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January 11, 2017

" Give thanks to the Lord, invoke his name;
make known among the nations his deeds.
Sing to him, sing his praise,
proclaim all his wondrous deeds.
Psalm 105:1-2

Presentations on Vocation of the Agricultural Leader (VAL)
Workshops are being Scheduled Around the Country

Catholic Rural Life is presenting workshops and presentations on Vocation of the Agricultural Leader. The document was published last month and presented to Pope Francis on December 10, 2016 at the Vatican as part of a meeting with the International Catholic Rural Association. The document is receiving good press.

Workshops are being planned around the country to get input that will inform a second edition in late 2017. Catholic Rural Life has already presented workshops in Great Falls, MT; Minneapolis, MN; Pierre, SD; Bismarck, ND; and has plans for presentations in Wisconsin, Kansas, California, and Texas.  To schedule a workshop or presentation, please contact CRL's Project Coordinator, Annie Brickweg, at 651.962.5839.

For more information about the document please visit our website.

CRL Gets Ready for the Next Farm Bill
Debate on 2018 Farm Bill Begins This Year

Every five years, Congress reauthorizes the Farm Bill, a comprehensive act of legislation that influences every part of the food and agriculture system. The current farm bill was signed into law in 2014 and will expire on Sept. 30, 2018. However, the debate in creating the next farm bill will begin in earnest in early 2017.

Catholic Rural Life will join in advocacy efforts to support a farm bill platform that advances the sustainability of agriculture, food systems, natural resources, and rural communities. Federal policies can help create or spur opportunities for family farms and the next generation of farmers, along with improving rural economic development, advanced land stewardship, and healthy food access.
Our weekly bulletin will provide regular updates as the Farm Bill process moves forward under the new Administration. The  CRL website  will also provide educational materials and advocacy resources for a new Farm Bill that is fair, just and sustainable for rural communities and the environment.

Sowing Seeds Campaign 
Update on CRL's Campaign to Renew Faith in Rural America

We are grateful and happy to report that as of today, we have raised $2,120,010 in gifts and pledges toward our $2.5 million goal!  Thank you to all who have given in support of Sowing Seeds and our goal to renew the Catholic faith in rural America.

The funds raised from Sowing Seeds will be used to address and expand our work in:
Ethical Food and Agriculture: $ 400,000 to expand and sustain advocacy for ethical agriculture, equipping leaders in the food industry to apply their faith to their work.
Rural Ministry and Outreach:  $1.3 million to expand and sustain its capacity to train and inspire thousands of leaders in rural dioceses and parishes around the country.
Current Activities and programs: $800,000 to help us continue our current work including: our quarterly magazine, weekly eBulletin, publications and resource materials, workshops and trainings, and many other resources.

Please click here to learn more or to support this first-ever campaign for Catholic Rural Life.  

Thank you again for your thoughtful generosity!

January Blessing
A Time for Silence and Rest

The start of a new year: a time to renew and get back on track. But before carrying out our resolve for the year, it serves to remember that rest and silence are also valuable.

Winter's natural stillness allows a welcomed pause to the frenzied pace of our lives. As the activities of the year come to an end, we may also feel the need to slow down. The boisterous hum of family life and work is now replaced by quietness, if only for a moment.

The month of January is a good time to avail yourself to silence and rest. Do these appear as strangers to us? With practice, silence and rest can become trusted friends that fill us with deeper awareness, recharge us, and provide greater creativity for the tasks that await us in the coming spring.

For this month's blessing  click here or for the full calendar year of blessings click here.

Changes in the New Year for CRL
CRL Staffing Changes Announced

Robert Gronski, Policy Coordinator for CRL for the past 17 years, is changing his role to policy consultant. Bob will focus his time on CRL's e-bulletin and website, and write for CRL's magazine.
Cari Donaldson, former CRL Communications Manager, decided to pursue other interests and ended her tenure at CRL on December 30, 2016. CRL wishes Cari the best. CRL plans to fill the position. 

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