A COVID-19 Relief Fund to Help Bangladesh Shipbreaking Workers
We urge your immediate help to support the workers in Chattogram, Bangladesh who now face extremely difficult times due to either losing their only livelihood, or else working at close quarters and dormitories which are potential breeding grounds for the virus.

While we deplore the activities of Big Shipping that allows old vessels to be broken apart on the beaches of South Asia, harming both the environment and workers, we need to support those workers who are victim of this industry and who are extremely vulnerable in the time of COVID.

 The NGO Shipbreaking Platform which BAN is a part of, in collaboration with their Bangladeshi member organization OSHE, aims to deliver food packages to affected workers and their families.
 Please visit to learn how you can donate and make a direct impact during this challenging time.

Why this is Vital:  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, thousands of those migrant workers in Chattogram, Bangladesh, including children, have no work and are left without income. Being migrant workers, they are completely deprived of any resources or support from their government.  It is a crucial time for others to step in and offer aid to these communities that desperately need it.

To learn more about shipbreaking and the communities involved, please visit the NGO Shipbreaking website at: