Volume 2, Issue 2 | February 01 2021
CSA monthly news
Events this Month
February 6th - 14s Power #1
February 7th - 15s/18s Power #3
February 13th - 15th Showdown Tournament
February 20th - 12s/13s Power #1
February 21st - 16s/17s Power #3
February 27th - 14s Power #2
February 28th - 15s/18s Power #4
CSA is hopeful that our teams will get to put their hard work into action!!!
Player Spotlights
17 Navy -

Emily Ferguson is the player every coach wants to coach and every player strives to be like. Em came to CSA her 14's year and has been a crucial part of her team’s success each year. She constantly leads by example and is an amazing role model. She is incredibly driven and gives 110% effort at all times. Not only is she a great all-around player, she is an incredibly talented Pin hitter. I'm not sure what is bigger...her vertical or her heart! I can't wait to see what college volleyball program is lucky enough to have this amazing young woman apart of their team!
- Coach Britt
17 Silver -

Hi I'm Adairia. I have been playing volleyball since I was 13 but this is my first year on a competitive team. I have played all front row positions and did some work as a DS. I used to do gymnastics and play cello. Now I occupy my time by taking photos or binge watching Netflix shows. In the near future I hope to become a forensic psychiatrist.

Coach Melissa & Coach Wes say...
Adairia has been a consistent right side for us and continues to improve every time she is in the gym. She has had to overcome a steep learning curve, more so than that of her teammates as she was coming from a developmental program into a competitive program. Her athleticism, strong work ethic, and being coachable have accelerated her abilities and her volleyball IQ has grown tremendously. She continues to impress not only coaches, but her peers and most importantly, herself!
15 Navy -

Kaya Kimmey (in pink dress) has been a great addition to the 15 Navy team. She is a middle from Palmer Ridge high school. Kaya played on the 14 Silver team last year and through hard work and a competitive attitude, she was able to make the Navy team this season. Attitude is the best word to describe her and that is not meant in a negative way at all. She has an upbeat, positive, and competitive spirit that is truly contagious amongst her teammates. While lacking some of the experience that other players on the team have, Kaya doesn’t shy away from competition and is eager to learn and implement new skills. Kaya uses upcoming tournaments to inspire her to work hard at practice and makes it a goal to learn from her errors by trying to fix them immediately. Every team needs a player like Kaya on it. We are lucky to have her!!!
- Coach Emma & Coach Kris
Altitude is a Family
This past month, 15 White said goodbye to Coach Andrea. She and her Fiancé moved to Hays, Kansas to start their new careers. Coach Andrea has been a wonderful teacher and role model to our girls and we will miss her tremendously!! We wish her the best of luck and thank her for her two years of dedication to our team.
Last week, 16 Silver said goodbye and good luck to coach Allie Garcia. We would like to congratulate coach Garcia on her new career and all of CSA is very proud of her. We will miss you and hope our paths cross again!!