February 2020
This month: Registration Renewal Open, Call for Peer Circle Case Writers and more
Registration Renewal Open
Good news! Renewing your registration with CRPO is now just two easy steps .

Step 1: Login to your CRPO account, click on the renewal tab , and follow the instructions to update any necessary registration information.

Step 2: Click on the invoice tab , review your amount owing, and pay the invoice in full.

That’s it! All registrants in the RP, RP (Qualifying), and RP (Inactive) categories are required to renew by March 31, so don’t delay! If you do not intend to renew your registration, information about how to resign and the required form can be found here .

Need help? Check out the renewal video and payment video for a complete walk-through, or check our FAQs and tips on the renewal page of the CRPO website.
Deborah Adams, CRPO Registrar
Registrar's Message
In last month’s Communique, I wrote to you about the goals that Council committed to achieving after the strategic planning session that was held in the fall. This month, I’m happy to be able to provide information on Peer Circles, a key initiative that will go toward the goal of further developing communications to support clear, transparent and dynamic interaction with stakeholders .

Peer Circles are a group-based learning experience that are led by a trained, Registered Psychotherapist facilitator. Using a case-based format, participants will have the opportunity work through challenging and relevant practice issues to develop enhanced problem-solving approaches and strategies. We will be offering Peer Circles this fall as a professional development activity in a number of locations in the province. Our plan is to work collaboratively with professional associations and education and training programs in order to reach as many RPs as possible. 

The rationale we are using to inform and develop the Peer Circles program is informed by Council’s adoption of a “right touch” approach to its work (you may recall I wrote about it in the January 2019 Communiqué ). This philosophy guides work that Council and staff choose to prioritize by calling us to get as close to the problem as we can, to focus on the outcome of our interventions and to use regulation only when necessary.

Peer Circles provide a way to connect this right touch approach to the importance that we are placing on active dialogue with registrants and developing supportive resources to assist them in maintaining excellent practice. In selecting areas of focus for Peer Circles, we’ll be looking at the themes and trends that we see across all our core regulatory functions. Complaints and reports provide insight into where RPs are struggling; Quality Assurance Program submissions highlight investments registrants are making in various areas of professional development; and inquiries to our Practice Advisory service provide front-line examples of concerns and questions that registrants have about their work.

Our hope is that the Peer Circles will be a way for registrants to connect with us and with their peers, that they will be a practical and concrete way for CRPO to contribute to strengthening the practice of psychotherapy in Ontario. Registration for our fall 2020 sessions is not yet open, though we are looking for RPs to develop case studies for Peer Circles (see article below). Registration information, locations and other information will be detailed in the Communiqué and online in the coming months.
Peer Circles Case Writers Needed
Are you an RP with an interest in supporting your colleagues with ethical decision-making? Have experience resolving complex clinical issues? Consider becoming a case writer for CRPO’s upcoming Peer Circles project.
As a group-based learning experience, Peer Circles will bring RPs together for a deep, collaborative exchange of knowledge to support complex decision-making within Ontario’s legal and regulatory framework.
Case writers are needed to work collaboratively to develop case studies that will be used by RPs participating in Peer Circles. Case writers will meet at either one of two sessions this spring.
Send an up-to-date CV by March 6, 2020 to practice@crpo.ca if you meet the qualifications listed below. Only those selected may participate in a case writing session and will be paid a stipend ($225) and travel expenses in alignment with CRPO policies.
What: Peer Circle Case Writing Session
Where: Downtown Toronto, in-person with web-link option
When: April 24 OR May 20 (attendees choose one)
Apply by: March 6, 2020 to practice@crpo.ca

Click here for more details about qualifications.
Call for Peer Assessors
CRPO is looking for peer assessors to be trained in conducting Peer and Practice Reviews (PPRs). Peer assessors review materials submitted by registrants, conduct interviews and craft reports. We will consider applications from RPs engaged in all areas of practice and geographical locations; however, we are particularly interested in receiving applications from RPs in  District 2 (North)  and those practicing in long-term care. The ability to communicate fluently in both English and French is an asset. Peer assessors receive a stipend for their work.

Candidate interviews will be conducted by a one-hour teleconference. Successful candidates must attend a mandatory, in-person, full-day training in April at the CRPO offices in Toronto. CRPO will reimburse new peer assessors for travel expenses and offer a stipend for attendance.

To confirm your interest in this position, please review the role description . If interested, please submit your letter of interest and a resume along with three professional references to  QA@crpo.ca  on or before  February 28, 2020 .
Avoid Insurance Surprises - Ask Questions
CRPO applicants and registrants need insurance for a variety of reasons. To avoid unpleasant surprises, make sure you ask the right questions when you’re renewing or looking for an insurance provider.

For example, if you’re purchasing or renewing your professional liability insurance, check that your provider will renew your coverage even if you have an open complaint against you. Going with a provider who won’t renew in this circumstance can lead to big headaches – from trying to find an alternate provider to disruptions in your practice.

As another example, if you are relying on your employer’s professional liability insurance, ask if you would receive coverage to defend a complaint about your practice. Consider whether having your own personal policy, in addition to coverage through your employer, would be beneficial.

You can learn more about the professional liability requirements that apply to CRPO applicants and registrants here .

Those who operate a private practice from home should know that regular home insurance might not be adequate. A review of your policy or conversation with your insurance provider is the best way to determine if your coverage is adequate for your needs. CRPO has no specific guidance or requirements with respect to home, property or commercial insurance – we encourage you to understand the risks that are relevant to your particular practice and use your professional judgment when selecting a provider and plan.
Registration Exam Preparation
The Registration Examination is a competency-based assessment that tests CRPO’s entry-to-practice competencies . The exam resources created by COMPASS--the exam administrator--are posted on the exam page of CRPO’s website. These include a resource manual, workbook, and self-assessment tool, along with a video about the exam.

Outside of those resources, CRPO and COMPASS do not endorse specific authors or study materials in relation to the exam .

CRPO’s accepted bridging program offers preparation for the exam, and some of the CRPO recognized programs incorporate it into their program. We have been made aware of other preparation courses that are being offered to exam candidates, but we cannot comment on their quality, veracity or usefulness . Individuals and programs offering exam preparation courses must ensure they are not inappropriately using COMPASS’ copyright protected materials.
Did you know - Privacy Breaches Must Be Reported Annually
Health information custodians are required to report privacy breaches to the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario (IPC) on an annual basis. The deadline for the annual report is February 28, 2020. Learn more on their website , including whether this applies to you. Not sure if you’re a health information custodian? See “What is a Custodian” from this FAQ published by the IPC .
Council Highlights
CRPO Council met on Friday, January 24, 2020 to review and discuss a variety of matters.  Review full Council highlights .
The next meeting of CRPO Council will take place on  Friday, March 27, 2020, 9:30 to 3:30 at the  CRPO office . Want to attend? Register ahead of time and review the  guidelines on attendance.  
Seating is limited and so you are asked to ensure you have a confirmation before attending!
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