January 2019
This month: Education program meeting & health information breaches
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Deborah Adams, Registrar
Message from the Registrar
Welcome back to CRPO members. I hope you and your families had a safe and healthy holiday season.

I am personally excited about what this new year promises for our corner of the regulatory world. Interesting developments are happening among Ontario’s health regulatory colleges in response to greater demands for public accountability.

Those of you who attended our town halls last fall will recall president Andrew Benedetto and I discussing CRPO’s turn to right touch regulation. This is the philosophy of regulation that takes a proportionate, evidence-based approach towards how regulators keep the public safe. There are eight elements to this approach:

  • Identify the problem before the solution
  • Quantify and qualify the risks
  • Get as close to the problem as possible
  • Focus on the outcome
  • Use regulation only when necessary
  • Keep it simple
  • Check for unintended consequences
  • Review and respond to change.

Several regulatory bodies in Ontario have been turning in the “right touch” direction, and CRPO is not far behind. In 2019, as we work to articulate a strategic vision for the college that is underpinned by this approach, we will be considering how our governance practices support the right touch way. This means, for example, making sure that Council and committees are supported to develop competencies and best practices that will serve our public protection mandate, and that our policies and by-laws do the same.

I’m looking forward to an exciting year of growth and change at CRPO. I wish all of you a wonderful happy new year.
Education Program Meeting
CRPO will be hosting a meeting of education program representatives on January 30 to discuss clinical supervision, the use of the Professional Practice & Jurisprudence e-Learning (JRP) Module, results from the registration exam, the review and recognition process and other matters of shared concern. Participants would ideally attend in person at the CRPO office, but remote attendance is possible. To RSVP, please use this survey link; for inquiries, please email Alexandra Brennan at a.brennan@crpo.ca .
Health Information Breaches
New rules under the Personal Health Information Protection Act ( PHIPA ) indicate that health information custodians, including psychotherapists, are required to report statistics relating to health privacy breaches annually to the office of the Privacy Commissioner.

The online statistics submission website is now open for you to submit your statistics for the 2018 reporting year. Psychotherapists that have experienced at least one health privacy breach during the 2018 reporting year—from January to December—are required by law to complete the online questionnaire. The deadline to submit is Friday, March 1, 2019 . Health information custodians that have zero health privacy breaches to report for 2018 should not submit a statistical report.

To begin, send an email to statistics.ipc@ipc.on.ca including all of your contact information and you will be provided with a login ID. You will then be able to reset the password. The Commissioner has also produced a frequently asked questions document you may find helpful.
Two Public Consultations Now Open
CRPO Council recently authorized the 60-day circulation of a draft  Electronic Practice Guideline . Electronic practice is the second-most frequent topic of practice inquiries received by the College. Issues related to electronic practice are also commonly seen in the Peer & Practice Review component of the Quality Assurance Program. As such, the Quality Assurance Committee identified the need for a guideline on the topic to assist members in their practice.Please review the draft guideline here and provide feedback  via survey link  by February 8, 2019.

CRPO Council has also authorized a 60-day circulation of a draft regulation on Defining “Client” for Sexual Abuse Provisions . CRPO drafted this regulation as a way of clarifying and preventing one particular type of sexual abuse: sexual contact between psychotherapists and their clients after care of the client has been completed. This draft regulation proposes that the client-therapist relationship extends to a period of five years after the conclusion of therapy. The significance of this change is that health care providers who engage in sexual contact with a client or patient without waiting for five years after therapy ends would be investigated for professional misconduct. The Sexual Contact with Former Clients Within Five Years Post-Termination of Care policy   will continue to be posted on the CRPO website and enforced alongside this proposed regulation. The draft regulation is available here .   Please provide feedback via survey link by February 8, 2019.
Membership Renewals Begin Feb. 1

The membership renewal window opens February 1 and closes April 1. You’ll be able to renew quickly and easily by clicking on the Renew tab in your member account. Preview the process here .
Attention Applicants -- Know Your JRP Expiry Date!
You must submit your application within two years from the date you complete the Jurisprudence e-Learning (JRP) Module. Failure to submit an application in the specified time frame will result in your account being closed. You will then be required to pay for and re-do the JRP module. If you are unsure about the date you completed the JRP module, please contact staff at info@crpo.ca
Out of Province Members

As a new regulatory college, CRPO is not permitted to impose residency or citizenship requirements on individuals who apply to CRPO. Hence it is possible for an individual who resides in another province, or anywhere in the world, to become registered with CRPO. 
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