What's happening this week
Check out a few Tuesday events below - including a talk from a Data Analyst with the Milwaukee Bucks!

CS Advising will start offering drop-in career advising on Wednesdays with Beth Karabin for L&S SuccessWorks. Read below for the details...

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Tuesday: Careers in Data Science Panel
Date: October 12
Time: 2:30 Central Time (12:30 Pacific)
Location: Zoom
Hosted by: Academic Data Science Alliance

Join us next week to learn about what data scientists do in the Economics and Finance Sectors. We'll hear from community members working at the FDIC and at Amazon. See our panelists and more about the CDN Early Career Panel series here!
Tuesday: Milwaukee Bucks Data Analyst Talk
Date: October 12
Time: 6 PM
Location: Service Memorial Institute (SMI) 133
Hosted by: The Undergraduate Statistics Club
Food: You betcha

The Undergraduate Statistics Club is excited to host Gabriel Wachowski, an analyst for the Milwaukee Bucks and a 2019 Statistics major graduate of UW-Madison! Come to the meeting to hear about statistics and data-related opportunities in sports as well as an exciting career journey, including the 2021 NBA championship.
Tuesday: Wireframing Workshop
Date: October 12
Time: 7 PM
Hosted by: WevDevUW & Google Developer Student Club

Web Development Club and Google Developer Student Club are excited to announce CheeseHacks, an upcoming hackathon from October 23rd to 24th, sponsored by Northwestern Mutual. This hackathon will have a primary focus on web development in order to provide an opportunity to grow and apply web development skills towards real-world issues such as healthcare and the return to classrooms. Our clubs will be hosting a series of workshops aimed at helping people of all experience levels become familiar with web development, starting with a workshop on wireframing. You can find more information about this event, the workshops, and how to apply on https://cheesehacks.org.
Saturday + Sunday: Data Hackathon
Date: October 16 + 17
Time: 24 hour event
Hosted by: Data Science Club

The Data Science Club @ UW-Madison is hosting the datathon, a 24-hour beginner-friendly data hackathon presented by Corteva and co-sponsored by Epic, John Deere, Thomson Reuters & Google Cloud. 
  • Competitors are encouraged to demonstrate to these recruiters their passion for data and their enthusiasm to solve real-world issues!  
  • Prizes worth $1,000 are said to be distributed along with fun events, swag, meals, and more.
Check out next week's newsletter for info on the Student Employment Diversity Forum!
...and Things
It's Latinx Heritage Month!
Google is celebrating Latinx Heritage Month - tune in as they re-air past talks featuring Google's Latinx leadership from across the organization. Not need to be available at a certain time - these talks can be viewed on demand. Check them out here!
Career Advising in the CS Building
The first two weeks (10/13 and 10/20) will be Drop-In Advising, with future programming to follow.
Come to the 4th floor of unit 2 in the CS Building for...
  • Resume review
  • Advice on interviewing, networking, offers/salary negotiation, career exploration, gaining experience and more.
...and some more Things
Career Corner: The Technical Interview
Practice the coding fundamentals -- coding tests aren’t graded exams, they’re assessing proficiency and adaptability. 
SuccessWorks recommends these three sites for practicing code testing online. 

We also have a copy of the book Cracking the Coding Interview, one of the industry favorites for sample code test questions. Stop by SuccessWorks to take a look!
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