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Canadian Simmental Association Enewsletter
August 2018
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August 15, 2018
Calgary, Alberta Canada - The 2018 Canadian Simmental Association (CSA) National Convention took place from August 8-12th hosted by the Alberta Simmental Association in Olds, Alberta. During this annual event, participants had the opportunity to attend the Simmental Innovations Symposium featuring presentations by Dr. Roy Lewis on Cattle Health Practices and Dr. Troy Drake with Herdtrax discussing data collection through the beef supply chain. Participants also had the opportunity to participate in local industry tours to the Olds College Meat Shop, Westway Farms and Davis Rairdan Embryo Transplant Facility.
New to the Convention this year was the Cobra Event hosted by Bohsron Marketing which was a great success and saw cattle sell to several Canadian provinces.
During this year's Convention, the CSA also conducted its Annual General Meeting where attendees received reports on another very successful year enjoyed by the Simmental breed and the Association. The CSA showed its appreciation to retiring director Dan Skeels for his commitment and dedication to the Association. Newly elected to the CSA Board of Directors is Byron Johnson, Amisk, Alberta. Garth Rancier, Killam, AB was elected as CSA President. Blair McRae, Brandon, MB was elected 1st Vice President. Marlin LeBlanc, Estevan, SK was elected 2nd Vice President. Continuing directors are Francis Gagnon, Cheneville, QC, Roger Deeg, Strathmore, AB, Larry Barkley, Ingleside, ON, Frank Robblee, Crapaud, PEI and immediate Past President Lee McMillen, Carievale, SK.
A highlight of the Convention was the 2018 Friends of Canadian Simmental Foundation (FCSF) auction which was once again a success raising $127,866 to support the Foundation's programming. Highlights included a bred heifer donated by Lewis Farms of Spruce Grove, AB which raised $33,700.
At the 2018 National YCSA show, which was held the final day of the Convention, the FCSF presented $20,000 from the auction proceeds to the Young Canadian Simmental Association (YCSA) for ongoing youth activities.
The 2018 Young Canadian Simmental Association's National Classic completed the week and was attended by almost 90 YCSA members from across Canada and the USA and one participant from Australia.
"It's an exciting time to be part of the Simmental breed as we continue to celebrate the success and growth of the breed" stated CSA President Garth Rancier. "We look forward to continued growth as we work at supplying superior Simmental genetics to Canadian beef producers and world-wide." 
The Quebec Simmental Association looks forward to hosting next year's convention and AGM in St-Hyacinthe, Quebec August 7th-11th, 2019.
Viewing SNP/DNA Results Using the Internet 
We would like to remind our members that they can inquire about the status of DNA tests that are being conducted for their animals by using either the Online System or the Pedigree / Animal Search function on the CSA website.
Depending on the animal that you are wanting to inquire about, Online Simmental users can obtain this information by logging into their system and navigating under either of the three areas listed below and clicking on the link named  View .  Once the animal details are displayed click on the tab titled - Lab Results.
My Herd
                My Registered Males
                My Registered Females
                My Un-Registered Calves
Alternatively, if you opt to use the Pedigree / Animal Search option on the CSA website, enter the Tattoo of the animal (without spaces) in the search entry-box.  Once the animal details appear, click on the tab titled - Lab Results.
If you should have any questions regarding the results or if you require another copy of a Lab Summary Report for an animal, please call the CSA office at 403.250.7979 and we will be happy to assist you.

BOLT Evaluation Update
Pre-production testing of the BOLT evaluation system began in July. The testing process involves CSA sending weekly data updates including genomic information and receiving genetic evaluations back on a weekly basis. The testing represents the next steps in adding additional breeds//breed information into the BOLT evaluation at IGS.
NEW - THE Compliance Report
THE Compliance reports are designed to help remind you in one easy to access report of animals in your herd that may be missing some data.
An example report is shown here...

The report shows only those females in the cow herd with missing data.  This means you do not have to sort through your entire group of cows to identify those that may have missed some key information.  In this example, ABC 123D does not have a calf reported.  We do not know if she lost the calf, never conceived or the calf just came on a busy day and was not reported.  THE Compliance reports provides an easy, one stop reminder to identify missing information and ensure that full reporting is done without having to sort through the entire cow herd.
Reports can be accessed/printed from the online system at any time.  Paper only clients should receive reporting in their fall packages, post-weaning.
For a complete list of rules and regulations, visit www.simmental.com


To purchase your tags contact the CCIA at -1877-909-2333
Simmental Country Online

To view Simmental Country and Commercial Country issues online visit www.simmentalcountry.com    

August 15, 2018
Calgary, Alberta Canada - Record breaking temperatures was not the only record broken at this year's Canadian Simmental Association's (CSA) National Convention. In excess of 300 people gathered for the Friends of Canadian Simmental Foundation (FCSF) annual auction in Olds, Alberta August 11, 2018.
The Foundation auction is always a highlight of the CSA's National Convention and this year shattered previous amounts raising a record breaking $127,866.00 to support education, research and youth activities. Over 60 auction items were generously donated for the live auction, followed by 17 silent auction items. Lot 1 of the live auction, a bred heifer donated by Lewis Farms, Spruce Grove, AB was auctioned off and broke another record by raising $33,700.00 for the FCSF. 
During the 2018 Young Canadian Simmental Association's (YCSA) National show, which was held the final day of the Convention, the FCSF Directors presented $20,000.00 from the auction proceeds to the YCSA for ongoing youth activities.
"The Foundation is thrilled with the success of our 2018 auction" stated FCSF President Ken Lewis. "The funds collected will continue to be used for youth programing, education and scholarships. Thank you to all the buyers, donators, volunteers and staff that made this year a record breaking event!"
The Quebec Simmental Association and FCSF looks forward to hosting next year's Foundation Auction in St-Hyacinthe, August 10, 2019.


August 15, 2018
Calgary, Alberta Canada - The 2018 Young Canadian Simmental Association (YCSA) National Classic took place from August 8 - 12 in Olds, Alberta. Just under 90 YCSA members and 140 head of cattle were in attendance from across Canada, the USA and Australia. These junior members participated in events such as team fitting, judging, sales talk, cattle knowledge quiz, photography, scrapbooking, graphic design, showmanship and cattle conformation classes. 
The events began with the YCSA Annual General Meeting where retiring board members Paige Holmquist and Wyatt Millar were recognized for their commitment and dedication to the YCSA. Elected to the board were Mackenzie Skeels, Rimbey, AB and Dayne Whelan, Grandora, SK. Krista Whalen, Gould, QC was elected as YCSA President, Lisa Reich, Tomahawk, AB was elected 1st Vice President, Allison Booth, Jolicure, NB was elected 2nd Vice President. Other board members are Montana Stillman-Loyst, Havelock, ON, Connor Morse, Kingston, NS and Gracie Falconer, Hartney, MB.
Highlights of the show were awarding Champion Purebred Female to Brynn Whelan, Grandora, SK, Champion Purebred Bull to Kathryn Dolliver, Stettler, AB, Champion Commercial Female to Jacey Massey, Strathmore AB, and Champion Commercial Bull to Wyatt Millar, Grandora, SK. Grand aggregate winners were Kade Rancier, Killam, AB from the Novice division, Will Bradford, Eckville, AB from the Junior division, Morgan Macintyre, Russell, ON from the Intermediate division and Cathryn Thompson, Sturgeon County, AB from the Senior division. Every year the YCSA awards the two hi-point aggregate winners a trip to an American Junior Simmental Association event the following summer. The winners of 2019 AJSA trip were Morgan MacIntyre, Russell, ON and Ryan Edwards, Carbon, AB.
The YCSA is thankful for all the organizers, volunteers and sponsors who support this event. On the final day of the show, the YCSA was presented with a cheque from the Friends of Canadian Simmental Foundation in the amount of $20,000.
Everyone is invited to join us for next year's YCSA National Classic which will be held in St-Hyacinthe, Quebec August 7-11, 2019.

A Special Thank you to our Sponsors who helped this years National Classic possible 

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The Canadian Simmental Association's office will be closed for the following 2018 holidays.
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