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Instructions for October 18th Zoom General Meeting bottom of page:

Our Guest Speaker(s) will be from the Gorge Unit of Oregon State Parks and Recreation - Government Island is just part of their responsibility. They sadly missed the last meeting.


  1. The 2022 Spook Cruise at Sand Island - Oct. 14th-16th
  2. MCYC Halloween Party - Saturday Oct. 29th.
  3. Columbia River Yacht Club - Think Pink- Breast Cancer Awareness October 19th.
  4. CRYA Annual Awards Banquet - Dec. 6th at PYC - This is a change of date!!

Stories in the News:

  1. Support CRYA with your business link on our website
  2. The Sakarissa and the Alert vessels are gone!
  3. Be aware of the Shallow Water on the Columbia above Hayden Bay Entrance to the East end of Hayden Island!!
  4. Do You own a Boathouse? WOOO is working to repeal a tax Law that YOU should be interested in.

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CRYA Annual Awards Banquet now Dec.6th

This Year Honoring the work of Doug Balkema

Please join us at the Portland Yacht Club to celebrate the 2023 Dolphin Yacht Club incoming President Alicia Robinson, awards and recognition of Opening Day, and the retirement of Doug Balkema from CRYA. For almost 20 years Doug Balkema has been volunteering to help make boating safer, and fun.  He is a Past President of CRYA as well as just finishing up his 4 year Standing Committee position. Doug has a long history with Coast Guard Auxiliary, TYEE Yacht Club as a member and past Commodore as well.  Please come celebrate with everyone!

When:  Tuesday Dec. 6th from 5:30pm - 9:30pm

Location: Portland Yacht Club

Please RSVP by Nov. 20th to

Menu and Pricing are still TBD

Marine Services Directory - We are Ready to help YOU!!

We have developed a new Marine Services Directory Website Page which will give exposure for your business to active boat owners. Our Public Media Liaison Jolene Coats/Walsh helped us develop the idea based on her Freshwater News section for businesses. Here is what CRYA has to offer:

For a $250 donation to CRYA you get!

  1. Your Logo/Business card image on our CRYA Marine Services Directory Page with a Direct Link to your website.        
  2. Links in our Monthly Newsletter going out to Boaters! Our Newsletter has a greater than 40% Open Rate.
  3. It is going to be done yearly with January Renewal - Signing Up Early for 2023 is getting you started early!
  4. You will be supporting Better Boating for everyone since we target projects to enhance cruising destinations and legislation of our waterways.

Please contact us at and we'll get you signed up!

There are current examples to see HERE

The Sakarissa and the Alert have been raised and removed!

After a long process of having to watch these two vessels age and sink, it was very special to see how quickly they were removed once it was a priority.  The picture above makes the Sakarissa look small in drydock waiting to be dismantled.  The Beach has been cleared of the illegal campers making the drive over I-5 bridge into Oregon so much more pleasing.  Ultimately the Coast Guard took on the project, and our tax dollars used.  There are just too many organizations that helped to get this pushed through.  Department of State Lands, Waterfront Organizations of Oregon, Multnomah County Sheriff's Office, and CRYA.  I'm sure there are others so if we missed you, I'm sorry!  All of these same organizations continue to work to remove more abandoned, sunk and derelict boats as well as working on illegal camping.  

Beware of Shallow Water in the Columbia River

on the NW side of Hayden Island

While having lunch at Columbia River Yacht Club, a few of us noticed about a 55' Trawler coming upriver on a very low tide.  We all knew that once he got above the Oregon Tackle Marina, he would be hitting the Sand Bar that goes from Hayden Island to almost center river.  Any of us who transit out of Hayden Bay, Columbia River Yacht Club, Salpare Marina or Tomahawk Bay are very aware of the danger with extra low water.  Although the charts generally show the expanding shelf, a lot of local knowledge is needed to transit safely out to the main channel.  Please be cautious and stay in the charted river channel to avoid grounding.  If going to one of these moorage areas call ahead for any possible instructions for entering.

This past year WOOO was able to help repeal a longstanding Tax code that put unnecessary burden on Floating Homeowners known as the Personal Property Filing Form for Floating Property. It was limited to Floating Homes and did not Address Boathouses. They are working to complete the process to include Boathouses in the repeal. You can find the Survey letter HERE. Can you help? Let them know!

General Member Meeting Information 7pm

Social time starting at 6:30

(Time to figure out how to get into the meeting!)

Zoom Meeting Details - Here

Previous Meeting Minutes - September

Agenda for Meeting Here

Treasurer's Report - September

Any inputs or request for guest speakers? Please let us know.