Skills Learned At CRJ Benefit Local Law Firm
Class of 2019 CRJ alumni Ashley, Fabiola and Daniela are working at Rinehart Boerner Van Deuren this summer.
Three members of the Class of 2019 - Fabiola, Ashley and Daniela - are all working this summer, but they're not working at your typical summer jobs. They are working at Rinehart Boerner Van Deuren to prepare themselves for their chosen career paths, and the tools they gained at CRJ and the Corporate Work Study Program are a big reason why.

As a marketing intern, Fabiola is actually returning to Reinhart because she worked there as part of the CWSP program. Fabiola kept in touch with her manager Andrew Narrai after her CWSP experience through LinkedIn. When the marketing internship became available, Narrai knew of Fabiola's marketing skills, and he reached out. “Everything went smoothly thanks to him. I know that the networking skills I took from Cristo Rey as well as learning how to be professional are what landed me this summer internship.”

Ashley and Daniela are working together in the Trust and Estates department. As Ashley prepares to take the LSAT and apply to law schools, the experience has been extremely beneficial. “I’ve been working there for almost 2 years, and throughout my time there I’ve grown a lot. I’ve learned new aspects of law, and new techniques that I could use in the future. Also, my coworkers make it a great experience because they are very understanding when it comes to school and the workload that comes with it. Not only that, but they allow me to ask questions if I’m ever curious about something. I am definitely grateful to have been given the opportunity to work there.”

All three alumni know their CWSP experience through CRJ is what made their current positions possible. Ashley said, "My CWSP experience prepared me for the interview process by showing me how to speak and act in a more professional manner. I also think that all my CWSP internships prepared me for the real world. My freshman year I worked at a law firm so I wasn’t scared going into my position at Reinhart because I had already gained valuable work experience that prepared me.”

As a Corporate Work Study Partner, Reinhart sees the impact that the CWSP program has on Cristo Rey Jesuit students. Josh Przedpelski, Legal Administrative Manager, and direct supervisor of Ashley and Daniela, said, “One thing I've experienced in all of my interactions with participants in the CWSP program is the development of soft skills. The program does a great job of getting the students ready for life in an office environment and the business world. Both Ashley and Daniela have shown a high attention to detail, the ability to learn things quickly and a desire to help. No matter what career path they choose, the lessons, experiences, and relationships they have made will stay with them.”

We wish Fabiola, Ashley and Daniella the best of luck with their positions at Rinehart and in their final year of college as they continue to blaze their own trails in the community.
My wife and I decided to see the new box office hit Top Gun: Maverick recently. While I won’t spoil the plot of the movie, the thrust of the movie is that Tom Cruise, the main protagonist and ace pilot, along with a supporting cast of younger, naval aviators will be challenged beyond the limits of their flying abilities to complete a mission that no one knows is actually possible. The story takes unexpected twists and turns as the viewer is brought close to the action in the movie. Tom Cruise’s character is buffered along the way, when he doubts himself, by old friends who believe in him and his ability to somehow accomplish his mission.

The first day of our summer bridge program earlier this summer gave me an opportunity to share the mission of Cristo Rey Jesuit High School with our newest 128 freshmen (pictured above). I talked about what it would take for them to walk into a workplace in August and contribute as a student worker. I spoke to them about our school’s rigorous classroom expectations and the goal of college. I also shared that we would help them through spiritual exploration and invite them to a deeper understanding of themselves, their relationships with one another, and God. I emphasized that all of this would need to be accomplished in just four short years at Cristo Rey Jesuit (CRJ).

To many of our students, contributing to a professional workplace, going to college, or engaging in spiritual conversation might be things they never imagined they could do. If students are first in their families to attend college, or will be experiencing their first jobs, or have not challenged themselves to a deeper contemplation of faith, our mission might seem full of impossible expectations to meet. Students are sure to have doubts that this mission is worth it or that they’ll measure up to what the mission requires. They know from the very beginning that the CRJ experience will test their abilities and show them that they could go farther than they ever thought possible.

Through a lot of hard work, some risk taking, and the support of family members, coworkers, friends, and CRJ staff members, those nervous and doubtful freshmen I spoke to at the beginning of the summer will begin to see that the mission can be accomplished. Our alumni working at Reinhart in the story featured above are among our trailblazing alumni who are showing the way to current students and our community that this mission is possible and worth it. One year from now the first graduating class from CRJ will have the opportunity to walk across the college graduation stage. While Tom Cruise's pursuit to accomplish his mission in Top Gun is thrilling, the mission that our students accept and our alumni represent has an impact that Hollywood can't match!
Corporate Work Study Manager of Client Relations Kristin Adler was recently selected as a Key Influencer by WaterStone Bank because of her work with students in the CWSP program as someone who promotes a culture of excellence within the community and inspires youth to work hard toward achieving their goals.

"Kristin’s commitment to the students and their personal development is why I nominated her for the Key Influencer Flight. She has been an amazing partner to work with as the liaison between the students and us. She was able to easily balance the needs of the organization as well as the students," said Marlene Molter, VP-Director of Human Resources at WaterStone Bank.

Because of this award, Kristin enjoyed a once-in-a-lifetime flight with the Blue Angels on July 20th! Once she was back on the ground, Kristin said,"It was such an incredible experience, and I'm so grateful to have been able to take part in this. It is something I will never forget."

Thank you to WaterStone Bank for selecting Kristin for this honor, and thank you to the Blue Angels for returning her back in one piece. Congratulations Kristin, and thank you for all your hard work with CRJ students.
After completing her sophomore year, CRJ student Kimberly shared her interest in a career in maternity nursing with Director of Postgraduate Success Zuleyka Rios. Kimberly asked if there were any summer opportunities to learn more about this career, and Rios recommended the pre-college summer nursing program at MSOE. Kimberly was able to attend, and the weeklong experience solidified her desire to pursue a career in maternity nursing.

The program covered every aspect of a nursing career and allowed Kimberly to ask questions and hear stories from the different nurses that came to speak with the students. Kimberly also shared the learning experiences the program offered. “We got to work hands-on with different types of mannequins to practice different medical procedures like putting in IV medications, hear a heartbeat and measure blood pressure. The nurses who spoke with us encouraged us to take as many science classes like anatomy, physiology or biology as well as math classes during high school.”

Kimberly completed the program sure that a career as a midwife nurse is the path she wants to follow. “What interests me so much about nursing is being there at all times helping the mom with her baby, seeing the bond a mom creates with her baby and the bright smile on the moms' faces of their healthy, adorable babies is what will make me feel joyful. I love being caring, patient and helping others too.” Kimberly has even begun looking into local colleges’ nursing programs to find the right fit.

Kimberly isn’t the only Trailblazer looking towards their future career through a summer pre-college program. Three other students are participating in upcoming summer programs at MSOE. Rising junior Julisa will also participate in the nursing program and rising junior Emmanuel and rising senior Adrian will be attending the engineering program.
John Borgen
John serves as president of Catholic Financial Life and has been with the company since 2009. John earned a master’s degree in business administration at Marquette University, a master’s degree in philanthropy at Indiana University and a bachelor’s degree in political science at St. John’s University.
Michelle Glynn
Michelle is the director of Wisconsin System Operations at WEC Energy Group. She joined the company in 2008. Glynn has a Bachelor of Arts degree with emphasis in business and a Master of Business Administration degree with emphasis in leadership, both from Mount Mary University. She serves on Mount Mary University’s Buildings and Grounds Committee and on the Haggerty Museum Board.
Gerard A. Randall, Jr.
Gerard is the Executive Director of the Milwaukee Education Partnership. Mr. Randall is the Managing Partner of The Lazarus Group, which provides education and workforce development guidance, strategic planning and support. He also serves as adjunct professor with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in the Department of Education Policy and Community Studies. Mr. Randall serves on many Boards and Committees, some of which include Cardinal Stritch University, the Milwaukee Public Museum, VISIT Milwaukee, Wisconsin Arts Board, Ascension Wisconsin Foundation, Employ Milwaukee Youth Council, and more.
Michael (Mike) Reardon
Mike Reardon is a managing director for the Institutional Client Group at Allspring Global Investments. He earned a bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Dayton and a master’s degree in business administration from Marquette University. Mike is a Certified Investment Management Analyst.
Jay Schwister
Jay is the managing director of fixed income research and oversees risk management across Baird Advisors’ portfolio strategies. Jay obtained his undergraduate degree from Marquette University and earned the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. He is currently a member of the CFA Institute and the CFA Society of Milwaukee.
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