September 2022

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President’s Outgoing Message

As I am ending my tenure as President of the CRPO, I want to take a moment to share my reflections on the work of staff and Council in their ongoing dedication to achieving regulatory excellence.

My journey as president began in September 2019 when we met in person for our first Strategic Planning session. The resulting plan got us off to a good start in our work toward modernization of regulatory governance.

In the midst of this work, in March 2020, as a result of the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic, the College successfully shifted to remote operations.  We continue to successfully navigate our virtual Council and committee meetings, presentations to stakeholders, training sessions and discipline hearings.

Based on the learning of the prior year, we began to embrace the integration of a right touch approach and risk-based models of regulation. Competency matrices previously approved by Council were implemented into processes (i.e., recruiting professional members to sit on various committees) to ensure that those overseeing CRPO's work met the necessary competencies to effectively assume their role.

Adhering to the requirements of the College Performance Measurement Framework (CPMF), we have continued our work to review, modernize, and measure our governance processes and practices. I am pleased to report that both Council and committees are performing with a high level of efficacy. Measuring processes allows us to identify the strengths as well as the challenges and needs for change within Council and committees to ensure we are working to fulfill our mandate of regulating the profession and public protection.

Fast forward to September 2022 when we will meet again for our next Strategic Planning session. I am ending my final term with considerable optimism. I believe that the profession is well positioned to meet the growing needs of the public and to adapt to the evolving mental health environment. And I am confident that CRPO will continue to meet its regulatory objectives to serve and protect the interest of the public.

I want to thank all of my peers, both past and present, who have served, and currently serve on Council and committees and accompanied me on my CRPO journey since its inception in 2015. I also want to thank the wonderful and competent staff for their ongoing support. Their efforts contribute to the effectiveness and success of our work. I want to say a sincere thank you and express my gratitude to our Registrar whose demonstrated leadership, competence in regulatory governance and commitment to excellence in the work of the CRPO cannot be overstated. I am sincerely proud and humbled to have served as President and as a professional member of Council.

Finally, I want to sincerely welcome our new President Kenneth Lomp whose work on Council, Executive, Quality Assurance and ICRC puts him in good stead to assume the position.

-      Shelley Briscoe-Dimock

Message from CRPO’s New President

I am honoured and privileged to assume the role of President of the CRPO this month and will do my best to continue the superb work of my predecessors, Shelley Briscoe-Dimock, Andrew Benedetto, and Carol-Cowan Levine. I can only aspire to the level of leadership that they provided during their tenures. I also look forward to working more closely with the Registrar, Deborah Adams and Deputy Registrar, Mark Pioro, who have both provided the College with a remarkable level of leadership and professionalism.

I began my association with the College in 2011, as a subject expert, in the development of the entry-to-practice competencies. In 2013, I was appointed to the transitional Council and elected to Council in 2017. During my tenure on Council, I have chaired several committees including ICRC, Examinations, and Quality Assurance. For the past three years, I have been on the Executive Committee as Vice-President. Despite what may seem like considerable experience, I am regularly humbled by how much there is to learn in regulatory governance. In fact, the most enjoyable aspect of my involvement with the College has been the learning opportunities that I’ve experienced through my interactions with my Council colleagues and the College’s staff. I will no doubt lean heavily on the counsel of Deb Adams and Shelley Briscoe-Dimock in my transition to President of the CRPO.

My career in Psychotherapy began in 1979 at Lakeridge Health Corporation’s Pinewood Centre where I was afforded the opportunity to develop my clinical skills in several modalities, conduct clinical research, engage in extensive program development and management. The latter included building a dedicated and talented team of clinicians with whom I had the privilege of honing my skills as a clinical supervisor, a passion that continues to this day. In 1996/7, I left Pinewood but was able to continue my passion for learning and facilitating the learning of others as a Professor at Durham College. During my two decades with Durham College, I was directly involved in the creation of several clinically-oriented training programs, in addition to teaching Psychology, Psychopharmacology, and a range of clinical courses to students in health-related and counselling programs. I was also afforded opportunities to continue my research interests and presented my work professionally across North America. I retired from Durham College in 2016 after launching a graduate program in Addictions and Mental health. I am proud to say that many of my students who graduated from that program are now members of the CRPO, continuing in the practice and teaching of Psychotherapy.

In assuming the role of President, I am reminded of the importance of the College in ensuring public safety and fostering trust in the profession. Until proclamation in 2015, there was no regulatory oversight of the profession and, unfortunately, I witnessed instances where the public trust would have been well-served by the oversight afforded by CRPO. As President, I will do my utmost to maintain public trust and the trust of our registrants.

-      Kenneth Lomp

New QA Assessment Pilot – Call for Participation

For more than a year, CRPO has been developing a new case-based assessment that will be a key component of the enhanced Quality Assurance Program (QA program).

The purpose of the new online assessment is to make sure that the QA program aligns with a right touch, risk-based approach. Specifically, the use of an assessment will help CRPO to direct its resources more effectively towards the small number of registrants most in need of professional development supports to practise safely and effectively.


The cases for the assessment have been developed by RPs in active practice, and the assessment itself has been guided and validated by experts in competency-based assessments.


At this time, CRPO is excited to announce a call for RPs to participate in a pilot of the new assessment. Participation will involve completing the ‘open-book’ assessment online between November 22nd, 2022 and November 26th, 2022 (inclusive). While you will have full flexibility to determine when to complete the assessment during the window it is open (e.g., you can login to the assessment at any time of the day or night), please note that the overall time commitment is three hours.


Participation in the pilot is voluntary, and RPs will not be remunerated. However, registrants who participate in the pilot successfully will have this counted towards their QA requirements when the assessment is launched (i.e., it will be several years before participants in the pilot will be required to take the assessment again).


Any registrant of CRPO is eligible to apply to participate in the assessment pilot. To express your interest, please fill out the following survey: by September 28, 2022.

Finally, while we are still some months away from the official launch of the assessment (which is targeted for the spring of 2023), registrants may find it helpful to consult CRPO’s website for a more detailed overview of the assessment rollout, including FAQs:

Are Your QA Professional Development (PD) Requirements Due?

If you registered with CRPO in 2016, 2018 or 2020, your PD reporting cycle ends on December 31, 2022. This means you will need to submit an attestation form declaring whether you completed the required PD activities during your reporting cycle.


The attestation form will be available for eligible registrants in their CRPO user account starting November 15, 2022 and is due no later than January 15, 2023.


Here are the PD activities that all registrants must complete during every two-year reporting cycle:

  1. At least 1 self-assessment completed and submitted through your CRPO user account during the reporting cycle (available for completion in your CRPO user account).
  2. 1 learning plan that includes, at minimum, one goal with a corresponding action plan and reflection identified in your self-assessment. These PD templates can be used to track your learning plan.
  3. 1 learning record that documents, at minimum, engagement in 40 hours of relevant learning activities. These PD templates can be used to track your learning activities.


NOTE: Registrants are no longer required to submit their learning plan and learning records.


Registrants should retain documentation (e.g., certificates of participation) that can verify their participation in learning activities in their own professional portfolio. Registrants are only required to provide their learning plan, learning records and documentary evidence of participation in the activities logged in their learning record if such evidence is requested by the College.


Professional Liability Insurance Requirements for

Applicants and Registrants

Information about CRPO’s professional liability insurance (PLI) requirements is included on the Applying to CRPO page and PLI page of the website.


Applicants are not required to have PLI while in the process of applying. However, once an application is approved, the applicant is required to obtain insurance coverage that is effective from the date that their certificate of registration is issued. It is important to note that the certificate will be issued once the applicant pays the registration fee after the application is approved. CRPO encourages applicants to look into PLI options prior to submitting an application.


Once registered, registrants are required to have and maintain adequate PLI coverage at all times, regardless of whether they are practising psychotherapy. CRPO strongly encourages registrants to obtain individual PLI coverage, however many registrants are covered by their employer’s PLI policy; in this case, the registrant should ensure that their employer’s PLI policy meets CRPO’s requirements in the By-laws. Registrants practising at multiple sites must also ensure that they have coverage for each practice site.


CRPO does not provide insurance to its registrants and does not direct registrants to specific insurance providers. Registrants who are seeking individual PLI coverage may find it helpful to contact their professional association for PLI coverage.


Applicants and registrants are not required to provide documentary proof of their PLI coverage, unless specifically requested to do so by CRPO staff or selected to participate in a PLI audit. Documentary proof of PLI must include certain information confirming policy details. For more information about documentation requirements, please see here


Registrants who do not have the coverage required must notify CRPO within two days of becoming aware of not having adequate PLI coverage. The Registrar may suspend a registrant’s certificate of registration if they do not have the coverage required.

Education Program Recognized

The Art Psychotherapy Diploma at the Canadian International Institute of Art Therapy (CiiAT) is the latest educational program to receive academic recognition from CRPO. This means that the program sufficiently enables students to develop the required competencies for entry-to-practice in psychotherapy. Visit our website for more information about the recognition process or to review the other recognized programs.

A Warm Welcome to CRPO’s new Quality Assurance Manager

CRPO is pleased to welcome Sonya Teece as our new Quality Assurance Manager. Sonya has worked with the College on a contract basis since July 2017. Since that time, Sonya has provided support services to the Registration, Quality Assurance, and Conduct Departments. She has also provided support and developed resources for the Practice Advisory Service.


Along with the QA team, Sonya will administer elements of the College’s enhanced Quality Assurance Program and assist registrants in meeting their QA assessment and professional development requirements.


We are thrilled to have her as a part of the team!

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