In this Issue:


  1. April 16th CRYC invite for Easter Egg Hunt this Saturday!
  2. April 21st - TYEE YC Ladies night
  3. May 1st, CRYC/CRYA presents "Going North for the First Time" or a reminder for anytime!
  4. May 7th - Opening Day theme A "Rose City Reunion"
  5. Columbia River Yacht Club Opening Day Invitation
  6. June 17th-19th JJ Collins Marine Park Clean up
  7. Picture Contest - We're looking for a Home Page Photo!

Stories in the news:
  1. Man Overboard Rescue on the Multnomah Channel - Survived!
  2. New Hazardous Weather Outlook for the Eastern Pacific
  3. Ex - CG Vessel Alert in the news again! The Tug Sakarissa Joins her..
  4. Do you get Notice to Mariners? Changes are coming!

CRYA Website with links to events and local information on boating

For America's Boating Club Classes (Formerly Power Squadron) Click Here

Columbia River Yacht Club Invites you
to join them this Saturday, April 16th for an Easter Egg Hunt
 and lunch buffet. Click on the flyer below to register!
Follow this link to sign up!
Opening Day - "Rose City Reunion"
Saturday, May 7th

Updates for the Parade

We have completed our captains meeting and will have one more zoom meeting soon for the Judges and review boats. At this time we have 7 clubs joining the parade, with one more possible. Make sure to look up on our website for updates and form downloads that are applicable to Opening Day. That location can be found Here.

Also note that Columbia River Yacht Club is the Opening Day Host Club and has offered to host other club members on their opening day ceremony as well as for Breakfast or the Appetizer event for the parade announcement results. CRYA will have representation in the ceremony as well as the new Ambassadors of Neptune Program (The Daughters program temporary name) raising the Member Clubs Burgees. Note the following article link to get signed up in advance which will save you a few dollars on the cost of meals. They can be purchased on site, but it does help them to know how many to expect so if you decide to join them sign up.

Please, if there any questions contact Bev Hamlik - CRYA's Opening Day Coordinator at

We are all looking forward to seeing you out there come May 7th.

Columbia River Yacht Club is opening it's doors to attend the Opening Day Ceremonies to all of our Member Clubs and Organizations. It will have Appetizers available for purchase during the announcement of the results in the afternoon as well. Please - Register for the Event and any Food choices early so they can plan, and you can save some money! Registration is Here.
JJ Collins Marine Park Clean up and repairs June 17th-19th

Come join us for a weekend of fun as well as special upgrades for the Island park. This year's plan is to clear trails as in the past, but also to replace aging boards on benches and picnic tables with new material provided by CRYA. The weekend event has been traditionally hosted by NOTS and GBYC so we will look forward to more detail as the date gets closer. If you would like to help and have ideas let us know and we can get you hooked up with the group leaders for the event. Get out and help!!! If you would like to help lead this effort, contact us at
Calling All Photographers!

When we had our new website built, our designer found pictures we could use for the site. It was noticed that our cover photo is not of our boating area, but of the Puget Sound. We would love to have a contest to find the new cover photo or two that we can use. We will have a gift for the winning photo(s) so please help us out in getting some great boating Photo's from our area. Submissions or questions can be sent to

Man Overboard Rescue on the Multnomah Channel
On Feb. 12th of this year one lucky man survived!!!

Please follow this link to read the full story submitted by Tim Karnoski of the MCYC.

This photo Shows the boat approaching the man in the water.
Do see full article for more pictures.

We are excited to announce that Hazardous Weather Outlooks will now be available for the Eastern Pacific Ocean! Learn more about how NAVCEN collaborates with the National Weather Service and National Hurricane Service to deliver this product at the link below. There you can subscribe to receive the Outlooks directly to your email or mobile device.
Second Vessel Sinks Below the I-5 Bridge

And Now there are two. The Sakarissa joins the ex-CG vessel Alert on the floor of the Columbia River. Just as plans were being worked out to raise and remove the Alert the second basically abandoned boat has gone down. We'll do our best to bring you updates on removal, but as of now all the needed agencies are working on a plan. Such a sad ending to this story. Hope is economy of scale will raise and remove both boats for Sea Burials.
Notice to Mariners URL links changing
Get all the updates from their recent letter here:
General Member Meeting Information 7pm
Social time starting at 6:30
(time to figure out how to get into the meeting!)

Zoom Meeting Details Click Here

Previous Meeting Minutes - Click Here

Agenda for Meeting - Click Here

Treasurer's Report - Click Here

Any inputs or request for guest speakers? Please let us know.