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Canadian Simmental Association Enewsletter
March 2018
In This Issue

The CSA has been made aware of recent incidents of seedstock producers from multiple breed associations having been contacted by an individual wanting to buy cattle in a sight unseen approach.
The individual may make mention that they will be responsible for transportation arrangements. After several emails have been exchanged discussing the details, an authentic looking cheque is sent to the breeder for the cattle. This is then followed a few days later by notification that they would like to change the order and ask for a partial refund to be deposited to a bank account that they give you.
Do not refund money in this situation unless you know the other party personally or have allowed at least 10 work days for the cheque to fully clear your bank's approval process.
Canadian Simmental Association


The deadline of March 31st is rapidly approaching for the Canadian Agriculture Adaptation Program (CAAP) which enabled CSA to offer reduced prices on genotyping/ parentage tests for CSA members.
We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity today!    

Total Herd Enrollment (THE) Billing (1st Installment)
Total Herd Enrollment (THE) participants will be billed for the 1st THE installment on April 3 for 2018 enrollment. Payment is due upon receipt of invoice. For members with a credit card on file at the office, fees will automatically be billed to your credit card. The 2nd THE installment will be invoiced October 1.
Please note that in the event an enrolled cow is shipped or sold between installment billings, the second installment is still due and payable by the member who enrolled the cow. For further information/instructions on Total Herd Enrollment, please go to www.simmental.com under Registry | Total Herd Enrollment (THE).

Viewing SNP/DNA Results Using the Internet

CSA members can inquire about the status of DNA tests that are being conducted for their animals by using either the Online System or the Pedigree Search function on the CSA website.
Depending on the animal that you are wanting to inquire about, Online Simmental users can obtain this information by logging into their system and navigating under either of the three areas listed below and clicking on the link named  View . Once the animal details are displayed click on the tab named "Lab Results".
My Herd
                My Registered Males
                My Registered Females
                My Un-Registered Calves
Example: "My Registered Males" - from the Online System

Example: "Pedigree Search" - from the CSA Website
Note: In order to use this inquiry method, the animal must be registered in the CSA Herd Book.
If you have any questions please contact the Canadian Simmental Association office toll free at 1-888-860-6051 or 403-250-7979.

EPD Averages

Current Population - all calves born in the last 2 years (2016-2017)

Active Sire - any sire with a calf reported in the last 2 years (2016-2017)
Active Dam - any dam with a calf reported in the last 2 years (2016-2017)
More information on the CSA Genetic evaluation can be found at www.simmental.com

Members interested in ultrasound are reminded that cattle must be scanned between 320 and 450 days of age.  Scanning must be done by a UGC certified technician and results must be read by an accredited lab.  For information or to find a scanning technician near you, Click here..

Barnsheets are available for printout on the online registry system.

BOLT single step evaluation continues to progress.  Currently the Stayability evaluation is conducted using BOLT, however testing is nearing completion on the calving ease, growth and carcass evaluations with a target date for mid-summer release.  Additionally, work is ongoing for evaluation of docility and heifer pregnancy.  These are valuable tools that directly impact profitability of users of Simmental genetics.

Calving Data
Members are encouraged to report on the entire calf crop at calving.  It is important to report on all animals so that the results are comparable.  For example, failing to report large birth weight calves means that lower birthweight cattle will not get full credit for their performance.  Additionally, members are encouraged to report udder and teat scores, calf vigour, mothering ability and other  traits of interest. CSA is working to collect a critical mass of this data so that it may contribute to our understanding and demonstrate the ease of use of Simmental genetics.  CSA is currently working on reports to assist members in ensuring that complete data is reported on the cowherd.

Example of Incomplete Reporting:
Complete Reporting
Incomplete Reporting
Calf A
Calf B
Calf C
Calf D
Calf E
By failing to report birth weights over 100 pounds, the breeder has penalized their lighter birthweight calves (now -5 and 0, instead of -10 and -5).

Click here to see the Performance Codes

Click here for how to order your Canadian Simmental CCIA approved back button RFID Tags!

Available through your account on the  CCIA Website www.canadaid.com or by phone at

The Canadian Simmental Association  CANNOT PROCESS ANY TAG ORDERS

We Want to See Your Calves Tagged With Simmental Pride!
Post images of your tagged calves with your Simmental back buttons on our Facebook page using the hashtag 


Spring Issue of Simmental Country Advertising Deadline  - April 1st!! 
If You Would Like To Have Your Sale Report In The Spring Issue Of Simmental Country
Contact Ryan  (780) 818-3452 to reserve your spot today!!

**NEW Simmental Country Pricing
As of October 1st new pricing will take into effect for Simmental Country advertising. 
Simmental Country Pricing Changes- Effective October 2017 Issue
Simmental Country Pricing
Full page             $ 1050.00
½ page                $600.00
¼ page                $400.00
Card ad             $400.00
Commercial Country Pricing
Full page          $1300.00   
½ page              $950.00  
¼ page              $650.00  
Contract Information
Contracts are available for 4 issue full pages, 7 issue full pages and 7 issue 1/2 page. Please contact Ryan Cook for further questions.
Click here for contract information.
Membership Announcements
Please send any membership announcements to   rcook@simmental.com .
What's Happening
If you'd like to have your sale or event listed in 'What's Happening' in Simmental Country and on the website please send to Ryan.
For a listing of Simmental events visit the Simmental Country website.

Let Customers Know About Your Event!

2018 National YCSA Classic
The 2018 National YCSA Classic will be proudly hosted in Olds, AB August 9-12, 2018. The Classic will be held in conjunction with the 2018 Canadian Simmental Association Convention. Please keep your eyes open for the latest information, as this will be another fantastic opportunity to take part in a leading national youth event! 

Also, don't miss out on your provincial YCSA shows! A complete list of locations and dates can be found here!

If you are interested in being a sponsor of the National Classic, please email kmanske@simmental.com.

Like us on Facebook under "Young Canadian Simmental Association and you can stay connected to the YCSA and follow us through the events and be up to date on opportunities that are available!

Support the National Youth Program and Investigate New Learning Opportunities

The Friends of the Canadian Simmental Foundation have a great appreciation to all of you that have supported our activities since our inception. The awareness of the Foundation continues to grow and through all of your support we are in a position to continue to provide several scholarships, support the National Youth Program and investigate new learning opportunities. Our main source of income is the annual Foundation Auction that is held in conjunction with the Canadian Simmental Association Conference. This year to be held August 9 - 12, in Olds, AB. We are currently starting to take items for the auction. Items can be industry related or maybe that rare, unique item that has been taking up some space. Experiences, including travel, sporting events or unique dining experience could all be items in the auction. 

Please contact Deanne Young at highcountrycattle@gmail.com , or 780-542-0855 or Jill Mader at maderranches@gmail.com who are the 2018 Co-chairs of the auction to discuss the possibilities. 

The sooner we know about your donation the more advertising we can give you. All donators receive a charitable tax receipt for the amount that the item brings in the auction.
The auction is a fun and entertaining evening where all Simmental enthusiasts can get involved through bidding and purchasing items. There are additional ways to leave your everlasting legacy in the Simmental Industry.
5 Ways You Can Leave A Legacy
Funds For Today ~ The Promise of Tomorrow

Prepare a will, and include a gift for the charity or charities that have made a difference in your life or the life of someone you love. Only 50% of those who pass away have a will, and fewer than 3% of those wills contain a charitable gift.
You can donate a specific dollar amount or a percentage of your assets, including stocks, bonds, real estate, vehicles, art, jewelry or other property.
Name your favorite charity as the beneficiary of your pension plan.
Name your favorite charity as the beneficiary of an existing life insurance policy, or purchase a new policy and name the charity as the beneficiary.
Honor deserving friends and remember loved ones with memorial gifts.

If you have already made a planned gift to our Friends of Canadian Simmental Foundation and not informed us, please let us know so we can add you to our list of public and anonymous members. Your generosity is very much appreciated.
Office Holiday Schedule
The Canadian Simmental Association's office will be closed for the following 2018 holidays.
Good Friday - Friday, March 30th
Victoria Day - Monday, May 21st
Canada Day - Monday, July 2nd
Civic Holiday - Monday, August 6th
Labour Day - Monday, September 3rd
Thanksgiving - Monday, October 8th
Christmas - Tuesday, December 25th & Wednesday, December 26th