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Tel: (403) 250-7979
Fax: (403) 250-5121
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Bruce Holmquist
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Garth Rancier
Marlin LeBlanc
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Canadian Simmental Association Enewsletter
January 2020
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Viewing SNP/DNA Results Online
CSA members can inquire whether their DNA tests have been completed or not - by 
either using the Online System or the Pedigree / Animal Search function on the CSA website.
1)     Depending on the animal that you are wanting to inquire about, Online Simmental users can obtain this information by logging into their system and navigating under either of the three areas listed below and clicking on the link named   View Once the animal details are displayed click on the tab titled - LAB Results.
                My Herd
                My Registered Males
                My Registered Females
                My Un-Registered Calves
2)      Alternatively, if you opt to use the Pedigree / Animal Search option on the CSA website, enter the Tattoo of the animal (without spaces) in the Search For Animal entry-box.  Once the animal details appear, click on the  Name   of the animal that is high-lighted in blue, then click on the    tab titled - LAB Results.
If you should have any questions regarding the results or if you require another copy of a Lab Summary Report for an animal, please call the CSA office at 403.250.7979 and our Registry staff will be happy to assist you.

Registration of Embryo Calves
You can access the instructions at www.simmental.com for online and paper submission procedures.  Click here for the Registration of Embryos Instructions.
A reminder, if you are not the owner of donor cow, a Transfer of Embryo Ownership form must be completed in order for registration of the ET calf.  Click here for the Embryos Transfer of Ownership Forms

2020 CSA Director Election Process & Nomination Forms 
2020 Election Process and Nomination Form for 
Election to the CSA Board of Directors
can be found on our website at 

Nomination Form here
Three Canadian Simmental Association (CSA) Director Positions Open

A total of three CSA Director positions are open in three regions as follows:
Saskatchewan (one seat): Lee McMillen (serving second term, not eligible for re-election)
Manitoba (one seat): Blair McRae (serving second term, not eligible for re-election)
Provinces of British Columbia, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland-Labrador (one seat): Frank Robblee (eligible for re-election)

Election Timeline
March 27, 2020: Nominations for election of Directors shall be received by the CSA one hundred and twenty (120) days prior to the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
April 26, 2020: Ballots shall be mailed to eligible CSA Members by regular mail at least ninety (90) days prior to the AGM.
May 26, 2020: Members must return their completed ballot to the CSA by mail postmarked at least sixty (60) days prior to the AGM.
June 10, 2020: The valid ballots received from Voting Members shall be opened and counted.
July 25, 2020: Newly elected Directors will assume their responsibilities immediately following the CSA Annual General Meeting.
To be nominated for election and elected on the CSA Board as a Director, the nominee shall:  
a)         be an individual
b)         be a resident of the region for which the Director is being nominated to represent;
c)          be an Active Member in good standing or a representative of an Active Member in good standing;
d)          be 18 years of age or older
e)          not be an employee or contractor of the CSA; and
f)            be a Canadian citizen.
Nominations for any election of Director shall be:
a)           be received by the Association no later than one hundred and twenty (120) days prior to the Annual General Meeting.
b)            Each nominee will required to provide for enclosure with the ballot a brief factual statement of her/his service and qualifications.
World Simmental Fleckvieh Congress 2020

September 1-6, 2020 Vienna & Freistadt 
Click here for more information
Hair and Blood cards, Allflex tissue applicators and TSU's (tissue sample units) are available through the CSA office. 

GET a 2D Barcode Scanner for FREE - below see special offer by Neogen Canada



CSA and CCIA's Picture Contest
To order Simmental RFID Tags visit www.canadaid.ca  or 1-877-909-2333

YCSA TEAM Leadership Conference Is Back!
February 20-22, 2020
Guelph, Ontario

The conference is open to youth 14-25 years of age as of January 1, 2020. You do not have to be a YCSA member to attend!
The Friends of Canadian Simmental Foundation has provided travel assistance for participants attending the conference.
Register online and apply for travel assistance at http://www.simmental.com/ycsa.html! Registration deadline is January 30th.
If you are interested in being a sponsor of the event, please email kmanske@simmental.com.


FCSF is proud to offer travel assistance for the 2020 YCSA TEAM Conference in Guelph, Ontario February 20-22, 2020 

Click here for the travel assistance form.
To book your advertising space
Please call Randy @ 403-540-5949 or Sue @ 403-793-0409
Contract Information
Contracts are available for 4 issue full pages, 7 issue full pages and 7 issue 1/2 page. Please contact Randy Bollum for further questions.
Click here for contract information.
Membership Announcements
Please send any membership announcements to  sgiles@simmental.com
What's Happening
If you'd like to have your sale or event listed in 'What's Happening' in Simmental Country and on the website please send to Sue
For a listing of Simmental events visit the Simmental Country website.   
Monday, February 17th - Family Day 
Friday, April 10th- Good Friday 
Monday, May 18th- Victoria Day 
Wednesday, July 1st- Canada Day 
Monday, August 3rd- Civic Day 
Monday, September 7th- Labour Day 
Monday, October 12th- Thanksgiving 
Wednesday, November 11th- Remembrance Day 
Friday, December 25th- Christmas Day 
Friday, January 1st- New Years Day