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Canadian Simmental Association Enewsletter
December 2018
In This Issue

Total Herd Enrollment (THE) DEADLINE Submission Date For The Best Rate is December 15, 2018 To Enroll Your 2019 (THE)
(THE) herds enrolled by this date pay $22.00/head for Purebred, Fullbood and Percentage females.  (Online Simmental.com users benefit by saving $2/head when enrolling online by December 15th.)  Members enrolling their herds by December 15, 2018 will be invoiced in two equal installments: the first on April 1st, 2019 and the second October 1st, 2019.  Enrollments received between December 16th, 2018 and February 15th, 2019 will be charged a $27.00/head enrollment fee, payable in full April 1st, 2019.  Cost to enroll after February 15th, 2019 is $38.00/head, payable in full on April 1st or at time of submission.  Applicable taxes will be added to all prices.
Fees are not refundable, except for 1st calf heifers, providing complete performance and disposal information and written request for refund is submitted. For all other females that are disposed of between installment billings, the second installment is due and payable by the member who enrolled the female.
Enrolling Partnership-owned and Recently Purchased Females  
  • Partnership-owned females do not print on the Pre-printed Female Enrollment forms, nor included under the "My Pre-Post Inventory 2019" listing for our Online participants.  Please contact the office with the animal ID prior to the December 15th deadline so we may manually enroll these partnership-owned female(s) for your herd.
  • Females that have been recently purchased may not show up on your inventory.  Please call the office to have these animals added to your female enrollment. 
2019 Total Herd Enrollment (THE) Instructions For Online www.simmental.com members   
Step 1 - Disposing/ Culling Females
  • Go into My Herd | My Inventory
  • Change the Display Year to 2019. Click the "Change" button
  • This will display a My Inventory - Pre-Post listing that displays five columns that are to be completed prior to posting your inventory.
  • Season (S/F) - refers to whether the dam will calve in either Spring or Fall (Default:S)
  • Brd Code - 100 (Bred AI or Natural), 109 - bred commercial. See Data Entry Codes link at the bottom of the online entry-screen.
  • Preg (Y/N)
  • Preg Tested - Yes, or No
Step 2 - Enrolling Active Females in Your Herd
  • Go through all pages of your listed females before clicking the Post Inventory button near the bottom of the last page.
Note: ONLY CLICK ON THIS ONCE.  You will notice the page numbers are shown at the bottom of each listing and advancing to the next page forces a "Save" of the data that has been entered. On the last page only, click the Save button - prior to clicking the Post Inventory button.
  • This process will enroll the active females and display the My Posted Inventory list. 
Step 3 - Entering Breeding
  • You can now enter the individual 2018 breeding dates for each enrolled female as you will now see the word "Edit" displayed to the right of each female on the My Posted Inventory listing.
  • Note: To speed up the entry process you can also use the My Breeding entry screen.  Go to My Herd | My Breeding to update multiple exposures all at one time for a selected group of enrolled females.
Embryo Transfer of Ownership Forms 
This is a very busy time of year for ordering parentage verification test kits for your embryos.
We are just reminding you to forward a signed Embryo Transfer of Ownership form if you purchased embryos from a particular flush.  This should be done at the time you are contacting the CSA office for the SNP application form(s).  Following this procedure will ensure that your embryo registrations are not held up unnecessarily due to the CSA office requiring this form when the test results arrive electronically from Delta Genomics.
For more information on the CSA Embryo Procedures, please click here.

Delta Genomics Holiday Schedule

Please review Delta's Holiday ours and ensure to allow additional time for test results.
All times below are Mountain Standard Time.
Tuesday, December 11 th,  2018
Closed 12:00 pm on wards
Electronic system available during regular hours
Friday, December 14th 2018
Closed 11:30 am on wards
Electronic system available during regular hours
Friday, December 21st, 2018
Closed 12.30 pm on wards
Electronic system available during regular hours
Monday, December 24th 2018
Tuesday, December 25th 2018
Wednesday, December 26th 2018 
Thursday, December 27th 2018
Friday, December 28th 2018
Monday, January 31st, 2018
Tuesday, January 1st, 2018
 Wednesday, January 2nd 2018
Electronic system available during regular hours

Our electronic system will not be operational beginning on the evening of Friday December 21st. Please send any pending electronic requests before 5:00 pm MST on Friday December 21st.

Here are some additional dates to keep in mind
 Final date for sample to be received at Delta for:
In-house tests to be completed
Friday, Midday December 6th, 2018
Samples to be shipped off to our partners for testing
Tuesday,  Midday December 17th, 2018
* Any samples received after the 17th 12:00 pm will only be processed and shipped out on January 7th, 2018. 

THE Compliance Reports

By now most members will have received their THE compliance reports. These new reports are designed to help with identifying animals that may have missed having data submitted. The CSA appreciates that you as breeders are busy and sometimes data entry gets pushed to the back burner or is done while burning the midnight oil. If you do have cattle identified in the reports as missing information, please try to complete their profiles as it can directly impact your herds' resulting EPD. This is particularly true in the case of reporting on inferior animals. Lack of information on these cattle actually harms the EPD on the best performers in the herd. As well, reporting disposal information is important, both to keep your cow inventory current, but also to properly identify genetic for stay ability in the cow herd.

BOLT and Percentile Ranks

Animals reported from the genetic evaluation have an EPD and Accuracy reported and also have a percentile rank for that EPD presented online. The EPD and Accuracy should match those published by other associations on the same animal, however the percentile rank is calculated within the Canadian Simmental Association data and is a description of where that animal fits for the trait, relative to the current Canadian population (All calves born in the last 2 years). When looking at percentile ranks for the same animal in other associations, such as ASA, please be aware that their percentile ranks are comparing the animal within their specific population or sub population. Fullblood ranks are available in Canada on request from the CSA office. This report ranks fullblood cattle in relation to other Fullbloods born in the last 2 years.

Example: BH Right Time 520E Calving Ease EPD (November 30, 2018)
CSA EPD 7.2 Acc 0.78 Percentile 45
ASA EPD 7.2 Acc 0.78 Percentile 85

Right Time has the same EPD from the evaluation calculated from all of the combined data on his progeny, however on the Canadian site he is being compared to all calves born in the last 2 years. 45% of the Canadian cattle born in the last 2 years will have easier calving and 55% of the Canadian born cattle will have more difficult calvings than BH Right Time when mated to the same group of heifers.
In the US site he is being compared to US born purebreds and so ranks much lower.
API and TI
Many breeders may now be aware of the All Purpose Index (API) and Terminal Index (TI) that are presented on the CSA site. These indexes combine relevant EPD to produce a value (API or TI) that reflects the relative economic contribution of the traits that make the index. The Indexes balance the EPD based on their income/expense relationships to the production system. The API describes a system where a sire is used to produce replacement females that are kept in the herd, with the remaining cattle finished and sold on a value based grid. The TI describes a system where the sire is used to produce terminal mating's and all calves are fed to slaughter and sold on a value based grid marketing program. Depending on the system you are selecting Simmental genetics for will determine which index best fits your production systems and overall goals.


While several breeders are already collecting ultrasound on their Simmental seed-stock, there is still a very small percentage of Simmental animals that are scanned every year. This data is very important to help assess the carcass contribution of Simmental to the industry, particularly since they represent such a large percentage of the cowherd. The only new money that enters the beef production chain comes from consumers buying beef. Scanning is relatively inexpensive, is non invasive and our Canadian ultrasound technicians are very friendly folks. Cattle can be scanned from 300 to 440 days of age. A list of technicians can be found at
https://www.cuplab.com/FindATechnician.aspx We have technicians in Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta and they do travel. In many cases if you can partner with a neighbor or two you can greatly reduce travel costs. Ultrasound may help to find new markets for your seed-stock, however it may pay to consider scanning your replacement heifer pen, as each female will bring that record with her into your production program as well as informing you about her sire and dam. Over the course of a few years you can have an entire cowherd with a background of carcass information.

Prices along with other Canadian Simmental Merchandise available at
All remaining 50th Anniversary Merchandise is now 20% off!

The Canadian Simmental Association (CSA) established the Award of Excellence program in 2017 to showcase and recognize breeders who exhibit registered Simmental seed-stock across Canada each year. 
This year's CSA Award of Excellence Female is Boss Lake Ms Elle, a 2 year old cow with heifer calf at side owned by Boss Lake Genetics of Parkland County Alberta.

This year's CSA Award of Excellence Bull is Ironhill Rollin Thunder, a yearling bull owned by Ironhill Simmentals of Metcalfe, Ontario. 
Congratulations to all the Simmental Breeders who exhibited a great bunch of Simmental cattle in 2018!
Simmental Country Advertising Deadlines 
February Simmental Country - Jan 1 st  2019

Contract Information
Contracts are available for 4 issue full pages, 7 issue full pages and 7 issue 1/2 page. Please contact Randy Bollum for further questions.
Click here for contract information.
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If you'd like to have your sale or event listed in 'What's Happening' in Simmental Country and on the website please send to Sue
For a listing of Simmental events visit the Simmental Country website.  
Introducing the Friends of Canadian Simmental Foundation's Advancing Education Bursary Award.

The FCSF will allocate a maximum of $5000 per fiscal year with a maximum of $1000 per applicant. Applications will be reviewed by the FCSF board at the spring and fall board meetings.
For requirements to apply and the application form go to www.simmentalfoundation.com and click on Bursary at the top of the page 

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TEAM Conference Announcement!

Going forward the TEAM Conference will be held every second year and will be heading to ONTARIO in 2020!
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Christmas The Canadian Simmental Association office will be closed for the holiday season from December 24th, 25th, 26th and January 1st.