Thursday: Google Developer Student Club Info Session
Date: September 16, 2021
Time: 5:30 PM
Location: CS 1240
Hosted by: Google Developer Student Club

Come meet the Google Developer Student Club's Core team, learn about their events for the Fall semester and get a chance to win some free GDSC swag on the 16th!
Friday: Engineering and STEM Career Fair
Date: September 17, 2021
Time: 11 AM - 4:30 PM
Location: Virtual
Hosted by: College of Engineering

This virtual recruiting event is focused on co-ops, summer 2022 internships, or full-time employment for all engineering/STEM majors. Registration in Handshake is required.
Check out next week's newsletter for: Public Service Fair (Monday) + Alpha Omega Epsilon info night (Tuesday)
...and Things
Study abroad applications open
Select spring 2022 application are open now. If you're considering studying abroad, check out the Study Abroad for Computer Sciences page. This page has general tips from CS Advising and a list of programs that offer upper level CS courses. Be sure to check out study abroad events as well!
...and some more Things
Student Spotlight: Volunteering in India
"I spent my summer teaching underprivileged students in rural and remote areas of India. I taught them basics of computer science and encouraged computational thinking. I was also able to motivate the students to pursue the field of computer science as a future career option. A lot of these students had little to no knowledge of computing so I had to innovate and use examples from their day to day life. I explained them the steps in a programming process by relating it to making a cake using a recipe. The recipe was to be treated as a pseudocode, the ingredients were to be treated as inputs, the steps represented the algorithm to be used, and the cake was the output."
-Chirag Bhadwaj, Computer Sciences + Data Science '24
Career Corner: The Resume
A resume is a long list of every experience you’ve had, plus where you worked and when. 
Your experience does NOT have to only be paid experience -- classes, projects, student orgs, volunteering and personal projects are all valid! 
Key Question to Ask: What does [this experience] demonstrate or add to my whole profile? 

You’ll find templates, tips and more on constructing a resume at SuccessWorks’ website
We’re also hosting a Group Advising session for Writing Technical Resumes on Thurs, Sept 16th. Bring your resume and your questions!
Want to advertise your event? Email Madeline at with the title, date, time, location, and a short blurb. Messages should be received by Sunday evening.
Want to share your experience? Fill out our Student Spotlight form and share your experience with an internship, senior honors thesis, study abroad program, conference, etc.
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