Enrollment Information
Fall enrollment starts today! Note that some advanced level courses have a small number of open seats and no waitlist option. This means we'll be gradually adding seats throughout senior and junior enrollment. Once all of the seats have been released, we will add a waitlist. More information about that, and also info on who is managing cross-listed courses, can be found here (you will need to be logged in with your UW-Madison credentials to view this Google sheet).

Undergraduates interested in enrolling in a graduate level course should complete this form. Please note decisions will not be made until August.
Course Highlight: MHR 365
Can you envision yourself building companies? Do you want to learn from experienced entrepreneurs who have achieved success? Interested in cutting-edge risk management and health technologies? You should consider taking the Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) Course (MHR 365/765).
In the CDL Course, students will receive mentoring, work with high potential ventures and experience how investment decisions are made. The CDL Course is a unique combination of traditional classes and student team projects with some of the top early stage ventures in risk management, insurance and health, in partnership with CDL-Wisconsin
The class is designed to be particularly appropriate for those seeking to:
•        Become a growth entrepreneur
•        Work in a start-up company focused on business development or implementation
•        Have a career as an early-stage investment professional
•        Work in the new product development or innovation group at a firm
•        Work in the Risk or Health industries.
Unique benefits:
•        Work closely with high potential startups from across the nation and the globe
•        Ability to observe startup investor decision making process
•        Ability to apply skills/knowledge in actual business setting
•        Mentoring from industry and startup experts.
Students enroll for 3 credits over two semesters (1 credit in the Fall and 2 credits in the spring) with additional time spent meeting with clients. The fall course will meet Wednesdays from 4:00-5:15. The CDL course is open to Jr, Sr, Grad and Professional students from all majors. Consent of instructor is required for this course.
Interested students can learn more from the CDL-Wisconsin Course FAQ. Students must complete a short application, including submitting a resume, to be considered for enrollment. The application can be found at this link. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis. Because enrollment is capped, interested students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.
Tuesday: Study Abroad 101
Date: April 12
Time: 3 - 4 PM
Location: Virtual
Hosted by: International Academic Programs

Questions about the study abroad process? Check out Study Abroad 101 to get a lot of your questions answered. Can't make this session? Click the link above to see future sessions as well!
Wednesday: Distinguished Entrepreneur Lunch
Date: April 13
Time: 12:15 - 1 PM
Location: 5120 Grainger Hall
Hosted by: Weinert Center for Entrepreneurship

Come join us to meet Khalif El-Amin who along with his brother co-founded YES, a project management company that specializes in STEAM programming, to help students and young professionals in Milwaukee’s predominantly African-American urban community hone their technical and entrepreneurial skills. YES grew out of a brain storming session about how to help people with their resources and network. 
Wednesday: Pitch Coaching
Date: April 13
Time: 5 - 7 PM
Location: Zoom (link to join)
Hosted by: Transcend UW

Join us on April 13 at the virtual pitch coaching workshop to learn from Transcend alumni. Our UW Madison alumni consists of industry professionals currently working in different industries. Drop in anytime between 5-7 to get a 15 minute time slot to pitch your idea to these experienced and helpful alumni! This event is highly recommended for all Transcend UW competition competitors.
Thursday: Soft Skills Talk
Date: April 14
Time: 5:30 - 6:30 PM
Location: Zoom (link to join)
Hosted by: Transcend UW

Come to our Softskills Workshop with Mitchell Schaller, Senior Technology Consultant at Credera to learn how to communicate and present your idea in the best light with the use of effective skills. Prior to working at Credera, Mitchell was a student at UW Madison majoring in Computer Science, with internships at RippleMatch, Epic, and Zumata. In this event, we'll work on challenges that apply directly to you on successfully presenting your ideas by touching on key soft skills, which are necessary to make your competition successful. This event is highly recommended for all Transcend UW competition competitors. 
Thursday: Intro to HTML and CSS
Date: April 14
Time: 7 PM
Location: Discord (join the Discord server here)
Hosted by: UW Web Development Club

WebDev Club is back for the second part of the semester, starting with a beginner introduction to HTML and CSS this Thursday (4/14) at 7pm, in the Discord server Meetings voice channel. We will then be launching a new project (in addition to our ongoing WebDev website project) aimed at beginner web developers who want an easy way to get started with web development. We look forward to seeing you there!
Friday: React Portfolio Workshop
Date: April 15
Time: 6 - 8 PM
Location: Computer Sciences Room 2310
Hosted by: ColorStack UW

Description: Are you interested in creating your own website? Join us to learn React, HTML/CSS, and Git to build the perfect side project for your portfolio. This website will showcase your skills and projects to potential employers.
...and Things
Scholarship deadlines this week
The David DeWitt Scholarship recognizes academic excellence among undergraduate Computer Sciences Majors.
Amount: $8000
Deadline: 4/14/22
Submission materials: transcript, resume, short essays, 2-3 references
The Paul D. Salmon Memorial Scholarship of $1000 supports undergraduate CS majors from underrepresented groups or populations.  Underrepresented groups in computer science include women, persons with disabilities, Blacks and African Americans, Hispanics, American Indians, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders.
Amount: $1000
Deadline: 4/18/22 
Submission materials: transcript, resume, short essays
The Hina and Faisal Mushtaq Scholarship of $1000  supports undergraduate CS majors who demonstrate an interest in healthcare. 
Amount: $1000
Deadline: 4/18/22 
Submission materials: transcript, resume, short essays
For more information on all three scholarships, including instructions on how to apply, please visit:
Departmental Awards + Thank-Yous

Rosner Educator Award for excellence in teaching by CS faculty, (including CS-affiliated faculty), and faculty associates

Graduate Student Instructor Award for excellence in teaching by a CS grad student TA

Departmental Service Award for service excellence by any department personnel, including academic or classified staff, or organizations.
The Awards Committee invites you for nominations for the above listed awards. If you wish to nominate someone, please e-mail Jin-Yi Cai (jyc@cs.wisc.edu) one single combined PDF file containing all the relevant information by
***4:00 PM, Monday, April 25, 2022***
A nomination consists of a Nomination Letter or letters, and if you wish to include, any relevant supporting material.


There are many people -- students, staff, and faculty -- that do a huge amount of service for the department. 
In order to publicize all the good thing people are doing to help our department, we are continuing the Departmental Service Thank-Yous -- the golden bricks. People being thanked will receive a small gift and be recognized at our Awards ceremony.
If you know of someone or some people who have gone above and beyond to help the department in any way, please consider nominating them for a thank you. A committee consisting of one student, one staff, and one faculty member will decide who to recognize at the ceremony.
Nomination is easy: please fill in a google form saying who you want to nominate and why: https://forms.gle/eDWfvNTdQBYgdPkNA
Please nominate by the end of Friday, April 22nd.
Grace Hopper Conference
The Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (GHC) (https://ghc.anitab.org) is an annual conference designed to give undergraduate, graduate, and professional technical women the opportunity to come together, network, and learn from each other.
GHC 2022 will be held in Orlando, FL this year with a hybrid (VIRTUAL + IN-PERSON) format, from September 20 -- 23.
Grace Hopper has tons of sessions, talks, and workshops geared toward everything from how to succeed as a student or professional, various advancements in tech, current research in different fields, etc. Grace Hopper also hosts a huge career fair attended by numerous tech companies making it a great place to drop your resumes, talk to companies, and interview for jobs. CS women in the past who went to GHC from our department interviewed and got job offers while at GHC!
For several years, with generous CS departmental support, WACM has been able to provide full funding for those interested in attending the conference. The scholarship covers conference registration, stay, airfare, ground transportation, food, etc. (You will be given an upper limit on the amount of funds you can claim for airfare, ground transportation, and food.)

This year, we provide two types of scholarships, one for virtual GHC (cover registration) and another for in-person attendance (cover registration, travel, and hotel). Each type will have multiple winners.
Please use this link to fill out the application for CS departmental scholarship for GHChttps://forms.gle/tJG8szvieUDD84ew5
This application consists of 4 sections:
1. Personal Details
2. Essay Questions
3. GHC-Related Questions
4. Volunteering
Please make sure to review your essays before submitting the application.
The deadline is Friday, April 29th, 2022.
Scholarships to attend GHC are also offered by Anita Borg Institute and many tech companies. Consider applying to those as well, but you cannot accept the CS scholarship and then blend the scholarship from other source.
Feel free to share this opportunity with other women in CS, and make sure to check out this article on the CS website about WACM at GHC 2019! [WACM@GHC]
To receive reminders about the application, please make sure that you’re subscribed to WACM with your wisc.edu or cs.wisc.edu email address: https://lists.cs.wisc.edu/mailman/listinfo/wacm
Please let us know if you have any questions (wacm-org@cs.wisc.edu), and enjoy the rest of the semester!
Opportunity: Serve on CS DEI Committee
The UW Computer Sciences Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee is seeking two undergraduate students to serve on the 2022-2023 committee and provide student insight and feedback on departmental diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.

The CS DEI Committee is comprised of CS faculty, staff, and students. The committee addresses departmental needs and gaps related to DEI; assesses and discusses current DEI activities and topics; and sets goals and key milestones for advancing representation and inclusion.

Students on the committee will be asked to attend the committee’s hour-long, bi-weekly meetings and serve as a student voice on DEI topics, providing key feedback and insights.

If you are interested in serving on the committee, please email the following materials to Kayla Gross, Inclusion Program Manager, at kayla.gross@wisc.edu by 12:00PM on Wednesday, April 20, 2022:
·      Resume or CV
·      1-page or less response to the following question:
o  What has influenced your thinking around diversity and inclusion and motivated you to get involved with the CS Diversity and Inclusion Committee as an advocate for change?

Students who apply should 1) be a CS major or graduate student and 2) be able to serve for the entirety of the 2022-2023 academic year.

The committee will review all applications and will evaluate students based on their 1) level of past involvement and/or experience with matters related to diversity, equity and inclusion, and 2) interest in joining the committee.

Please contact Kayla Gross at kayla.gross@wisc.edu if you have any questions.
Want to advertise your event? Email Madeline at madeline.juillard@wisc.edu with the title, date, time, location, and a short blurb. Please send events by Sunday night.
Want to share your experience with an internship, study abroad, a student org, or anything else you think your peers might be interested in? Email Madeline at madeline.juillard@wisc.edu with the details!
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