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December 14 , 2016

"For the natural environment to be respected, the human environment and its objective moral structure must also be respected."
-Vocation of the Agricultural Leader
CRL Director Presents Vocation Document to Pope Francis
Jim Ennis Joins with ICRA in Rome

Jim Ennis and a group of members from the International Catholic Rural Association presented Pope Francis with a copy of Vocation of the Agricultural Leader this past week.

"Your concern for rural life, grounded in the vision of the Church's social doctrine, is an eloquent expression of that imperative to 'till and keep the garden of the world' to which we have been called, if we wish to carry on God's creative activity and to protect our common home" said the Pope.

"Looking at rural life today, we see the primacy of the market, which determines actions and decisions. Making money, above all else!" he exclaimed. "Even at the expense of sacrificing the rhythms of agricultural life, with its times of work and leisure, its weekly rest and its concern for the family. Those who live close to the land are led to conclude that development is not equal for everyone, that the life of farming communities is of lesser value. Solidarity itself, frequently invoked as a remedy, is insufficient unless it is accompanied by justice in the allotment of land, in agricultural salaries and in access to markets. For small farmers, a share in decision-making remains a distant prospect, due to the absence of local institutions and the lack of clear rules that recognize as values honesty, fairness and above all trustworthiness". 

Read the full statement here.
Document Offers Church's Hope for Farmers as 'Agricultural Leaders'
Strong Reception for Vocation Document
Since its publication last week, the Vocation of the Agricultural Leader document has made a strong impact.

Catholic News Service reviewed the document, noting the Church's hope that family farmers can contribute to a more just ordering of life.

To read the entire article, click here.
To read the document online, click here.
To schedule CRL Director Jim Ennis to conduct a workshop on Vocation of the Agricultural Leader, contact him here.
Food Choices for A Healthy Planet
Practical Steps for Ecologically Sound Eating
'Local food is a powerful tool for improving health, local economies, social justice, and the environment-especially climate.  It is one of the most positive, effective, and enjoyable ways of addressing climate change, and can readily engage all people in your community in this effort."

Healthy Community Food Systems provides a quick list of choices you can make at the grocery store and beyond to help steward our earth's resources.  From eating seasonally, to avoiding foodstuffs with unnecessary packaging, the list has some practical ideas for a greener table. 

Click here to read the list.
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