What's happening this week
Career fairs have wrapped up, but job search season is still happening. Check out Handshake for job postings and consider scheduling an appointment with a career advisor.

This week, three of our student orgs have events - Badger Blockchain, the Undergraduate Projects Lab, and Transcend. Check out the details below!

Lastly, we'd love to highlight the experiences you've had with internships, Honors, study abroad, etc. Please considering filling out our Student Spotlight form!
Monday: How a Blockchain Functions
Date: October 4
Time: 6 - 7 PM
Location: Grainger Hall, Room 1185
Hosted by: Badger Blockchain

Join Badger Blockchain, the first and only club dedicated to learning about blockchains and decentralization, as we kick off our second curriculum meeting about How a Blockchain Functions. Two of our board members will be giving the talk. If listening isn’t for you, join our mailing list to learn about Whitepaper Wednesdays, an open-ended, optional, discussion forum to talk anything and everything in the space. If you have any questions, email Hunter Goff at hfgoff@wisc.edu. You can also sign up for the mailing list!
Monday: Lightening Talk: Fundamentals of UI Design with Michael Gira
Date: October 4
Time: 6 PM
Location: CS Building Room 1240
Hosted by: The Undergraduate Projects Lab (UPL)

Hey, you're a developer, not a designer. But don't let that stop you from creating beautiful user interfaces! Let's dive into the fundamentals of UI design and learn practical steps for producing apps and websites that look a little bit better. No prior experience necessary.

All event postings can be found at our website
Questions? Email Matt Wildman (mjwildman@wisc.edu)
Tuesday: Transcend Kickoff Meeting
Date: October 5
Time: 6 - 7 PM
Location: 1610 Engineering Hall
Hosted by: Transcend

Interested in joining the Transcend Team, leaning more about the Innovation Competition, or interested in Entrepreneurship events? Check out the Transcend kickoff meeting! We’ll be going over events that we have planned throughout the semester from fireside chats with startup leaders to workshops with companies to collaborations with other student organizations. We’ll also be introducing general information regarding the Transcend 2022 Spring Competition — the largest student-run innovation competition in the nation. Whether you’ve been a part of the existing Transcend network, simply interested in what we have planned throughout the semester, or are curious about competing in the spring, come join us at the kickoff and get all your questions answered!
Tuesday: Googleyness and Leadership Interviews: The Basics
Date: October 5
Time: 6 - 6:30 PM
Location: Virtual
Hosted by: Google

When interviewing at Google, depending on the role part of the process will include a “Googleyness and Leadership” interview - but what is it, and how should you prepare? What are some common mistakes to look out for? For answers to these questions and more listen in as Google recruiters go over their tips and tricks for how to succeed and what to do if you’re stumped. Googlers will be present to answer your questions live in the chat!
Wednesday: GUTS Study Skills Workshop
Date: October 6
Time: 11:30 AM
Location: Virtual
RSVP using the QR code here---->
Hosted by: GUTS

GUTS: Study Skills specializes specially in helping students develop effective study skills- beyond just basic notetaking, practice problems, and class attendance. This workshop will get into the “meat” of helping students understand what works best for them, and when, and good tips and tricks for under-pressure times of the year. Especially this semester, students are worried about being a “good” in-person student again… and this workshop is designed to help. If you want to learn more about GUTS Study Skills go here: Study Skills – Greater University Tutoring Service – UW–Madison (wisc.edu)
Check out next week's newsletter for a workshop on wireframing hosted by the Web Dev Club and the Google Developer Student Club!
...and Things
It's Latinx Heritage Month!
Google is celebrating Latinx Heritage Month - tune in as they re-air past talks featuring Google's Latinx leadership from across the organization. Not need to be available at a certain time - these talks can be viewed on demand. Check them out here!
...and some more Things
Student Spotlight: Peer Support App
Students: Atulya Reddy (Computer Sciences), Djay Naduvakkat (Computer Sciences & Data Science), and Mya Schmitz (Computer Engineering, Computer Sciences, with French certificate)
Last summer Atulya participated in a hackathon where the goal was to build a tool that enhances virtual education. At the time, Atulya and her friends and were feeling anxious about the looming Fall 2020 semester because were enrolled in notoriously difficult classes in our respective majors and didn't know anyone else enrolled in them. Peer support had been vital to their success in previous classes, so she came up with the idea for an app that matches students with their classmates. Her hackathon team earned an award for their solution, and with encouragement from family, friends, and mentors they decided to recruit more students (including Djay and Mya) to help develop Demic and make it available to fellow Badgers. This proved to be a challenging endeavor on top of all their coursework, but they have finally released Demic on the App Store and Google Play Store for all UW-Madison students to find classmates to study with or just share the class experience with. They are so grateful for all the support they've received from students and faculty, and are amazed to see that 700+ students are using the app already! 
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