October 2022

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Can a student work in an employment or private practice setting, if they are a CRPO registrant (i.e., in the Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) registration category)?

CRPO encourages students to submit their application for registration once they are nearing completion of their education and training in psychotherapy.

Some RPs have expressed concerns about students in the RP(Qualifying) registration category working in an employment setting or in private practice. See our latest Practice Matters article for information. 

Currency Reminder

Registrants in the Registered Psychotherapist category are required to maintain 750 currency hours of broadly defined activities related to psychotherapy on a rolling three-year basis. When spread out over the three years, this amounts to less than 5 hours per week.

Inactive registrants also need to be mindful of their currency hours. If an Inactive registrant is short of 750 currency hours in the three years prior to requesting to return to active practice, their request may be referred to the Registration Committee. While Inactive registrants are not permitted to provide or supervise direct client contact, they may complete professional development, research, or other activities related to psychotherapy.

Registrants who have completed fewer than 750 currency hours in the previous three calendar years may be required to complete upgrading activities or undergo a peer and practice assessment.

Peer Coaching Opportunity

The College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) is currently seeking applications from registrants interested in a contract peer coaching role. As part of the QA program, peer coaches support other Registered Psychotherapists (RPs); conduct practice reviews; offer guidance and resources to assist RPs with their ongoing professional development; and contribute to public safety.

Peer coaches will be provided with training and paid an hourly rate.

The ability to communicate fluently in both French and English is an asset. CRPO values diversity in backgrounds and experiences. We are committed to developing a peer coach group that is representative of registrants and the communities they serve. Applications from RPs from equity-deserving communities are encouraged. Accommodations for applicants are available through the recruitment and selection process. To make a request please contact, in confidence,

For more information and to apply, please complete the following survey:

Registration Exam 

Sign-up for the Registration Exam takes place about four months in advance of the exam date. CRPO contacts registrants by email when the sign-up process is open.

To be eligible to sign up for the Registration Exam, CRPO must have received a final transcript/credential assessment directly from the institution/credential assessment provider confirming the registrant has completed their psychotherapy program. Registrants can confirm whether they are eligible to sign up for the exam in the “Transfer to RP progress” page of their CRPO account.

Currently, the Registration Exam is being offered exclusively via remote proctoring.

The fall 2022 sitting is taking place on October 26, 27 and 28. Sign-up for this sitting is closed.

The spring 2023 sitting is taking place on April 26, 27, and 28. Eligible registrants will be contacted in January to sign-up for this sitting.

  • For more information about the Registration Exam, please see CRPO’s website

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