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Canadian Simmental Association Enewsletter
June 2019
In This Issue

Genetic Test Results 
Upon receiving the electronic genetic condition results from the lab, the CSA office forwards you an email containing each result.
There is also two methods in which a CSA member can check for the results:
1)     If the animal is registered, you can check for any results by performing an Animal Search on the CSA website, and then click on the LAB Results tab.
2)     If you are an Online (THE) member, you can check for the results under either My Registered Males/Females or My Unregistered Calves - and then click on the LAB Results tab.
To better understand the results, you may download (or print) the Genetic Test Results Key that is on the CSA website under - Registry | Member Information. Click here to view the Results Key.
Reminder DNA for all your Natural (Walking) Sires 
It is your responsibility to ensure the bulls you put to pasture or purchase have  DNA on file.
1)      The progeny from your natural sires are not eligible to be registered if there are no 50K SNP results on file
2)      You can access the form to order your DNA requests at www.simmental.com proceed to the Registry tab choose Forms and then select DNA Form. You will find below access to a direct link to the form for your convenience.
  Click  here  for the LAB/TEST/DNA Request Form.
E-mail, fax or mail this form to the office and we will send you the required lab application and hair card/s for you to submit your hair sample/s to the lab. 

Safety reminders when working with your cattle  
We are all aware of many safety features however during busy times we just need friendly reminders to keep us safe.
1)     Remember that when you work cattle in an open pen or pasture, their blind spot is directly behind.
2)     Put gates in the direction you want cattle to move in a pasture/paddock.
3)     Reduce shadows, color contrasts, and noise. Shadows and odd color patterns may confuse and stop them. Cattle also balk at noise from dangling chains or rattling head gates.
4)     If a bull starts to demonstrate signs of aggression stop what you are doing and get out of the pen. Exit slowly and calmly, keeping the bull in sight. Do not turn around and run.
5)     Many times, bulls stomp, put their head down or arch their back before they attack.
6)     Cattle have an excellent memory and can remember bad experiences and things related to fear. If a cow slipped and fell in a certain part of the farm, she may be extra hesitant next time she is there. For everyone's safety by patient and let her move through the area slowly and calmly.
7)     Cattle like routine, keeping things consistent daily will keep cattle calm and comfortable.
8)     Keep your family safe this summer. If the children are home for the summer provide them with boundaries of where it is safe to play. Remind your children the safety features of playing around machinery or livestock can be extremely dangerous.

Duplicate Certificates of Registration

In the event a Certificate of Registration is lost or destroyed, a duplicate Certificate of Registration may be issued upon receipt by the Association of a declaration prepared by the registered owner, showing to the satisfaction of the Association that the original Certificate of Registration was in fact, lost or destroyed. 
The form can be found on the website under Forms, Duplicate Certificate.   

  Mating Tool

CSA has released a new mating tool to the CSA search site. The new tool can be accessed through the top menu of the site and allows the entry of sires and dams in prospective mating's. The system can help breeders with planned mating's, and seeing what differences in offspring potential sire/dam matches may have.

By entering sires/dams and selecting the report button results will be displayed in a grid format. Keep in mind that these EPD are predicted parental averages and may change as the resulting calves contribute data and DNA information to the system.

DNA Testing

There are more tests offered than ever before to CSA members, so let's sort through what the tests are, and which one is right for you.
The higher density tests GGP-50K and GGP uLD-30K provide parentage and are also used in the genetic evaluation to add accuracy and information to the calculated EPD. The Parentage Panels do not provide this benefit, other than ensuring that the pedigree is correct. AI sires, Herdsires and ET Donors require a GGP 50K test. The uLD panel is best suited for cattle that are well connected to the Simmental population and are not entering seedstock herds.
If you are only interested in parentage on a calf a Basic SNP or Parentage Plus panel can be ordered. While this will sort out parentage it does not provide any further information to the genetic evaluation about the animal being tested.
In most cases the additional investment in the GGP uLD 30K or GGP 50K panel is warranted. These panels provide all of the parentage information and contribute to the EPD evaluation. The GGP 50K tests when paired with specific trait tests are also a cost effective way to obtain specific trait information and enhance the EPD of the animals and are cheaper in combination than performing a standalone trait test and then requiring a 50K or parentage at a later date.

Genetic Evaluation - Impact of GGP 50K on genetic evaluation
While it is essential to continue to collect and record trait information, the following table shows the equivalent number of progeny required to boost the EPD accuracy the same amount that a GGP 50K test does.


Changes to AI Sires
The CSA has recently implemented a program to control the registration of calves from AI sires that are deemed to be for exclusive use.
Currently,  CSA members must either own or have authorization from the owner in order to register calves from Natural Services Sires. The new AI Sire Permitting Program (ASPP), which was approved at the March CSA board meeting, will allow owners of sires and the semen rights owners to enroll a sire to the ASPP program. The owner(s) of the sire must pay a $150 enrolment fee which will restrict registration activity to those users that have permission from the sires owner(s).
In order to qualify for the program, the ASPP sire must also meet the standard AI sire requirements of the association, be Canadian or export qualified semen (not owner's use). This is not a semen certificate program and only sires that are deemed to be for "exclusive use" should consider it. It is the responsibility of the semen seller and/or purchaser to inquire about registration of offspring with the CSA.
Forms for the program are located at www.simmental.com under the registry tab, or by following the links below.

2019 Award of Excellence Qualifying Shows 

For complete rules and regulations visit www.simmental.com

Send pictures of your tags in action to rerickson@simmental.com 


Canadian Simmental Convention Full Schedule of Events 
Below is the complete registration form, visit our website to print off and complete.  Early registration deadline July 15th and final registration deadline is August 1st.

Friends of Canadian Simmental Foundation Auction Lot 1 Donation Heifer 
Plans are underway for an exciting time in Quebec this summer. The Annual Foundation Auction will take place Saturday August 10th in St-Hyacinthe, QC.
Here is a look at lot 1- The donation Heifer. This blaze faced Pokerface daughter bred to Absolute for early January 2020! Thank you Barlee Simmentals for this awesome heifer

The Barber family is excited about the opportunity to work with the foundation and such a great cause. To be a Friend of the Canadian Simmental Foundation is a real honor and we wanted to donate something special.  We have chosen Barlee Discovery 8F, a heifer from our 2018-2019 show string. She is an absolute sweetheart to deal with and is royally bred. Her sire is the legendary Drake Poker Face, and her dam MRL Miss 5405c is a MRL Discovery daughter from one of the favorite cow families at MRL. Her blaze face is a nice added touch.
If you are interested in donating an item in this year's Auction please email fcsf@simmental.com

2019 National Classic Online Registrations Now OPEN!

Registrations, schedule, rules and FAQ's can be found at www.simmental.com on the YCSA page under "2019 National Classic"

Deadline to register is June 30th

Non cattle entries will be accepted till July 31st (show shirts and any extras will not be guaranteed after the June 30th deadline).

Don't miss out on your provincial YCSA shows! A complete list of locations and dates can be found at http://www.simmental.com/ycsa.html!
If you are interested in being a sponsor of the National Classic, please email kmanske@simmental.com.
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