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Canadian Simmental Association Enewsletter
April 2018
In This Issue

Canadian cattle breeders should be on their guard after reports of an online scam.
The Canadian Beef Breeds Council issued a warning after numerous producers reported fake emails looking to set up a sale, then requesting a refund before cheques clear.
"It's generally pretty high dollar values, so it gets the people excited that they've got a good lead," said Michael Latimer, the council's executive director.

To read the full article click here.
Further to the 2017 Annual General Meeting, the CSA will be conducting the election of the 2018-2019 Board of Directors by region and mail-in ballot.
Three Director positions are open for election this year.  The term of office of two Directors from Alberta and one Director from Quebec end this year and as such, Directors from these regions are up for election under the amended by-laws. Only nominations of Active CSA members in good standing from Alberta and Quebec by the producers in those two regions are being accepted for the upcoming election under the new by-laws.
In preparation for the election under the amended by-laws, the CSA is seeking nominations from Active Members:
a)      In Alberta for the election of two Directors to represent the region of Alberta; and
b)      In Quebec for the election of one Director to represent the region of Quebec.
For CSA's Member Nomination form for Director Election click here.  
The deadline for submitting the nominations to the CSA is 4:00p.m. MDT on Friday April 13, 2018. Please e-mail the completed nomination forms to Barb Judd at bjudd@simmental.com .

New Basic SNP Panel (MPV) Test
Effective April 1, 2018, the CSA has added a new Basic SNP Panel (MPV) test @ $18.00 for sire verification on multi-sire pastures, and to parentage verify calves with undetermined sire or dam at calving.  This basic test does not replace the 50K requirement for service sires and donor cows.  
Those animals who will become a service sire or donor dam will need to be 50K tested as well in order to register progeny. The regular process of ordering sample kits through the office, and sending a hair sample to the accredited lab remains the same for both types of test.
GGP-50K Test-  Price has reduced to $55.00 per sample (from $95.00); test is now completed at Delta Genomics in Canada.
GGP uLD-30K Test-  W hile pricing remains the same, turnaround time will increase on results as product is discontinued in Canada therefore samples will be sent to the U.S. for processing.
Genetic Test Results
The CSA office will accept Homozygous Polled, Homozygous Black and Dilutor genetic test results from an accepted lab for manual entry on registered Simmental animals.  The copy of the lab report must show lab name and logo, animal ID, case number, date tested and result. 

Paperless Options for Online Members
A reminder that CSA Online members now have a paperless option feature, which is located under My Account, Details\Options, Internet Options, Internet Privacy Options - you may then click on  Deliver invoices via email and/or Default all registrations as held for online transfer.  Lastly, click the save  button at the bottom of the screen. 

CSA Fee Schedule Changes
Lab Charges
Basic SNP Panel (MPV).....$18.00  
GGP uLD....$50.00
GGP- 50K....$55.00
Miscellaneous Fees
Research of Foreign Registration Fee....$25.00 (per registration researched by the CSA office)  

For the updated Fee Schedule click  here

If you have any questions please contact the Canadian Simmental Association office toll free at 1-888-860-6051 or 403-250-7979.

Reporting on Complete Reporting
CSA is in the final stages of testing and deploying reports for breeders utilizing the THE program to assist in identifying animals with incomplete information.  These reports will be available to help identify animals that may be missing key pieces of information which can ultimately affect genetic evaluations on the entire herd. For example, if a calf missed having a weaning weight reported for some reason it could inadvertently affect the dam's reproductive record, as the computer system will no have information to show that she successfully weaned a calf.  These reports are designed to assist breeders in submitting complete data on the herd and best representing the genetics present in their herds.  Look for the new reports as we move through the summer and into the fall season.

IGS continues to make progress on the BOLT evaluation and are in active testing of data uploads and evaluation processes.  Look for more updates as we continue to move forward on deployment of this exciting technology.

Genetic Evaluation
The next regularly scheduled genetic evaluation deadline will be in mid-June of 2018.  Breeders are encouraged to submit data prior to that point so it can be included in the genetic evaluation.

Even though your bull sale may be over it is not too late to consider using ultrasound in your herd. Age limits for ultrasound data collection are 300 to 440 days of age. It may also be a time to consider scanning of yearling heifers and establishing a carcass record for the cowherd moving forward. Barn sheets are available online or through the CSA office.

Certified Ultrasound Technicians
EPD Averages

TRACE- Regulatory Update 


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2018 National YCSA Classic

The 2018 National YCSA Classic will be proudly hosted in Olds, AB August 9-12, 2018. The Classic will be held in conjunction with the 2018 Canadian Simmental Association Convention. Please keep your eyes open for the latest information, as this will be another fantastic opportunity to take part in a leading national youth event!
Also, don't miss out on your provincial YCSA shows! A complete list of locations and dates can be found at http://www.simmental.com/ycsa.html
If you are interested in being a sponsor of the National Classic, please email kmanske@simmental.com.
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Office Holiday Schedule
The Canadian Simmental Association's office will be closed for the following 2018 holidays.
Victoria Day - Monday, May 21st
Canada Day - Monday, July 2nd
Civic Holiday - Monday, August 6th
Labour Day - Monday, September 3rd
Thanksgiving - Monday, October 8th
Christmas - Tuesday, December 25th & Wednesday, December 26th