Good News Update 170 - 22 June  2016 

#AusPrays2016 for Federal Elections

We are nearing one of the most important elections in the history of Australia.
We need to cry out to God! 
#AusPrays2016 is a united call for seven days of Prayer & Fasting for Australia and the coming Federal Elections on Sat 2 July 2016. This focused time of prayer begins on Saturday 25 June and finishes late on Friday 1 July 2016.

The call for prayer and fasting was first proposed by the National Day of Prayer & Fasting and the Canberra Declaration. After extensive discussion and input from Christian Leaders, Media Leaders and Prayer Leaders, the initiative was confirmed on Monday 20 June 2016 on an Australian-wide teleconference. Our mission is to amplify prayer for the last seven days before the election. We have taken inspiration from the
Australian Prayer Network call for a 35-day  'Season of Prayer for the Federal Elections'.
The overall strategy for this special call to prayer and fasting is called #AusPrays2016 and you can be involved in any of the following seven key components.

1. Seven Days of Prayer & Fasting #AusPrays2016 for Australia and the coming Federal Elections from Saturday 25 June to Friday 1 July 2016. See

2. A Sunrise Prayer Relay #AusPrays2016 will start this week of prayer. People will gather all across Australia from east to west on Saturday 25 June starting 15 minutes before sunrise. The Sunrise Prayer Relay is a series of short 30-minute meetings. You can pray longer if you want to. More information is found here. Please register your event so others can join you. Email Pat Steele at or phone 0433 006 934. (Families and individuals can register too).

3. A Sunrise Prayer Teleconference Call #AusPrays2016 on Saturday 25 June from 6:30-9:30AM EST. You can phone in or be online to pray with others. Check these details for local phone numbers and weblink to use.
4. Social Media Hashtag #AusPrays2016 will be used for this prayer campaign. Put it everywhere you can on the web and it will start to gain greater and greater traction and popularity. Here are some other hashtags to use as secondary ones to create a viral momentum with ALL your social media posts:

#PrayAustralia & #AusPrays - These were used during the National Day of Prayer & Fasting.
#AusVotes2016 & #Election2016 - These are what political parties and media are using. By getting some of our posts in these streams, this will expand reach and draw attention.
#Jesus and #JesusIsLord - because Jesus is Lord!  

5. Vision Christian Radio Prayer Challenge #AusPrays2016 everyday at 8AM, 12 Midday, 4PM and 8PM Monday 27 June to Friday 1 July 2016. See the Vision Christian Radio media release from CEO, Phil Edwards below. Listen in at these times and use the #AusPrays2016 Prayer Points adapted from Week 5 of the APN Prayer Points.  Download them here.
6. Other Christian radio stations, churches, media-based ministries and individuals using the one-minute Prayer Points and creating their own prayers through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. We want everyone to get them into the public arena through social media using the hastag #AusPrays2016 at 8AM, 12 Midday, 4PM and 8PM every day from Monday 27 June to Friday 1 July 2016.

Try to use these times but the main thing is to multiply prayer and inspire prayer in any way you can during the last week of this crucial election. Let's see a wave of prayer across Australia! #AusPrays2016 Prayer Points will be posted at the National Day of Prayer & Fasting Facebook page daily at the above times. Please share them widely.

7. Prayer & Fasting for Australia. Pray and fast however you are led for this crucial Federal Election. Much is at stake. Use the #AusPrays2016 Prayer Points. Other prayer resources will be posted at

Whatever you do make sure you pray! Many hands make light work! Together we can make a difference.

Jesus said, "You may ask me for anything in my Name and I will do it"
(John 14:14).

Yours for a praying Australia,
David Rowsome and Warwick Marsh
For more information contact:
Warwick Marsh: - 0418 225 212
David & Marilyn Rowsome: - 07 3422 0969
Pat Steele: - 0433 006 934


22 June 2016
Nationwide prayer for Australia via Radio in final election week
The outcome of the 2016 Federal election will determine the direction Australia takes with a number of significant issues. Vision Christian Radio has been working hard to help people cast their vote carefully and prayerfully. Vision's 20 twenty program in particular has focussed on bringing perspective and insight into party policies on front facing issues such as economics, health and education, as well as the big moral and ethical issues such as marriage, freedom of speech, freedom of religion and much more.
As well as helping inform listeners, Vision is also in a very unique position to bring Christians together in prayer through radio. "Radio is quite amazing in how it brings people together for a shared experience. We have the opportunity to use that power for something really significant - bringing thousands of Christians across the country together to pray for our nation" says Vision CEO, Phil Edwards. This is not the first time Vision has been a catalyst for bringing Christians together in prayer across the country.
On many occasions in the past special 'radio prayer meetings' have been conducted in response to floods, fires, droughts and cyclones. Prayer for Australia has been a major focus for Vision in 2016 with a key event being the broadcast of a prayer gathering in Alice Springs in May. In the final week prior to the election, Vision Christian Radio will pause its regular programming four times each day to give a Christian leader the opportunity to lead listeners across the country to pray for our nation, as follows;

Eastern Time
Central Time
Western Time
Monday 27 June
Friday 1 July

Anyone with a heart for prayer and for Australia is invited to join in simply by tuning to a Vision Christian Radio station, or by listening online at Topics for each time of prayer are attached to this release.
For more information contact Phil Edwards, CEO Vision Christian Media or 1800 00 7770.
Canberra Declaration 
Warwick: phone 0418 225 212
David: phone 07 34220969