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SUMMER TERM - Enrollment starting April 4

The Department of Computer Sciences is excited to offer the following courses this summer:
  • Fully online: CS 200, CS 537, and CS 564 will be taught synchronously and CS 400 will be taught asynchronously with an optional meeting time (sessions dates vary, view dates and times closely)
  • Fully in person: CS 220, CS 300, CS 354, CS 540, and CS 577 (session dates vary, view dates closely)

Other departments, such as Math or ECE, have a variety of summer options that may meet major or degree requirements. Be sure to check the Enroll App.

Questions? Check in with your academic advisor for guidance on how Summer Term fits with your academic goals.

FALL TERM - Enrollment starting April 11

The Enroll App is now updated to include fall 2022 course offerings. Please note the time change for CS 537 if you have already added this to your cart. Courses taught and managed by the Computer Sciences department often have enrollment restrictions that give students in UW-Madison Computer Sciences programs priority access during initial enrollment periods. Some CS courses add seats gradually during enrollment. Once all seats have been released, a wait list will be added. Specific CS course enrollment information can be found using this link.

Graduate Level Courses

Undergraduates interested in enrolling in a graduate level course should complete this form. Please note decisions will not be made until August.
Course Highlight: CS 577 Honors
A small honors section of CS 577 (Introduction to Algorithms) will be offered in Fall 2022. It is intended for students who seek a deeper understanding of the course material, including those who plan to attend grad school, are interested in competitive programming, or aspire jobs at big tech companies. 
Interested students should have a GPA of 3.8 or higher with an A in the prerequisite courses. Grading standards will be similar to the non-honors sections.
If you are interested and meet the criteria, please wait-list for the course. Enrollment authorizations will be issued on a regular basis after checking the requirements. Priority will be given to students with a GPA of 3.85 or higher. Those with a GPA between 3.80 and 3.85 may need to wait longer to receive an authorization. You can register for a regular section while awaiting authorization for the honors section. 
Coordinates of the honors section: 
Course: CS 577 - Introduction to Algorithms 
Lecture (section 3): TR 2:15-3:45pm 
Discussion (section 331): F 1:20-2:10pm 
Instructor: Dieter van Melkebeek <dieter@cs.wisc.edu>
Course Highlight: CS 639 Capstone
CS639 Lecture 002: Computer Science Capstone class is growing this fall! Spend the semester being mentored by and working on a project for a company like Epic, Amazon/Shopbop, or Last Lock. Students choose their projects, then work on a team to complete that project from discovery to production.

You'll learn how to decide what to build using techniques like Lean Start-up and Google Design Sprints, then collaborate with your team, learning new technologies and using agile software development techniques to complete the project. The semester culminates in a showcase where you'll have the chance to meet mentors and sponsors from all of our partner companies.

Course Requisites include: declared CS undergraduate degree & senior credit standing.
Monday: UPL Course Preview Night
Date: March 28
Time: 6 - 7 PM
Location: CS Building Room 1240
Hosted by: Undergraduate Projects Lab + CS Advising

UPL is reviewing courses offered for Summer 2022 and Fall 2022. Get a student inside scoop on the various courses and ask questions! For instance, ask about which classes to pair up or which classes are not required but strongly recommend.
Pizza will be provided so swing on by! Reservation is required.
Wednesday: Entrepreneurship Talk with Tom Erickson
Date: March 230
Time: 12:15 - 1 PM
Location: Grainger Hall, Room 5120
Hosted by: Weinert Center for Entrepreneurship

Come join us to meet Tom Erickson who went from being the first UW freshman ever hired at the Engineering building’s computer lab to having a highly successful entrepreneurial career in the tech industry that took him around the world. He was a CEO at Acquia, a web content management software company that had 800 employees and around $175 million in annual revenue until he retired in 2017. For an encore, the Mondovi native has come home to Wisconsin to give back to the place where it all started. Tasked with leading a working group on the future of computing on the UW campus, the group recommended combing the computer sciences and statistics department with the information school to create CDIS.
Thursday: Brain-Computer Interface Talk
Date: March 31
Time: 5:30 - 7 PM
Location: Student Activities Center, Room 4204
Hosted by: Effective Altruism UW Madison

Join The BCI Guys, a team of neurotechnology researchers and entrepreneurs, as they discuss the mind-boggling ethical questions of this new emerging field and its potential future trajectory including transhumanism. BCIs (Brain-Computer Interfaces) are a little-known but potentially world-altering piece of emerging technology that will vastly increase the ​bandwidth and speed through which we can interact with technology.
...and Things
Scholarship: Kate Kaiser Scholarship
Check out this flyer for details on this scholarship for CS majors. Applications are due Friday, April 22!
Job Posting: Maydm Instructor
We are hiring instructors for their summer immersive programs! We are also especially seeking women, people of color, and bilingual (i.e. English/Spanish, English/Hmong) instructors. We strongly encourage you to apply even if you think you have some, but not all of the requirements listed in the posting. You may be exactly what we're looking for and if so, we'll teach you the rest! Check out all of the details here.
Job Posting: MyAgData
This Ag tech company bridges the gap between the data created and used by farmers, and the data required for the USDA to administer Farm Programs, to enable crop insurance companies to support Federal crop insurance and private products, and for industry to support traceability and quality of a harvested crop. Check out the flyer for details!
Undergraduate Research Award
The UW-Madison Libraries are offering an Undergraduate Research Award to support and celebrate excellence in undergraduate, library-based research! Undergraduate students who intend to make creative and intensive use of library resources as part of a semester or year-long research project (capstone, independent study, thesis, performance, exhibit, etc.) during the 2022-2023 academic year are encouraged to apply. The selected student will receive $2,000 upon completion of the requirements of the award, which include structured library support and a final presentation to library staff.
Interested students can find additional details, along with a link to the application, at the following page: go.wisc.edu/libraryaward.

Applications are due May 13, 2022
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