March 2019
This month: Webinar this Thursday, new guideline, and more
Membership Renewals Close April 1
Are you among the 2,000 members who have not renewed their CRPO membership? The deadline is April 1--but it takes at least 3 business days for renewal payments to clear, so don’t delay. The late fee is $150, and those who don’t pay the full amount on their invoice will be charged a $50 administrative fee.

If you receive a message about your renewal in your member account, please take a look—we only contact members if there is an issue with their renewal.

For details on how to renew, including a helpful video walking you through all the steps, go to the Renewal page on the website.
Andrew Benedetto, RP,
CRPO President
Message from the President
As we near the end of our fourth year since proclamation (and renewals are due April 1), CRPO now counts over 6,700 professional members reflecting the diverse range of psychotherapy modalities practiced in Ontario. While regulation first and foremost protects the public, I have had the opportunity to witness the growing professional identity among CRPO members who want to be recognized for their competence, on-going professional development, and willingness to be accountable to the clients to whom they provide psychotherapy.

CRPO recently completed the review of the last of the grandparenting application s ; applicants who have not yet received a decision will be notified in short order. I would like to thank the considerable work of staff, the always detailed deliberations of panels of the Registration Committee, as well those members who were asked to provide additional information and clarification in their registration process. Many professional members will recall submitting applications to the Transitional Council roughly five years ago and quickly receiving news of registration shortly after proclamation on April 1, 2015. The grandparenting route to entry closed two years later on March 31, 2017 and saw over 2,400 additional applications submitted near or on that final date. With the completion of this phase of the College’s mandate, Council’s attention has increasingly been directed to other necessary initiatives of our committees. 

I would like to recognize the work of public and professional members of Council who so actively participate in the protection of the public through their participation and contribution at council, on committees, and in task groups. CRPO was fortunate to have a Council whose composition stayed fairly constant these early years allowing us to accomplish a tremendous amount of work; however, we are now at a stage where Council composition has begun to change on a more regular basis with our elections process well-established and the public appointments process proffering change. I hope that CRPO members take the opportunity to follow the work of Council—the Council agenda and advance materials are posted on the CRPO website one week in advance of each scheduled meeting. I encourage members to consider running for election to Council when elections are held in their district!
Council Webinar - THIS THURSDAY
Are you curious about what it’s like to run for and serve on CRPO Council? Want more insight into what a day in the life of a Council member looks like? This Thursday, March 14, 12:00 - 1:00 pm, attend a webinar hosted by Council members Miranda Monastero and Kevin Van Der Zwet Stafford and learn all about what it means to nominate yourself and serve as a Council member. Register here:
Council Member Profile: Shelley Briscoe-Dimock, RP

What’s a day in the life of a Council member like? We caught up with Shelley Briscoe-Dimock to find out what it’s really like to sit on CRPO Council.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your role as a Council member?
I thoroughly enjoy being a member of a Council that diligently and collectively strives to effectively govern the CRPO. I particularly enjoy my work on committees to ensure that Members are held to the highest standards and treated fairly and respectfully in the process. The collaborative work of CRPO Council together with a highly competent and dedicated staff has made this experience both enjoyable and meaningful.

Q: What led you to get involved with CRPO Council?

Prior to my work with CRPO Council, I was a member of an ethics committee for a professional association. I followed the onerous work of the Transitional Council and in 2013, prior to proclamation, I decided to become involved when a position on the Profession Practice Committee opened. This committee was responsible for developing misconduct regulation. This experience led me to run for Council with my motive to contribute to develop the integrity of the profession and to do my part to ensure that the College developed high standards for its members.

Q: How much time do you spend per month on CRPO Council duties?

The time spent varies and depends on workload, processes and deadlines. For example, with the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee (ICRC), the amount of work depends on the number and complexity of complaints and reports requiring review and decision. More recent work with the Clients Relations Committee (CRC) has had a specific focus on developing draft regulation for post-termination sexual contact with clients and required a significant amount of time spent on research, consultations and committee meetings.

Q: What challenges have you faced in your role as a CRPO Council member?

A positive challenge has been learning the intricacies of regulatory governance and particularly understanding the role of CRPO in carrying out its mandate to protect the public interest while adhering to its mission, vision and values. Understanding a regulatory framework has allowed me to adapt into my role as Council member. Committee work has also been challenging given the complexity of some of the complaints/reports received and the committee members thorough efforts to ensure due diligence in a fair and reasonable manner.
Council Highlights
The highlights of the March 1 Council meeting are now posted on the website .
Electronic Practice Guideline

Do you provide care by phone, video or other electronic means? Find out how to provide safe and effective care when you're not face to face by downloading the new Electronic Practice Guideline
Public Consultation Now Open
A public consultation is now open regarding measures to enhance transparency regarding member registration history on the public register. The proposed changes require a by-law amendment. For more information, visit the Public Consultations page of the CRPO website. Feedback is invited until May 7 , 2019.
French Resources Now Available
French resources about renewal, applying, supervision and the registration exam are now posted on the website. To see all French resources, click on Ressources en francais.

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