Earlier this month, the girls’ volleyball team began their spring season in a brand new conference. They are also taking advantage of the brand new facilities offered on campus. Senior Daniela said, “It's so different in a good way - I am still getting used to having all of the natural light in the gym!
The new facilities also mean more flexibility for the players and coaches. Senior Kelly said, “It's much better because every practice used to end at 7:30 after a whole day at school. We had to share one net with 30 players but now we have two nets so now we can all practice at the same time and leave earlier.” 
That doesn’t mean the players and coaches aren’t enjoying their time together. Coach Jack Nash said, “One of the hardest parts of this pandemic is the isolation we can feel in our Zoom silos. I am just really excited that we have found a safe way to offer this opportunity for students. I love that all of the underclassmen get a chance to make connections with their classmates, some of whom they are seeing for the first time all year.” Freshman Maggie shared, “To be out of the house and have somewhere safe to be and still hang out with our friends is amazing.