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  1. Tyee Yacht Club 2nd Annual Swap Meet - Saturday July 9th
  2. July 15th-17th JJ Collins Marine Park Clean up - New Date
  3. MCYC Hot August Nights - August 12th to the 14th
  4. Link for Opening Day Pictures
  5. Picture Contest - We're looking for a Home Page Photo(s)!

Stories in the news:

  1. Beach on Hayden Island by Old Red Lion Camping Ban!!!
  2. Changes Coming to the St. Helens and Sand Island Docks.

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JJ Collins Marine Park

Clean up and repairs July 15th-17th

Well, the high water sure put a dent in our Clean up plans this weekend.  But the leaders of the event quickly found a suitable date for the repairs to be done.  We'll be needing some battery Sawzall's, and some battery drill/impact drivers for the work. It was decided to replace all bench and table boards to get a baseline of repairs. Dahlgren's Building Supplies in Saint Helens is working with us on the best material to use as well as protecting it. Rocky Pointe Marina is helping to get the material to the island which is a big help. Thank you to both of these businesses for the support!  

´╗┐Come join us for a weekend of fun as well as special upgrades for the Island park. This year's plan is to clear trails as in the past, but also to replace aging boards on benches and picnic tables with new material provided by CRYA. The weekend event is traditionally hosted by NOTS and GBYC Get out and help!!!

To Register, and for more details click HERE

Calling All Photographers!

As mentioned last month, we are looking for some new options for our website home page.  I have been getting a few submissions and would love to get more.  Having Mt. Hood or backgrounds with known landmarks is a plus.  We will have a gift for the winning photo(s) so please help us out in getting some great boating Photo's from our area. Submissions or questions can be sent to [email protected]

Opening Day Pictures for all clubs

We were able to take pictures from the review boats of all the clubs that came through in the Parade Area. I think close to a thousand!  She has created a link to them and can help you with photos of interest.

Thanks Maria Swearingen! 

For the picture gallery click HERE

State of Oregon working to ban camping on the state owned land

just downstream of the I-5 bridge

Just this past week the State Land Board comprised of Governor Brown, Secretary of State Fagan and State Treasurer Tobias Read passed the recommendation to proceed ahead with the steps in rulemaking for closing the Pirate Camp beach at Hayden Island! We have all watched this area be home to crime, trash, pollution, hobo camps and not the least of which was the sinking of the two vessels the Alert and the Sakarissa. This is state land, and our high water this week is just another example of why nobody should be camping in these sensitive areas. It's great to see that "Welcome to Oregon" camp gone, at least for now.

City of St. Helens City docks and Sand Island Park Docks

will be adding a new Harbormaster

In order to get the abuse of rules taken care of, the city is going to hire a full time harbormaster.  In order to do this we will be seeing before the end of the month kiosks going in at both locations where you will be required to register and pay for moorage.  The system is expected to be operational by the July 4th holiday.  Large groups such as yacht clubs should call ahead to the city manager so they can be ready for you.  We can all agree that being able to go to these beautiful locations and not find transient or derelict boats at the docks will be a nice change.  It's a very positive step towards safer and more enjoyable experiences for boaters and water users alike.

General Member Meeting Information 7pm

Social time starting at 6:30

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