April 2019
This month: Friendship survey results & more
CRPO Council Nominations Now Open
Do you have leadership skills you want to contribute to the regulation of the profession? Want to make a difference to public protection? Consider nominating yourself or a fellow RP to run for a seat on Council, the body that governs CRPO. Members whose primary practice site or residence (if not practising) is located in District 6 – Central West, 7 – Central and 8 – Ontario may stand for election. Not sure what district you’re in? Consult these maps or click on the “Election” tab in your member account . Get more information on the election page of our website or view our recorded webinar here.

Nominations are due by 12:00 noon on April 23. The election will take place May 22 – June 21. Details about voting will be posted in the May Communiqué. 
Public Consultation Now Open
A public consultation is now open regarding measures to enhance transparency regarding member registration history on the public register. The proposed changes require a by-law amendment. For more information, visit the Public Consultations  page of the CRPO website. Feedback is invited until  May 7 , 2019
Ressources en français
Cherchez-vous des ressources en français? L’OPAO a de nombreuses ressources en français et peut fournir du personnel pour soutenir des utilisateurs souhaitant obtenir d'aide spécifique. Contactez-nous concernant vos besoins.

Vous voulez recevoir le Communiqué en français?  Cliquez ici   pour nous communiquer votre adresse courriel et nous l’ajouterons à la liste.
Guidelines Available
CRPO has three guidelines to assist RPs in their practice:

Download your copy today!
Program Definition Policy Published
A new policy outlining the definition of “program” has been passed by the Registration Committee, bringing greater clarity to those applicants who have completed education and training programs not recognized by CRPO. It is available here: https://www.crpo.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Program-Definition-Policy.pdf
Friendships With Former Clients – Survey Results

In February, CRPO ran a survey that asked what you think about therapists engaging in friendships with former clients. 128 individuals responded and shared the following opinions:

Is it a boundary crossing/violation?
15% of respondents believe that friendships with former clients represents a boundary crossing or violation, and that such relationships are never appropriate and should be avoided.

The majority (76%) believe that boundaries are maintained if the following conditions are met:

  • The balance of power is relatively equal
  • The client is not vulnerable
  • The relationship is not romantic or sexual in nature
  • There is a significant gap in time between the end of the therapeutic relationship, and the beginning of the friendship.

What does the profession think of a colleague who engages in such relationships?
26% of respondents reported that they would question their colleague’s judgment if they learned that their colleague had developed a friendship with a former client. 63% of respondents felt that they needed to know more before forming an opinion about their colleague’s integrity or professional judgment.

What are the risks?
While 17% of respondents felt there would be no risks associated with such a relationship (as long as the conditions described in the first bullet above were met); nearly 30% of respondents felt that the following risks were possible:

  • Too much confusion for therapist and former client
  • Therapist knowing more about the former client
  • Therapist feeling responsible for needs of the former client
  • Client holding therapist’s opinions in higher regard than the opinions of another friend

What should you do if you encounter this situation?
If their colleague was considering entering into such a relationship, a majority of respondents (up to 72%) would urge their colleague to do one or more of the following as part of their decision-making process: self-reflect, consider this as a matter of professional ethics, and/or engage in clinical supervision.

Thanks to everyone who responded to the poll. Stay tuned for more opportunities to share your thoughts!
Looking Back at QA Participation
November 30 is an important date for members of CRPO – it’s when roughly half of members must show that they are up to date with their QA Professional Development (PD) requirements. Here’s how our members fared in meeting their 2018 PD obligations:

Summary of the Requirements:
Anyone who registered between January 1, 2017 and August 31, 2018 had to:
  • Complete a Self-Assessment
  • Begin a Learning Plan by documenting at least one goal and corresponding plan of action

The Numbers:
  • 2,550 – Number of members who were required to meet the November 30, 2018 deadline.
  • 7 – Number of members who did not meet the deadline, and who will be required to engage in a Peer and Practice Review as a result.
  • 12 – Number of members who requested an extension to the deadline.
  • 155 – Number of members who were randomly selected for review of their PD tools.
  • 50 – Number of members, out of the 155 who were selected for PD tool review, who will be randomly selected for PPR.
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