FEBRUARY 19, 2021
Harmonized retailer standards bring predictability, accountability to supplement market, CRN's Olsen says
“When retailers develop their own standards that do not align with current manufacturing practices or that limit a company’s ability to work with a specific third-party lab, the result burdens manufacturers and fails to help consumers,” said CRN's Megan Olsen in a recent interview with New Hope Network.

Olsen pointed to the Global Retail and Manufacturer Alliance (GRMA), which has developed a certification program to provide retailers and other stakeholders with a harmonized standard to review compliance with manufacturing regulations. “We believe this self-regulatory initiative will lead to more consistent outcomes and make it easier for manufacturers to demonstrate GMP compliance to retailers and consumers.” Read more.
“Harmonizing standards will help to bring predictability across certifying bodies.”

—Megan Olsen, CRN
Help shape retailer standards
Each CRN voting member company is permitted one representative on CRN's new Retailer Standards Working Group. Is your company on board? Sign up here. Questions? Please contact Megan Olsen.
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—Diana Morgan, Head of Scientific & Regulatory Affairs, Care/of, and Co-chair, CRN’s Regulatory Affairs Committee
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CRN President & CEO Steve Mister and staff will update members on CRN's 2021 priorities and how to best engage Thursday, Feb. 25 at 1 pm ET. Learn what you can expect from CRN this year as senior staff preview major initiatives for 2021—including harmonizing retailer standards; educating key consumer groups about vitamin D and COVID-19; enhancing sports nutrition awareness and supporting category growth; building relationships with retailers through CRN’s probiotics education campaign; and more. Register here.
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Hosted by CRN Associate Member dicentra, with Regulatory Affairs and Quality Manager, Jared Kwong.
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Explore the role of caffeine supplementation in exercise performance during the Sports Nutrition Working Group's next virtual meeting. 
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Hosted by Nutritional Outlook, with CRN's Jim Griffiths, Ph.D., sharing insights from CRN-International's (CRN-I) latest conference report on the role of nutrition in healthy aging. Wednesday, Feb. 24 at 2 pm ET | Register
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