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Our Guest Speaker(s) are from the Gorge Unit of Oregon State Parks and Recreation - Government Island is just part of their responsibility.

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  1. Support CRYA with your business link on our website
  2. Coast Guard Announces Plan to remove the two sunken boats below I-5 Bridge. Alert and Sakarissa!
  3. Crab Pot recovery program going active.
  4. Update from North Portland Police Precinct Commander Tina Jones. Please watch as she is a great asset for all.
  5. Notice of Rulemaking "Optional Charter Licensing for Uninspected Passenger Vessels"
  6. Do You own a Boathouse? WOOO is working to repeal a tax Law that YOU should be interested in.


  1. CRYA Annual Awards Banquet - Dec. 8th at PYC
  2. America's Boating Club Has Two Upcoming Classes, America's Boating Class starting September 24th, and Weather September 29th.
  3. Oregon State Marine Board Open Houses - Oct. 5th in Tualatin - See all locations and dates HERE
  4. MCYC Partner in Command Seminar Nov. 19th with USPS - Information HERE

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News Release


U.S. Coast Guard 13th District PA Detachment Astoria

Contact: Coast Guard PA Detachment Astoria

Office: (503) 861-6237

After Hours: (206) 819-9154

PA Detachment Astoria online newsroom

Coast Guard, other agencies to remove 2 abandoned vessels from Columbia River in Portland, Ore.

PORTLAND, Ore. – The Coast Guard and other agencies have approved a plan Wednesday to remove two abandoned vessels from the Columbia River in Portland.

The vessels Alert, a 125-foot vessel, and Sakarissa, a 100-foot vessel, are currently sunk off Hayden Island. They are adjacent to the Interstate 5 Bridge and a mile upriver from the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) railroad bridge.

Due to hull deterioration and oil saturation of the vessels’ interiors, they have been discharging a sheen into the waterway. They also pose a collision hazard for vessels operating outside the navigation channel.

“Even though the Coast Guard oversaw the removal of thousands of gallons of diesel and oily water from these vessels in 2020, they still pose a risk,” said Lt. Lisa Siebert, the Incident Management Division Supervisor at Coast Guard Sector Columbia River – Detachment Portland. “We have worked closely with our State and local partners to develop an integrated plan to remove these vessels and protect the public and the environment.”

This project will be funded in two phases. During the first phase, the Coast Guard plans to use the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund (OSLTF) to raise the vessels and transport them to a facility in order to safely pump any remaining oil waste product from the vessels. During the second phase, the Oregon Department of State Lands, with funding support from Metro, is scheduled to assume custody of the vessels for final disposal.

The Coast Guard was granted authorization to access the OSLTF for $1 million for its phase of the project. There is currently a ceiling amount of $500,000 for each vessel. This amount is determined for the response based on anticipated obligations. Since this is just an estimate, this ceiling is subject to change during the response.

The Coast Guard plans to begin operations in early September, starting with dive assessments to determine the safest way to raise and transport the two vessels. The Coast Guard plans to conduct operations to raise the vessels throughout the month of September. 

“These plans are preliminary and we will continuously assess our plan and make adjustments if needed,” Siebert said. “Throughout this response, the safety of the public and responders will remain our top priority.”

During project activities, the immediate vicinity of the area will be closed to public access.

“I’m incredibly happy our partnerships and hard work resulted in a much-needed plan to remove these vessels,” Siebert said. “This project is truly a team effort and we can’t do it alone.”

Involved in developing the plan were the Coast Guard, Oregon Department of State Lands, Metro, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.


For the most up-to-date information about this project, follow us on Twitter at @USCGPacificNW.

If you boat or fish in the Ocean, you have no doubt seen derelict crab gear floats that are either partially submerged or just under the surface. Keep this in mind so each year we can help the safety of our Ocean travels by removing these hazards! Mark them on your plotters as you see them.

Notice: The derelict commercial crab gear recovery program begins Tuesday, August 30. Please report locations of any observed commercial crab pots in the ocean to ODFW by calling or texting to 541-961-6227. 

You may also report by email to

Thank you for your assistance - ODFW

Portland Police Bureau North Precinct Commander

Tina Jones Gives us a Ride Along

The Waterfront Organizations Of Oregon (WOOO) has some great connections within the State of Oregon as well as the City of Portland. They shared this update with CRYA. This month "Commander Tina Jones" of the North Portland Precinct has given us an update of activities via this link. Please take a look and support our local City and County Officers. You can find her update here.

Two upcoming courses that may be of interest for boaters

  1. Americas Boating Course.  A course designed to help get your boater's card.  We all have that friend or family member that could use it.  Please pass on these links!  
  2. A course designed to help you understand weather.  Very critical if coastal running, as well as planning for longer river trips.

For the boaters card class click HERE

For the Weather Class click HERE

This past year WOOO was able to help repeal a longstanding Tax code that put unnecessary burden on Floating Homeowners known as the Personal Property Filing Form for Floating Property.  It was limited to Floating Homes and did not Address Boathouses.  They are working to complete the process to include Boathouses.  You can find the Survey letter HERE.  Can you help?  Let them know!

General Member Meeting Information 7pm

Social time starting at 6:30

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Zoom Meeting Details - Here

Previous Meeting Minutes - August

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Treasurer's Report - August

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