This is it!  The race has begun!  We start the campaign with a donation of $5,000 for electrical work from Crossroads Baptist in Oklahoma.  This is a really cool story that we must share!  A team came to work at Casa Providencia this summer from Riverview Baptist Church in Bixby, Oklahoma, and brought a skilled electrician, John, from neighboring Crossroads Baptist as part of their team.  They worked hard as a team and utilized their skills (with a lot of sweat!) that week.  But John didn't stop his work when h e left Panama, instead he left determined to raise the funds to help pay for this specific electrical need.  He went back home and started spreading the message in his local congregation of the need for funds to pay for more electrical work to be performed.   Praise the Lord for partners like John and these 2 congregations, who continue to champion the cause for these special children in such unique and specific ways.  The real story here too, is that THIS IS THE BODY OF CHRIST AT WORK! What a beautiful example of how the Lord is using His Body to work together to care for orphans.  Please consider joining this movement.  How can you can help TODAY to open the doors of Casa Providencia?  Please consider donating now. 

Another way you can help is by sharing the video with your family and friends today!  It is a beautiful description of Casa Providencia, complete with music written by Matt.  We think you will enjoy seeing all the progress made over the past year and also have fun jamming a little bit at the end!  You're going to want to share this one!