August 18th marked a new beginning for 438 trailblazing students as they started their new school year at Cristo Rey Jesuit High School. For some of the students, it is the first time returning to a classroom since March of 2020. Students and staff celebrated as they gathered as a full CRJ community to launch this year of opportunities.

"The first day of school was a much needed reminder of the joy and energy our students bring to our school. I can't wait to work with these students throughout this school year and see how much they can achieve," said math teacher Jack Nash.

Students are also eager to continue their academic journey. Junior Emily said, "It is so great to be able to learn in person again and to see my friends and teachers. Since I was doing virtual learning all of last year, this is my first chance to be in the new building, and it's so awesome. It's so cool that this is where I go to school every day!"

Thanks to generous support from so many CRJ friends and community members, students like Emily are off to a great start this school year!
CRJ Staff and Alumnae had a chance encounter on the campus of Marquette University
This school year, every Jesuit institution around the world will celebrate the Ignatian Year. The Ignatian Year, named for St. Ignatius who is the founder of the Jesuits, commemorates the 500th anniversary of St. Ignatius turning from a life built on worldly pursuits to one placed at the service of God. In this spirit, Cristo Rey Jesuit is committing this school year to the Ignatian Year and the challenge of our theme “to see all things new in Christ.”

At our beginning of the year staff orientation, we had the opportunity to visit other Jesuit institutions in Milwaukee and reflect upon our Ignatian Year challenge. Our final stop of the day was Marquette University where we were able to walk through campus and share reactions from the day. As I was walking with my small group, we saw Cristo Rey alumni who are now Marquette students, walking around a corner towards us. After reassuring them that this was all a coincidence and we were really not checking up on them, we began asking them about their experience. They told us they were doing well in their summer classes, their families were getting used to them living on campus, and they felt that they were supported by people at Marquette. The group posed for a picture (above) and then we parted ways. 

When I think about the decisions those young women in the picture and many of our alumni and their families have in order to commit to and persist through college as first generation students, I am inspired. The mission of Cristo Rey Jesuit accompanies these young people through their high school years presenting them with unique opportunities to discover who they are and who they are called to be as they move towards their future. We help students to understand and begin their journey to gain spiritual sight and to seek daily to recognize God’s presence in the world around them.

On Marquette’s campus that day with our alumni, I was granted a moment of spiritual clarity, a moment of feeling God’s presence in my life, a moment of gratitude for the Cristo Rey Jesuit mission in the city of Milwaukee, and a moment that I might have overlooked had I not seen the group gathered in the picture in a new way, as Christ’s presence amidst ordinary, everyday life.
In partnership with Georgia Bozeday, Ed.D., Director of Educational Services at Rush NeuroBehavioral Center (RNBC), CRJ staff aim to further increase the college and career readiness of their students by establishing a comprehensive model for strategically integrating Executive Functioning Skills development into both academic and workplace environments.

Assistant Principal José Flores Benitez is leading the CRJ faculty in this unique partnership. It is my belief that there is not as structured of a program as this anywhere else in the city. Initiative and organizational skills are things that help regardless of whether someone is in high school, college, or work setting. We are helping these students with life skills.”

School counselor Kate Jorgensen said, "Research has shown that teaching Executive Function skills in a 'one-off' class is not effective. Our partnership with Rush allows us to learn from the experts on how to embed interventions into our universal practices so that all students are learning and practicing EF skills throughout their day and in a variety of settings."

English teacher Grace Bendel added, "Rush's team helps us focus on implementing interventions for all students so that they can improve their own executive functioning skills. Whether it be through time management, organization, or class structures, Rush helps us as teachers to understand how our students can develop automaticity in their own self-management and regulation. Ultimately, we hope that students gain tools to become more independent learners, problem-solvers, and leaders."
Graduates from the classes of 2019, 2020 and 2021 returned to CRJ for the first Alumni Summer Social held on August 12th. The evening connected classmates, gave them a chance to catch up with CRJ faculty, and share updates on their college journeys. The alums enjoyed campus tours and raffles in addition to socializing over refreshments provided by Lopez Bakery & Restaurant. A great time was had by all!
YOU'RE INVITED: Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony
Wednesday, September 15th, 2021 at 1818 W. National Ave.

You are invited to celebrate the grand opening of Cristo Rey Jesuit High School! The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony will begin at 9:15 AM. Following the ceremony, campus tours and light refreshments will be available.
SAVE THE DATE: Milwaukee Stars Merengue is back!
Saturday, November 6th, 2021 at Potawatomi Hotel and Casino

Don't miss this opportunity to see Milwaukee celebrities take the stage with a professional dance partner to entertain and raise funds to benefit Cristo Rey Jesuit High School's rigorous academics, innovative Corporate Work Study Program and faith formation.
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