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Early Membership Renewal Party
Friday, April 8, 5 - 7 pm
CRGC members who paid their membership in full before February 15th are invited to the annual Early Membership Renewal Party in Tavern '38. Why should I come, you ask? It’s your chance to pick up your FREE GIFT, FREE APPETIZERS, and we’ll keep your FOUR FREE GREEN PASSES in a safe place for you to use throughout the year.
Please RSVP to Tom at or 320-587-3070, ext #3.
What a great way to kick off the season by seeing old and new friends and getting some free stuff!
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LADIES . . .
  • Make sure you Save the Date of May 10th for the FREE clinic, appetizers, and information for the upcoming year.
  • Scramble League is coming this summer for the ladies. Let’s get started on putting together the winning team.
  • Clinics for the ladies have been moved. They are now on the THIRD MONDAY of the month from 5:30 – 6:30, with a variety of golf specific activities to be mastered. Sign-up sheets will be posted on the bulletin board each month.
Ladies Big Event Dates - Click Here

  • You’ll be receiving the President’s Cup ENTRY FORM soon, so get your team formulated and ready for action. Registration Deadline Monday, May 9.
  • Guys, get ready for Individual Match Play. The name for this competition has yet to be determined, so if you have any brilliant ideas, please let me know.
Coach's Corner by Tom Parsons
Hey Members! Refer a NEW Trial Member and YOU and the
NEW MEMBER each receive a $25 gift card for Tavern '38!
from Superintendent Kevin
Here we are, close to the 2022 golf season. 
Over the winter, we worked on three major projects. First you will notice a large rock for signage at the entrance. This will be new signage for CRCC that will feature a rock wall behind #17 tee box. The large rock will be sandblasted with our logo. To hold the stenciling for the sandblaster, we have to wait until the middle of June so the rock warms up to around 70°. As soon as the weather permits, I will finish the rock wall and prepare the area for landscaping, which should be planted around the middle of May. 
We also dredged the pond on #11 this winter. We are making it deeper to help control the weeds. There should be a minimal amount of work to prepare this pond for the golf season. 
The last major project we worked on this winter was dredging and enlarging the pond on hole #15. As soon as the ground firms up we can start this project. There will be approximately 120 feet of shoreline that will be rip wrapped with approximately three semi loads of rock. The surrounding area of the pond has dirt that was removed. Until the dirt dries completely it will be difficult to move. So I will be seeding it with ground cover to make it more presentable. 
As time permits, I will be building a rock wall on the west side of #1 tee. My goal is to make it more welcoming for you all. My staff and I look forward to the beginning of a new season! 
See you on the course!
Junior Lessons & Programs
Jr. Golf Camp - First Session Begins May 4

Let our instructors help your junior learn and enjoy the game of golf for a lifetime. Our junior programs are created to help young golfers have fun while learning the fundamentals and understanding the etiquette and rules of the game. All levels from beginner to aspiring collegiate player welcome.
Did You Know?
CRGC is a Youth on Course Facility! Youth on Course offers golfers ages 6-18 the opportunity to play golf for $5 or less at participating YOC courses. The annual membership for Youth on Course is $25, which includes a junior membership to the MGA. If your son, daughter, or grandchildren are interested in golf, this gives them access to several golf courses in the state.
Crow River Golf Club Board of Directors
Justin Barrick, President, Matt Beilke, Vice President
Matt Lawson, Secretary, Betsy Roisen, Amy Ellingson-Itzin
Mark Stuckey, Ted Beatty
The only thing a golfer needs is more daylight. Ben Hogan