Dear CSA Shareholders,

Susanne here, reaching out to say hello and thank you for being a part of WEI’s farm share community this year! I do hope you’ve enjoyed your fresh organic produce and the newsletters. This week I wanted to reach out to all of our shareholders and ask for your help. Your feedback is so important to us as we plan for next year’s farm season, we want to continue to improve every year and continue to bring you a CSA you love and use well! The best way for us to do that is to have your input on what’s great about our CSA and what we could improve on. Please help us by completing an electronic evaluation form that we’ll be sending out in the next week or two.  Thank you for any feedback you have to offer! I look forward to hearing from you!

As I'm writing this newsletter from the warm office in our Eco-Retreat Center at WEI, our farm crew are just coming in from the rain (which has been constant and hard all day, and most of the week) for a warm up and nourishing lunch. They are working hard to bring you beautiful produce this week. If you are on Facebook please consider posting a shout out to today’s farm crew, Melissa, Shoua, Medha, Katie and Fallon.  

Thanks for supporting local sustainable farming!

Susanne DePalma
CSA, Communications and Volunteer Coordinator