Dear CSA Shareholders,

A busy week as usual. This is our special Famosa box with the large Famosa cabbage (also known as Savoy) that inspires many different cooking options, everything from slaws to cooked cabbage or braised meat dishes to stuffed cabbage rolls or sauerkraut for the winter. At the market, we always have one woman customer who purchases two of these every year to make kraut. This is a wildly versatile vegetable which catches the eye of photographs at the farmers market and is suitable for many meals when wisely used. We have taken off a few of the outer leaves so that your Famosa can fit in your CSA box, along with the last of melons and early fall tomatoes.

We are also busy preparing for our signature class -- the Will Allen Farmer Training Weekend , scheduled for the weekend of September 29-30. This weekend long hands-on training under the mentorship of Will Allen and his good food revolution philosophy is central to WEI's education programming which focuses on bringing us Down to Earth through Sustainability and Justice Education. Scholarships are still available if you are unable to pay the course fee or want to sponsor an aspiring farmer. Follow our facebook postings for more information.