CREW and GRACRE and ULI? They all do the same things, right? Prepare thyself…. I was doing this program solely for me. I wanted some leadership training as a minor stepping stone to my real goal. Selfish, I know. 

I arrived at the first session proud of myself for finally asking to do this, being granted permission and finally making it happen. Upon entering the room to have cocktails with 60 complete strangers, I met my first challenge. I had to choose ribbons for my nametag. If you’ve been to Convention, you know the ribbons are fun. What to choose to meet & greet with high-achieving, type-A women? I picked “No Drink Left Behind” (when in New Orleans……) and “Bass A**”. Why Bad A**? Because Samuel L. Jackson would pick that ribbon (No lie. THIS was my reason). I proceeded on my happy way. We had a dine-around that night where I met 6 new ladies. I’ve never bonded so instantly and so completely with a group of people in my life. I shared that short-term career goal was to transition to marketing and business development within my firm to take advantage of my technical expertise and my gift of gab. This was to help prepare me for my ultimate goal…….. wait for it…….. CEO. I’ve been ridiculed for this goal. Laughed at. Told that there are men in line ahead of me. To that I say, it’s my goal and my dream. Life is not so scripted that I have to follow the traditional path to a non-traditional role. I drew inspiration from these ladies that night. We went on to have an all-day class in Presence. We learned all about how to present our ideas and selves to the world. Pretty intense stuff! During the Leadership Summit that followed our first class, I was meeting my fellow regional CREW members. We were asked to give a traditional introduction – name, chapter, etc. When my turn came, our regional board member asked me first to explain why I chose the Bad A** ribbon. Without thinking, without letting the world in, without even invoking Samuel L’s name I said “Because I am. And let me tell you why”. 

Epiphany is the word that best describes the second session for me. The class focused on vulnerability and self-discovery. Sitting at a table of 8 strangers, I found myself having an emotional moment that can be best described as a breakdown. It was the moment I realized that in order to keep growing and fulfill my goals, I needed to make a change. It hurt. I was as vulnerable as I’ve ever been in a professional setting. Before I could escape to the restroom to compose myself and hide the tears of shame, my tablemate looked me directly in the eyes and said “whatever it is, we’re going to talk about it right now.” My epiphany was met with hugs, tissues, and love. That’s a sisterhood of support. I made a call at lunch to start the ball rolling on my change. WHEW! 

This fall, I was reunited with my sisterhood for our last all-in adventure. Negotiation is not my strong suit. Harvard Business professors will convince you that you have all the potential in the world and not one shred of talent all at the same time. For instance, I thought I did well in buying my car. This class specifically let me know that the dealership won that round. Regardless, it was a fun way to learn that I have a lot to learn and to never stop stretching. Flexibility is key in negotiating and in life. Be open to possibility. Opportunity comes in many forms. 

Bottom line, this program was more than just leadership skills I know that CREW is more than just what’s happening in RVA. CREW presented me the opportunity to meet women from all over the country who are now my personal and professional champions because I dared to be present, vulnerable, and flexible.
CREW Network Fall Leadership Summit
by: Meg O'Brien
CREW Network planned a great session for us this fall. We had an extremely entertaining session on the art of small talk. For anyone that has trouble finding just the right words to break the ice during a networking event, Debra Fine had a LOT of great tips! One of things I, personally, loved about Debra? She’s an engineer!!!! She’s living proof that there’s hope for me yet! 

Besides being my personal inspiration for the day, Debra shared these key points: Never lead in with something overly personal. Let your conversation partner share with you (don’t yank it out of them). Know when it’s time to leave a conversation gracefully. Looking for the Audrey Hepburn exit? Let the other person know that you’re listening, but give it a definitive timeline. For instance, you may enjoy listening to the first 10 minute one-sided exposition on favorite karaoke songs and styles; however, you know that you need to move on (hopefully) chat with the decision maker for a 100-acre development project. Instead of ditching karaoke abruptly, you can gracefully give him/her the 1-2 sentence warning: “I have enjoyed learning more about your passion for old school hip hop. I want to hear briefly about your favorite Beastie Boys tune before I have to meet with so-and-so in one minute.” Author’s note: This is not meant to be a verbatim account of Debra’s example. I took some artistic license. 
In the end, Debra’s presentation was more about reigniting the lost art of conversation in business society. Put down the phones and interact! 
Fall Leadership Summit photos are located in CREW Network’s Flickr gallery  and  Event Documents are located in CREWbiz (CREW Network members only).
Sponsor Spotlight
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We believe that by being experts at caring, listening and understanding - in everything we do, at all levels of our organization - we continue our heritage of consistently delivering value for our customers, our shareholders, our employees and the communities we serve.

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Established in 1972 in Blacksburg, Virginia, Draper Aden Associates has grown to become a leading Mid-Atlantic firm with an ever evolving focus on technology. Over the years, our company has expanded to Charlottesville, Hampton Roads, Manassas, Richmond, and Virginia Beach, Virginia and Raleigh and Fayetteville, North Carolina, with the goal of helping our clients realize a sustainable future.
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