In this Issue:

Guest Speaker this month, Connie Sullivan
Clean Vessel Act Program


  1. America's Boating Club Seminars
  2. Opening Day is coming May 7th! A "Rose City Reunion"
  3. JJ Collins Marine Park Clean up and Repairs
  4. Daughters of Neptune - We have a plan!

Stories in the news:

  1. Westport Docks Update
  2. RBAW - Recreational Boating Assoc. of Washington - Taxes update
  3. Lt. Rodney Wilkerson of the MCSO River Patrol Retires

CRYA Website with links to events and local information on boating including Cruise Guide.
Our Local Chapter of the America's Boating Club (formerly Power Squadron) has a variety of classes coming up this year. You can find more information on the home page of or you can go directly to their website at this Link to find all the classes upcoming and for information on how to join. Upcoming classes include - Boat Handling - Using VHF/DSC Marine Radio and Marine Electrical Systems
Opening Day - "Rose City Reunion"
Saturday, May 7th

Yes indeed, it's that time of year to put on your thinking caps and figure out how your club is going to be the top club for the 2022 Annual Opening Day Parade!
Please Mark your Calendars, and be watching for more information coming soon!
JJ Collins Marine Park Clean up and Repair Days
June 17th to 19th.

Once again, NOTS boating club in concert with Grand Banks Yacht Club will be hosting the annual clean up day on the Island. This year, CRYA has budgeted $1500 for materials to be used for the repair and updating of the Picnic tables and various benches. That means this year more than just trail clearing, we have some great projects to accomplish during the weekend. We will have more information coming soon, and most likely a sign up list to make sure we can handle all those who no doubt will want to come and make one of our longtime and favorite destinations just that much nicer.

Rebuilding the Daughters of Neptune program

We are proud to announce that we have a volunteer to step up and help lead the program into the future with some new ideas on how to promote boating safety and life jacket awareness. Many of us have had daughters, granddaughters and other family members who have been in the program of past and have great memories of their time. Join us Tuesday evening to meet our new Volunteer and here some of her goals for the program.
Westport Dock Updates

According to the Oregon State Marine Board, construction of the new transit dock and facilities at Westport Slough on the Columbia River is nearing completion. The docks are in, the parking lot paved and the rest rooms are near completion. An opening in early February is expected baring any unforeseen weather or other issues. Until then, boaters are asked to refrain from tying up or using the facilities until construction is completed.
Recreational boating Association of Washington is active in trying to change the Dept. or Revenue Rulemaking on older vessels. At some point there is no reduction in the taxed value of a boat even though the data shows otherwise. At a recent board meeting it was presented to the group a study done by BST associates with some compelling data to add to a petition letter submitted by RBAW. You can find those documents here. Petition and Value Analysis of aging Boats
Lt. Rodney Wilkerson Retires from the Multnomah County Sheriffs Office

Although Lt. Wilkerson was only on the river patrol for a little over 3 years, he was an officer in other capacities for 30 or more years. As with all of us, at some point retirement is a pretty good option and for him it came this last December. He will be missed, and we will let everyone know the changes that happen going forward. Smooth waters Lt. Wilkerson!
General Member Meeting Information 7pm
Social time starting at 6:30
(time to figure out how to get into the meeting!)

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