As a new year begins, we take a moment to reflect and celebrate the amazing accomplishments of our Trailblazing students and community during 2022. CRJ students continue to blaze new trails as they explore college opportunities and career possibilities. The CRJ community continues to positively impact students, neighborhoods, and workplaces of Milwaukee. Some of the highlights of the past 12 months include:

Thanks to you and the generosity of CRJ friends and partners, 2023 promises even more opportunities and achievements for Cristo Rey Jesuit students. We look forward to celebrating the Class of '23 AND for graduations of the Class of '19 from colleges around the city, state and country. Stay tuned in the coming months to discover how your support of CRJ Trailblazers is creating a brighter Milwaukee for all.


Fr. Bill Johnson S.J., Frank Crivello and Andy Stith help package food as part of CRJ Advent Service Project that distributed 19 tons of food to Milwaukee community.

When I think about 2022 at Cristo Rey Jesuit, the word momentum comes to mind. Momentum is defined as the strength of an object gained by motion or a series of events. As I look at the list above and think of all that has been accomplished in 2022 by our students and staff members, I can say with certainty that Cristo Rey Jesuit has momentum. I am amazed at how our mission continues to grow and we continue to attract so many partners in this work. When I think about all we have accomplished since we opened to students in 2015, I am grateful and blessed. As Fr. Foley, founder of Cristo Rey schools, reminds us, “God has given us a great gift. Our work is to continue to be stewards of the grace present and active in this growing movement of Cristo Rey schools across the country!”

We have recognized this momentum internally but others outside of Cristo Rey Jesuit have taken note. Last month, our momentum was recognized by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Alan Borsuk. His education column was titled “Praiseworthy Schools Have Positive Momentum.” He cited Cristo Rey Jesuit High School as one of six schools that is “taking big steps forward in Milwaukee.” In Alan Borsuk’s article he cited characteristics all six of the schools he mentioned have in common. These include, “Strong leaders, clear goals, high standards, commitments to finding ways to improve, and strong senses of community.” All of these characteristics have helped to create the momentum we’ve found at Cristo Rey Jesuit.

As we proceed this school year, we look ahead to moments that will certainly continue the great momentum we are experiencing. Specifically, we look towards the spring when many alumni from our founding class of graduates will cross the college graduation stage. The more momentum something has, the more difficult it is to stop. I am constantly amazed at how this mission seems only to continue to grow in Milwaukee, with no stopping in sight!


Cristo Rey Jesuit is blessed to have Coach Rich Dorn at the helm of its soccer program. Coach Dorn has won five state championships during his forty year career at three different schools. He was recently awarded the 2022 D4 Boys Soccer Coach of the Year award. We asked Coach Dorn to reflect on this past season and the Cristo Rey Jesuit experience.

"The CRJHS boy’s varsity soccer team was a special group. The boys embraced the philosophy and values that are the foundation of the CRJHS Soccer Program and building a championship culture: maintaining priorities, commitment, taking ownership of the program, personal responsibility, accountability, resilience, mental toughness, competitive fire, and the willingness to work to win. It was a joy to spend every practice and game with the players and coaches and I will always cherish the memories created."

"An underlying and ever-present force in the soccer program were the Jesuit values and the teachings of St. Ignatius that were consistently emphasized. In particular, the values of Cura Personalis and Magis were quite applicable. We genuinely cared for each individual and one another, in mind, body, and spirit. On a daily basis, players are expected to strive for excellence and to try to do more. And to paraphrase St. Ignatius, our student-athletes are encouraged ‘ to go forth and set the soccer world on fire!’"

"Cristo Rey Jesuit HS is a destination for the following reasons: it is a Jesuit educational institution with the accompanying philosophy and values; it has high academic standards and expectations; growth potential is a way of life; graduates have excellent outcomes; the facilities are outstanding. As a coaching staff, while we talk about winning, the primary emphasis is getting better daily, doing one’s best, and striving for excellence. The opportunity to impact the school by coaching both boys and girls is significant to creating a championship culture. I received a private, Catholic school education and value it to this day. A sports program can have major impact on the school culture and community. It is exciting to promote Catholic, Jesuit, Christian values. We are here to build better people through the soccer program."



On Saturday, December 18, Gissell Perez and Daniela Garcia, Class of 2019, became Milwaukee's first Cristo Rey Jesuit HIgh School alumni to graduate and earn a bachelor's degree from college. Both Gissell and Daniela graduated from Alverno College in three and a half years and are the first in their families to become college grads. They returned to CRJ to be recognized and celebrated by the entire student body during the weekly assembly. Both alumnae received a standing ovation, as they shared advice and encouraged current Trailblazers to follow in the footsteps of the founding class. Congratulations to Daniela and Gissell!


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