May 14, 2020
Return to In-Person Practice

This afternoon, the Premier announced that as of Tuesday May 19, assuming trends in key public health indicators continue to improve, certain medical services – including in-person counselling – can resume, provided that practitioners are ready to implement the required infection and prevention measures.
CRPO is providing background information as well as a risk assessment and a planning tool to assist you in preparing for return to in-person practice. Over the coming weeks, these tools will be provided as part of a formal guideline. CRPO is focused on ensuring a return to in-person practice that is safe for clients as well as for RPs and their staff. Guidance will be updated as needed to address the changing nature of the situation and if we receive new directives from the Ministry of Health.
Given that the risk of infection continues to exist, in cases where you have the option of providing e-therapy or in-person therapy, we advise that you still choose e-therapy. If you choose to provide in-person care, you should be clear as to why you have made this decision. Consideration should be given to the inherent risks given the client, your modality of practice and your ability to ensure the use of best practices for preventing and spreading COVID-19.

You are encouraged to review the decision-making criteria for determining if care is essential , the Electronic Practice Guideline – particularly the section on Appropriateness – and CRPO’s advice on Implementing Electronic Practice  to determine what is safest for your clients and you.
Personal Protective Equipment

Included in the Premier’s announcement today was the news that the government has set up a website to support health care providers in obtaining personal protective equipment (PPE). If your practice circumstances (e.g. modality, physical setting, etc.) limit your ability to practice physical distancing, you may need a supply of PPE. Please see the Workplace PPE Supplier Directory to find suppliers. 
CRPO Communications and Deadlines

While we appreciate the strain that the pandemic has placed on many registrants and have been making accommodations wherever possible, we wanted to provide a friendly reminder to consider if you have any outstanding obligations and to continue to read and respond to messages sent in your registrant account. In particular, please be mindful of deadlines and requirements related to your registration and the Quality Assurance Program.
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