Data Delaware:
 Monday, January 7, 2019
The State of Delaware spends
something around a billion dollars on healthcare annually.

Plus those costs are growing at an estimated 7% a year.
It’s the biggest item in the Budget. Clearly, the situation is unsustainable. 

In response , Governor Carney wants price caps. 
History suggest that’s a failed strategy. 

Instead, University of Delaware Associate Professor of Economics – who is also a CRI Board member – Stacie Beck’s attached white paper makes a series of recommendations to address the crisis. 

John Toedtman, CRI Advisory Council Member and John Stapleford, CRI Chair contributed to this work. 

For CRI’s healthcare call to action CLICK HERE (pdf)

Stacie Beck, PhD
Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Delaware and CRI Board Member
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Dace Blaskovitz, Publisher
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