April 15, 2020
Ministry Extends Emergency Orders

Yesterday, Premier Doug Ford announced the province is extending the coronavirus-related emergency orders until May 12. The extension allows the provincial government to keep certain public safety measures in place, including calling on all health care workers to help fight COVID-19, and to only provide essential health care services during this time.

CRPO expects that any essential mental health care services that Registered Psychotherapists are providing at this time are being delivered remotely. You may refer to our advice about how to select a communications tool you can use to provide remote services, our electronic practice guideline and our FAQs for RPs on COVID-19 .

CRPO continues to monitor the unfolding situation in Ontario, including participating in Ministry of Health updates, along with all regulatory colleges. We use the most up-to-date information to review decisions regarding core regulatory functions, such as deadlines for renewal and QA submissions. We strive to provide reliable, accurate information to registrants as we are able. 
Ministry Launches Recruitment Portal for Care Providers

Thank you to all registrants who have responded to the call made by the Ministry of Health for health care providers to fulfil many of the needs in our current health care system. Some registrants have indicated that the provincial portal intended to match health care providers with employers does not have a field for RPs to indicate their title. There is a dropdown menu where users can select “Registered Psychotherapist” after they have submitted their information.

Other registrants have asked for clarity regarding whether or not the opportunities presented by government are paid or unpaid. We are aware that there are a number of roles for health care providers to play and our understanding is that there are both paid and unpaid opportunities available. The Ministry’s portal has been set up to match providers with the needs that exist; it is possible may change as the pandemic situation evolves. We would encourage you to access the portal to find out further information about what opportunities are available, paid and unpaid. 
Don't risk being suspended from practising psychotherapy

Although CRPO has extended the deadline for registrants paying their renewal fees due to the global pandemic, no extension was granted for submitting the online renewal form.

Any registrant who did not complete the renewal form by March 31 is not in good standing with CRPO, which means your ability to legally practise psychotherapy in Ontario is in jeopardy .

You also risk being invoiced the late fee of $150 +HST. If you have not submitted your online renewal form, please contact CRPO immediately .

Any member whose payment or renewal form has not been received by June 1 risks being suspended from practising psychotherapy
Coronavirus related Information and Bulletins

All Coronavirus-related information and Bulletins are posted on the website . French versions are now available as well.
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