May 2022

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Education Program Recognized

The Master of Arts in Clinical Counselling at Tyndale University is the latest educational program to receive academic recognition from CRPO. This means that the program sufficiently enables students to develop the required competencies for entry-to-practice in psychotherapy. Visit our website for more information about the recognition process or to review the other recognized programs.

Insurance Billing

The Practice Advisory receives frequent inquiries on the topic of insurance billing.


Clear, accurate and honest billing contributes to public trust in the psychotherapy profession.


Please see our website for frequently asked questions and guidance on the following:


  • When preparing invoices and receipts for insurance billing purposes, what name(s) should be included?


  • My client asked if I could provide an insurance receipt so they could access the funds ahead of time to pay for services. Is that permitted?


  • Do I need to / Can I include my supervisor’s name on receipts?


  • Can an RP enter a supervisory relationship so clients can claim insurance benefits and therefore access services?


  • Can I offer a client a sliding scale even if the services are covered under the client’s health benefit plan? Can I offer a client a sliding scale rate after their insurance benefits end, to help them access therapy?


  • Administrative staff and billing

By-law consultation re: Council Election Timelines

On March 31, 2022, Council approved that proposed by-law changes be circulated for 60-day public consultation. The proposed changes include:


  • Notice of election and nomination procedures and deadlines 60 days before the date of an election (instead of the current 90 days).
  • Submitting nominations at least 30 days before the date of an election (instead of the current 60 days).
  • Removing the requirement to obtain signatures of support from 5 registrants.
  • Providing eligible voters with a list of candidates and details on how to vote 15 days before the election (instead of the current 30 days).


For details on the proposed changes, check out the CRPO public consultation page on the website. Feedback is invited until July 30, 2022 (Link:

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