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  1. Cruising the San Juan Islands Pt. 2 - ABC class
  2. Rose City Yacht Club Swap Meet - June 11th
  3. June 17th-19th JJ Collins Marine Park Clean up
  4. Picture Contest - We're looking for a Home Page Photo(s)!
  5. Opening Day Results and Pictures (coming)

Stories in the news:

  1. South Channel Airplane Ditch Zone Simulation - May 18th
  2. Hydroplane Race/Exhibition - May 20th - Changes to River Traffic!
  3. OSMB Certified Clean Marina Program Newsletter
  4. Confused on Fire Extinguisher Regulations?
  5. Do you get Notice to Mariners? Changes are coming!

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JJ Collins Marine Park

Clean up and repairs June 17th-19th

We had a work party go to the island a couple of weeks ago and got the materials list updated and got a pretty good idea of the scope of work. We'll be needing some battery Sawzall's, and some battery drill/impact drivers for the work. It was decided to replace all bench and table boards to get a baseline of repairs. Dahlgren's Building Supplies in Saint Helens is working with us on the best material to use as well as protecting it. Rocky Pointe Marina is helping to get the material to the island which is a big help. Thank you to both of these businesses for the support!  

Come join us for a weekend of fun as well as special upgrades for the Island park. This year's plan is to clear trails as in the past, but also to replace aging boards on benches and picnic tables with new material provided by CRYA. The weekend event is traditionally hosted by NOTS and GBYC Get out and help!!!

To Register, and for more details click HERE (note - Change the name from Doug Romjue)

Calling All Photographers!

As mentioned last month, we are looking for some new options for our website home page.  I have been getting a few submissions and would love to get more.  Having Mt. Hood or backgrounds with known landmarks is a plus.  We will have a gift for the winning photo(s) so please help us out in getting some great boating Photo's from our area. Submissions or questions can be sent to

Opening Day Results/Pictures for all clubs

We were able to take pictures from the review boats of all the clubs that came through in the Parade Area. I think close to a thousand! The photographer is now doing the offshore race up the Washington Coast but will get us a link to all the pictures when she returns. Thanks Maria Swearingen! 

For the complete Opening Day Results click HERE

South Channel Ditch Zone Re-Creation May 18th

"Plane Crash Recovery Simulation"

Every 3 years the emergency response teams from Multnomah and Clark County stage a simulated plane crash for training. This year it will be on Wednesday May 18th. Where is the South Channel Ditch Zone? It's the Water Zone between the Tip of Lemon Island (West End of Government Island) and Marine Drive. The area is quite shallow which aids in the possible survival of passengers since the plane can't sink very far if it breaks up on impact. Be aware if you on on the water that day!

Hydroplane Exhibition/Race - Friday May 20th

Be advised that during that day starting at 9am the Columbia River will be highly restricted between the I-5 bridge and the I-205 bridge. There has been no talk of a "viewing" area by boat. All River Traffic will be restricted as to transit time in the area. This event was planned by the City of Vancouver with main Washington viewing areas on the waterfront area between the I-5 bridge up to Ryan Point. Expect to have a large presence of Law Enforcement boats protecting this zone.

Oregon Clean Marina/Aquatic Invasive Species Program Spring Newsletter

The Highlights include updates on programs and initiatives to clean our waterways, enhance our awareness, and the removing of derelict boats as well. Stan Tonneson has written an article on the efforts that Rocky Pointe Marina is making to help. A good read. Newsletter link - Here

The U.S. Coast Guard - Fire Extinguisher Updates

America’s Boating Channel (  has video that covers the new rule, “FIRE EXTINGUISHER REGULATIONS,” and you can access it now

Here is a link to the video presentation.

FIRE EXTINGUISHER REGULATIONS – Streaming Version - Stream  

Notice to Mariners URL links changing
Get all the updates from their recent letter here:

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Social time starting at 6:30

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