A Message from Jen Belnap, CRWF President

March Madness brought us a fiery State of the Union address by President Biden. With anger and fist thrusts, he shared a vision that sends our country straight into socialism. Money for housing for everyone, more taxes on our citizenry and corporations, a call to unionize the American workforce, more government subsidized healthcare and an open border, which Biden tried to blame on Republicans, but we all know that the porous Biden border is a direct result of the Executive Orders that he signed on Day One of his administration. Club members and guests who were here in January when Congressman Issa paid us a surprise visit also know that the porous Biden border is part of a purposeful plan to skew the 2030 census results in favor of the Democrats, which will in turn positively impact their candidate’s electoral votes for the office of the presidency.

The good news is that the month of March also brings us something to celebrate and honor. It’s Women’s History Month! In the CA state legislature, we have 50 female senators and assemblywomen out of a total of 120! Several of those women are Republicans serving in Orange County and San Diego districts. On our home turf, we just had 3 female candidates in the D-49 Congressional primary. Three of five San Diego County Board of Supervisors are female, and four of five Carlsbad City Council Members are female as well.

As women, we bring compassion, service, strength, knowledge, drive, experience and so much more to the table. So, put on your power suits ladies, it’s time to save our communities.

In Service,
Jen Belnap
President, CRWF