April 24, 2015


Our mission is to apply the teachings of Jesus Christ for the social, eco nomic, and spiritual development of rural America.

 CRL helps rural people shape their futures and lead lives of dignity and piety
by providing spiritual, educational and advocacy assistance.




Prayer for Planting Time


Dear Lord, You are wonderful in everything you do.


In marvelous ways You take the full, rich life of the plant and carefully fold it into tiny seeds.


When these are placed the earth they may look dry and dead, but when they are watered by the life-giving rain and nourished by the warm sun, they grow in an almost miraculous manner.


At this time of year we plant these seeds of food, flowers and life that You have given us.


Bless them, and watch over them, and bring them to the full growth and rich harvest that You wish to bless

us with.


Lord God, You have also given us the love to flower and fruit in the full Christian life that You intend for us here and hereafter. 


CRL helps explain "Why no Catholic is exempt from caring about the environment"


Jim Ennis was interviewed by the Catholic News Agency for their Earth Day special, which made the case that care for creation is a core part of the Catholic faith.


This isn't the only news CRL is making this week. The Catholic Messenger (the official publication of the Diocese of Davenport) covered Jim's recent trip and presentation to Centerville, Iowa. Jim gave a talk entitled "Ecology: What's Faith Got to Do with It?" To check out these stories and other media coverage of CRL, please visit the newest section of our website, CRL in the News

farmers market Catholic groups express support for federal Food Assistance programs


Catholic Rural Life has collaborated with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Catholic Charities USA and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul to offer testimony to the House Committee on Agriculture as part of its recent hearing on  The Past, Present, and Future of SNAP: The World of Nutrition and the Role of the Charitable Sector.


The main purpose of our testimony was to call on Congress to support and sustain the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which effectively serves children, seniors, and people with disabilities and struggling families.


"SNAP remains one of the most effective federal programs to help hungry and low income people struggling to make ends meet," we stated. "Our nation has a moral obligation to ensure that food insecure people have enough nutritious food to eat."


mountain_green_scenic.jpg Montana Catholic Rural Life event, May 2

The Diocese of Great Falls-Billings will be holding a Rural Life Conference on the first Saturday of May. CRL's Jim Ennis and Dr. Christopher Thompson will be presenting that morning via Skype, and Bishop Michael Warfel, a CRL board member, will speak about The Vocation of the Agricultural Leader project.

The event is being held at St. Matthew's Parish in Sidney, Mont., and begins at 8:30 AM. To learn more about the Diocese of Great Falls-Billings Rural Life Conference, including how to register, click here. And please in Montana who might be interested in attending!
Care for Creation item


Grateful thanks to our members who took the opportunity to recognize Earth Day in the spirit of care of creation. Of course, our efforts do not end once April 22 comes and goes!


We remind our network that you can always take the St. Francis Pledge to pray, learn, advocate and more by visiting the Catholic Climate Covenant website. This is an important year to raise Catholic social teachings in respect to the environment and climate change.


Speaking of Catholic teachings on the care of creation, be sure to also check out the Catholic Climate Movement website. There you will find papal teachings, among other statements.


Finally, you can take action by contacting Congress and asking our elected officials to improve farming practices in the spirit of the care of creation. The Earth Day organization makes it possible to send an online message.

Prayer for Trees on Arbor Day

We beg You in Your goodness, almighty God, to pour the showers of Your blessing upon the sapling trees we plant and the budding trees which You have made. We are thankful that You have been so kind as to nourish with temperate weather and sufficient rain.


We ask You to bring the fruits of Your earth to full ripeness.  Grant, too, that Your people may always give You thanks for Your gifts, so that You may fill them that are hungry with the fruits of a fertile land and that the poor and the needy may praise the glory of Your name, through Christ our Lord. Amen.


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